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26 > Image 26 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 33 (1971-1972)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

I I I Legal Guardian: A person who by court order has Movement Into Kentucky: A student (or in the been appointed to act in the place of the parents of case of a minor, his parent or legal guardian) who I a minor student. has not established residence in Kentucky is classified I . . . I L i ii .d A O , 6 .d C . h. S Q as an outofstate resident. For tuition assessment ece: rsn rsienei is rm- . . I _ egg eh! ll pc _ S S P . purposes, a person does not establish a legal residence I . nent dwelling place. It is the place where he 1s _ . . . _ . . . . . merely by spending t11ne in Kentucky, payment of . gencrallv understood to reside with the intention of _ . . . . I , . . . . . . taxes, owning real property or by attending an institu- I remaining there indefinitely or of returning there when HOU Of higher Education absent from it. F or the purpose of these regulations, ` I entellnient at an lnsnrnnen of higher education is not Mrlrrrrry Pereerrrrelr N0 perS<> Shall be presumed te I siigieieiii ie estsbiisii Icsidcncc ii-i Keiiiueisy have gained or lost in-state residence status in Ken- I _ _ tucky while serving in the Armed Forces. Persons I a. Maintenance of Residence: The fact that one assigned to miiiiziii, duty and icsiding iii Kentucky ici lclhphlflllly lcslflfis lS'hl Wllh the PlP?S_ an indefinite period of time shall be considered resi- I ef lclullhhg lo hls berper deer hot Chahgc hs dents of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. A minor I legal lCSldh It ls plhshhlhd that th? leeel dependent of military personnel whose sponsor is lcsldchcc ef llclsoh Cohhhlles re be lh lh? reassigned outside the United States but whose family lllflcc Whclc IF ls Plolvcd lh here hhch hhlll remains in Kentucky will not lose resident status for I the contrary is shown. A legal residence is iiiiiioii imiposes I never lost until a new one is established. _ _ _ _ I _ Aliens: Aliens lawfully admitted to the United I l> Change of Legal Residence To effect a ' I I I f 1 1 _i I h H i i States for permanent residence may establish Kentucky Cllhg O Cgi lilf cilccrdl hh rst I eee residence in the same manner as any other non-resi- I ltmlulcc mush )C H Zlm OHS mt i HO Ellen` dent. An alien who possesses a student visa cannot I A tion of returning to it an actua resi ence bc Ciassiiicd as Zi resident. _ taken up in another place coupled with the intention to remain there permanently and/or indefinitely. The burden of proving legal i' . ` I residence rests with the student. I c. Establishment of Residence: An adult student I I - I1; e *e2?`iiT , _. F :}` attempting to establish residence 1n his own _ 4I . - ml ' ~iTY'Y I right is presumed to have met the require- _I, , ments for residency when he has lH2llTllZ2`l1DCCl . =-; I - - - r .I ._... ez rr; w y II I continuous rcsidcncc in Kentucky for at least .;{;jI;j.?y{g4aj,gVa;I. . I. . . one academic year exclusive of any time spent I ` . .~li s _'._ jj ,l A I in attendance at any institution of higher g fl f I ```l I-_flI l J lcarmng in Kentucky. e r _..V i A . = r ,s I Legal Residence of a Minor: The legal residence of _#_. ; I s is ._ ` is . _ . . . . ~-. - se . M gi I - . `I I an unmarried minor is normally that of the father. I " } _I . . I I . . I a. Father Deceased: lf the father is not living, " I I. ' thc legal residence of the minor is that of the I? _ i ", _ is _, ji G I mother. I li. Parents with Separate Residences: lf the **2 , ; `I parents maintain separate residences, the I K l `` I; rcsidcncc of the minor is that of the parent . 2-Ill ~._ ,_ with whom he lives, I . r s s siV_{, V. Ii _ t::Irr ~ I c. Parents Divorced: lf the parents are divorced, I ?7*`i tllc legal rcsidcncc of the minor is that of 4*gs_ I . il $1, av. _ ,I _. . fj sg r thc parent who was granted custody by court sy; .s /IY i I . . . , acc t.; ,I/~ r ,~ r I.I. ,_ I order: ifi custody was not granted, the minor s I .,`. A . , I legal rcsldcncc is that of thc parent with whom _ ;,_g>f-ieeggli I " I I'? I. __.. IT;~e;;. - -. as .ee.z;<*Irf?` . I. . he lives; but if he lives with neither, it f II .. JQ -- . . r = I=.I I.: . >ss55;=;a. remains that of lns father. . .I,_, .. _ I_...r - - -. _ _.<.:;:I`~>;; . z all ... I r ..I-. Use of Records: A student whose admissions records I. % ?* - if I . . r III` I w ... __ 2;:-;I;f;I show lnm to llc a graduate of an outofstate high ~e. . __VI. I ,j<: ` school and his legal residence to he outside of Ken- I QI l I ` ll I I ~ l *fi I I ' . .iI I . -_II. _ tuclsy vv 1ll norma y >c c assi cd as .1 non-resident. ~ ~ e I