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393 > Image 393 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 33 (1971-1972)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

Highway Engineering I. Not more than twenty-five percent or 32 semester _ _ hours of the requirements for a baccalaureate A schcs of u`*dP_huu_t $iudY Coufscs PYP?ud degree at the University of Kentucky maybe earned by the College of Engineering for the training of em- by independent srndrn Pi;}/ccs (if thc Kclttiliclisy Qcgstrtmigt (gilllgilllxglyshand 2. A student may enroll for an independent study O EFS W,O may WIS O S u 5 I?] C E 0 _ 1g way course any time during the calendar year. i Engineering. Each course consists of 12 assignments, 3 A t d h V i h d i ii each of which will require approximately six to eight ` . S Lhcilti ag Oilhicaf. Em] tg: atc O emo ment hours of preparation. Students should be high school m W ICI O ms an m cpm cnt Study COuhS' graduates but others may enroll with special permission 4 Thrccfomths ef thc total amouhh of crcou To from the director of the Independent Study Pro- qmrcd for thc issuahcc of ouhccrhhcatc lu Kch gram. A student may enroll in any one of the 12 tuclwmust be lo Icslochcc crccht- courses with approval of the director, but it is recom- 5. A student in residence at the University of Ken- mended that those with little or no highway experience tueky must have the permission of his dean to start with course I or II ( depending upon their mathe- register for an independent study course. matics hackgrouhdi and couhhuc throughout the 6. Students who have been dropped by the University scncs must be reinstated before they will be allowed to Those persons havin the appropriate background enroll for an independent study course. . g . . sho XPhhc_Who Pluh to hocomc 3 Ycglsicrcd HIh 7. A student who has failed a course in residence at Way Ehgiuccr lu the Shuc of KohtuckY will hud this the University of Kentucky will not be permitted schcs of courscs VcYY hc1Pful lh Pscloohhg for thc to repeat the course by independent study without registration examination as it is now constituted. the Permission ni llis deans Higiiwny Engineering [ Basic Nliithgniatics 8. The credit hours assigned to an independent study Highway Engineering II Geometry and Economics mimrsc Y;] be cgnslderci HE] dctUhm"ggKth bsd Highway Engineering III Basic Engineering Science O 3 r.S1 cnt Stu cnt aime mlcmti O cniuc i' , s _ _ [ I d t r Tl Credits earned by independent study will be Hlghlmypngmccnng is mm UC Or} ]CrmO` credited to the term in which the course is com- dynamics and Electricity pietcdi Higlmr Egigfi>h> The Extension Class Program serves students off- campus who are unable to attend the University, or Students must meet the enrollment requirements for find ir rnnre helpful re yvgrk in ri particular group On a course, including any prrCqll1Sit0S SPC1iid for iu Pu? research problems. This program includes credit and ticuiilf COUYSG- An Oihciiu UQUSCUPC hvweveri is hot non-credit courses for teachers, administrators, business Tluhd 35 H requisite to Cmoihhcut- personnel, and others who qualify for admission. Credit Some of the regulations governing independent study courses by extension require the same type of work from are as follows: the students as on-campus courses. Bol