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Image 4 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 33 (1971-1972)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

1971 Fam-Week Intersession Neremeee 1· 2+Me¤<1e·>‘ eee T¤eee1ev—1-eee dere ee _ _ _ _ , pay graduation fees in Billings and Collections Office April l6——l·riday-——Last date to submit all required docu- for H December dc me · · R ' trar’s Office for admission to the 1971 . g . 1i1°11“v1f’_k ggm _ November 8-—Monday—Last day to withdraw from a \Il v1]2m`lC?° d litcrifssloil . class before finals * *11y ’_;.Ot1_ a1v_ Cgls whim . November 9—Tuesday—-1972 Spring Advising Confer- Mf'1 18_1u°§da1"C1aSSwOr1` 1>ee<·¤e . ence for freshmen and Community College transfer lune ll-—Friday—End of Four-week lntersession Students , _ _ November 10-23—\Vednesday through '1`uesd:-1y—Ad— i Eight-·1’V86k Summ-GT S€SS’lO1'1- vance registration for 1972 Spring Semester ling ];..'l`u(gg(_lgv....R(; igtrgfign N0\'C1TllD€1' AdV1SlI`lg COI`1· Iuuc ])...\ C rigs ay- gggwgtu Qgrrlg CICIICQ ·O1' I`1€W 21 VQHCC S QD 11'lg ISHS €l'S , C I ( Vd id gCl kb` f f d dt d' (t f ) th lune 2l——Monday—Last day to enter an organized class f€€1€1m1SS10H and HOU-d€gr€€ Students i for the Summer Session November 25, 26, 27—'1`hursday through Saturday— lune 2f$——Monday—Last day to drop a course without a Thanksgiving Holidays (Academic Holidays) grade December 10——Friday—Last date for readmission, non- lunc 28, 29—\londay and '1`uesday—Last days for filing degree, transient and auditors to apply for admission y appplications for an August degree in College Dean's to the 1972 Spring Semester Ofiiee December 14—Tuesday—Class work ends luly $—Z\londay——lndcpendcnce Day (Academic 11oli- December l6.Z2—Thursday through Wednesday...Final day) examinations luly 2f€—\Vedncsday—Last day to withdraw from a December Z2_\iVednesday_End of Fall Semester , class before end of Summer Session Dgcgmbgr 24..Fr-iday_All grades dug in Rcgigfrgrys luly 31J—1·`riday—Last day for readmission, non-degree, Ofliee by 4;()() p_in_ transient, and auditors to apply for admission to the 1971 F`all Semester _ August ll——\Vednesday——End of 1971 Summer Session Sp7`ZTlg S€77”L8St€T August li-——l·riday——All grades due in Registrars Office iammry 17, i8_MOnday and Tu€sday_CiaSSinCatiOn, by +00 1)`m‘ registration and (orientation anuary 19—Wednesday—C1ass work begins ‘ M11 Sgfnestgr lanuary ZS-Tuesday-—Last day to enter an organized lune l$—'l`uesday-1.ast date for new freshmen and class for the Spring Semester transfer students to submit final admission docu- Ianuary 31-Monday-Last day to drop a course with- incnts for admission to the 1971 Fall Semester outa grade lnne Z8-luly 1—Monday through '1`liursday—Summer February 21, 22—M0nday and '1`uesday—Last days for Advising Conference for new Community College filing application for a May degree in College Dean’s transfer students enrolling in 1971 Fall Semester Office lulv Z, 9, lo, Z3, 3(1—Fridays—Summer Advising Con- Mareh Z().26—Monday through Sunday-Spring Vaca- fcrencc for new advanced standing (transfers), April 3_l\/londay.-Last day to withdraw from a class auditors, and non-degree students enrolling in 1971 before finals 111111 $¤111€$1¤1‘ April 3—Monday—Last day for out-of-state freshmen to luly o-ZS—'l`uesc1ay through \Vednesday—Summcr Ad- gttbmit all required documents to Registrar’s Office vising Conference for new frcsluncn students en- for admission to the 1972 Fall Semester 1**11111% 111 111¢ 1*171 11`Y111 S¤111€$1or Day (Academic Holiday) adinissien and nerpdegree students September b-—\\'cdncsday——1.ast day to enter an or- Ann] ]7.23_l\/[Onday tlireugh Friday..Advanee regis. ganizcd class for the Fall Scrncstcr ti-ation {Or l9”/2 Fall Semester Septcnil>cr l?—\londay—-1,ast day to drop a course A-r[ay6_Satrrrday._End ot elass wgrk ` _ “`1111"111 *1 9111119 May 8—13—Monday through Saturday—Final examina- ` September ill, October l——'l`hursday and Friday-—Last tions days for filing application for a December degree hlnv ]g_l?riday..l_,ast day te submit all required docu- 111 C·>11¤s¤ 1191111* (19199 I { ments to the Admissions Office for admission to the (1t`lUl1L`l'v 2-.lfl"flLlLl}'·-1ii1Si (l21}' to \\'1tlldl'2`l\V fl`Oll`l tl1€ Suynyngr Stjggign and SCh0Ol University and rcccivc any refund Junior Siiininer Program Octolier I —·—\\ crliicscl;iy—-lrast date for new freshmen May l3..$aturday_End Spring Semester and transfer students to submit final admission docu- May l6_Tuesday..All grades due in Rggigtrgfg ()fliee iucuts for .idmission to the 197] Spring Scrncstcr by 4;OO p_m, 7