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45 > Image 45 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 33 (1971-1972)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

L` ` A el l` Ggngral lnfgrmatign be kept near capacity, otherwise the distribution of _ _ _ _ fixed costs (debt-service, operational and maintenance The Unwrslty Of Kcntuckyfs happy tg SECT Its costs) would make both room and board fees pro- Studcms A 1*1%** $*$1=*f<1 Of fS*dhl1 h** Sur iiiiiitittiy iiigii. with tiitit Objective iii miiiti, the passcclby few Other mSt1tuhOH$ _ _ following policy regarding residency has been adopted: t During the past three years, irradditwn to 0H11>1f A1] freshmen nqugt submit applications for University mg the new $22t million Blandmg-Kirwan Complex, residence halts, except the following; more than $1 million has been spent in improving the older facilities. Each room has been furnished 1- Studems who RTC 21 YOHTS vt USO OY Older with inner-spring mattresses, lobbies have been re- 2. Students who are veterans of at least two years decorated, and new furniture has been added. Now, of active military service more than half the space available has wall-towall 3_ Students who Commute ttom twmc carpeting, and nearly 75 percent ofthat space 1S fully 4. Students who me married air-conditioned. Hallways in all units are carpeted to . . . . reduce noise. 5. Students who obtain special permission from the Dean of Students Office. Freshman students are required to indicate on the HOuS1ng Office application whether or not they desire to live in Uni- The Universitys Housing Office is responsible for versity residence halls. Those students who indicate the receipt of housing applications and deposits, the that they do not desire to live in residence halls and establishment of consideration lists, the assignment of whose applications are on file prior to lune 1, 1971, rooms and apartments, the notification of room or will be informed by lune 15, 1971 whether or not they apartment assignments, and the payment of refunds have been given permission to live off-campus. Fresh- , (where applicable) for married and single student man students who apply for housing after ]une 1, will housing. be required to live in residence halls if space is avail- able. Priority is given to returning students who make applications and submit the S100 deposit on or before WIIO MuSt 7:07 HOlLSiHg April 15, 1971. 1 Most major universities have`long considered resi- 1 dence-hall living a valuable part of the total educational _ _ experience of their students, and the University of FOOd SGMJZCQS KCtuCl