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57 > Image 57 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 33 (1971-1972)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

Upperclass Scholarships A student must demonstrate the need for a loan and In addition to the freshman scholarships, the Univer- fill? ablhty E0 $0] acccptagslc WQIL at the Unlversltlh sity provides a number of awards for upperclassmen. Zamodun O mm flshetcmgimed pnmmily bil thc The awards are assigned on the basis of academic per- iwe S an resources O t 6 Stu cnt Howclcn by the . fmmancc and the need for financial assistance. erms of the Act, the loan for one year must not exceed l $1000 and the aggregate over a number of years can- l not exceed $$000 for undergraduates and $2500 per v Educational OppO1`tunity Grants year and an aggregate of $10,000 for graduate and pro- The Higher Education Act of 1965 provides Edu- fSs1OnHlSch0O1StudntS` cational Opportunity Grants for students who could lntcrcshdocs not Hmm? and lC"*s me not mi not enter or remain in college without them. Specific- filmed wml? 3 borrower is 3 fuultlme Student` The l ally, this means students whose parents cannot con- Interest mtg ls. three Pctfcnl PCI yeah but does not bcgm i tribute more than $600 a year to their educational costs. to accrue mlm the bcgmmng Of th? wth month after i The amount Of the grant is $1000 Or Onehaif Of the the borrower uceases to. be a full-time student. The i ] student's determined need, whichever is the least. The first payment ls Ordmlmly Scheduled to become due at r University must provide the remaining one-half or an the end Of the Hist year 3 borrower ls Out Of School L amount equal to the grant through its other programs. Students who Enter tsachmg may have up to SO percent of their loans cancelled at the rate of IO percent i for each year of full-time teaching. Student LOELHS In certain cases IOO percent of the loans may be l Loans are available to qualified undergraduate, pro- Cancelled at the mts Of 15 percent for Cach Year Of fessional and graduate students. Funds are not suf- fullflmc teaching ficient, however, to provide loans to cover all expenses ` for a semester or year at the University. Loans supple- H3lth P1`OfSSlO11S Loans and Scholarships ment the students personal savings and/or earnings, Health Professions Student LCM PIO mms me 3\_ali_ assistance from parents, or other financial assistance. able {Oi Sludmts iii the COllCgS Of Mcdiiiic Dciitism. \Vhen possible, loans are combined with other types and Plmmmci. These mc Cooperative loim guilds umcl . EfuggligggglvasSlstfmCC to mducc thc amount Q Student available on the same basis las the National Defense l ' Student Loan Program described previously. The law requires that each borrower be enrolled i HOUOY LOQUS or accepted for full-time enrollment in good standing Q A limited number of honor loans have been estab- in lh Colleges Of Mcdlcllm Dtl$tTY OY PllYm8}' lisliccl by alumni mid Otlici iiiciids Oi ilic UiiiViSiii._ and be in need of a loan to continue his professional l Interest is usually not charged on these loans while the Sducatloll Q borrowers are in school. These loans are restricted to A $tU