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65 > Image 65 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 33 (1971-1972)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

rvv __ I W C:i;i}] _A _l322E;i .,ff .1% Yi S :57;.* vi I. $aEi.Zl .V-v i Thg H6yman DOHOUQH Fellowship for individuals who demonstrate outstanding achieve- '' S _ C_t_ ment. This recognition emphasizes the importance for 871107 l mens which the University places upon academic excellence. ]; Named in honor of the late Herman L. Donovan, Th; Undlilgladuatc Research and Creativity Plogmm University President 1940-1956, this Fellowship is rei mdcs a g;lll *l? *Wd Shmulahng ` people 65 years of age and older. It provides that they glu ents to, etter Hcademlc H9ItS' Ulldllrgladuatc Slu- *3 C31'1 CDt1' tll UHl\fSit}' 2lI1Cl 2ltt1'lCl HHY regular COLIISG Sellts Subngic Pglpcl-S Olkpl-Olccts lll HV? dlsclpllucs (soclal without the payment of fees. \Vork may be taken for C1rlS lyslcal $C_1nCS _BlOlOglCal Sclcncch Hu- eieeie me me geeteie and *~ In AM md Fhc degrees. Otllcrs register as auditors and attend Chsscs [)lOgl'ElHl CI.llIIllIl2ll'S IH HH 2l\\'ElY(lS l)21l]qLllZ {lt Wll1Cll for the Sheer im, Of learning The Program is available time the President of the University presents specially . at the main CQHQPUS in Lexington and qt all Communitv designed plaques to students whose work is judged to Colleges in the Univcrsitv gystem be the best in each of the above categories. Donovan Fellows participate in the many intellectual, Tllc llwlmls mc: First pllCe_lll SPC?lllllY deslgllcd social and cultural programs which characterize the plaque Zlllcl l>_l00? Second lllCc"a C?llllllll?> il lmllll UI]i\,CrSit\,. Tllcx,7 together with retired UHi\,rSit\. 2`lll(l SLll)SCIlpllOKl to tl SCllOll1'l}' ITllglZ1fl OI' journal lll teachers and staff, have their own organizationThe lllc llhploplllllc llcldi Tlllrd pll?a Celllllclll? and IDOHOVCID C]ub This Club publishes The Pillars, 21 SLIl)SC1'1l)tlOI] to 21 SCl10lzlI'l' lT1lgLlZ1IlC OI' jOLIl'I]2ll lll tllC monthly newsletter, holds regular parties, arranges for llpplopllale Held travel-study seminars and symposiums on Great Issues ' Eilhh fhllthh hhlY8mr<>gram _, .. . 0lClCf Rtlults with a view to devising appropriate ,i`i` procedures for solving them. Inquiries about the DonovanIFellowship should be ROTC Financial Assistance i.` 4 " addressed to the Council on Aging, Bowman Hall. V _ii ~ A Army ROTC _ . _ Two, three and four-year scholarships are available F . Speclal Awalds through the Army Reserve Otheer Training Corps j Under raduate Research program. These scholarships pay full tuition, laboratory g _ _ fees, books, and SSO amonth. The recipient increases ? , Bhd C1`&t1V1ty Program his active-duty obligation from two to four years. at J i . . - gi, gl; -` The Undergraduate Research and Creativity Program lhtF$Tl high $h00l SCUIOFS IWW Ohhhh ih ?*P i . if began in 1964 with the express purpose of encouraging Phcahhh fwh"1 thch School Chhhschh OY Pfhlcilml OY i research and creative activities on the part of under- by Whhhg tv the Cmhihahfhhg General. l1Y$t U$ Q j i graduate students at the University of Kentucky. ANN', ATTN} AUAACCl, hhft CCOYSC C Meade. . The objectives of the program are twofold: (1) to hhlYhlhd 20/*$ stimulate creative work on the part of undergraduate Length 0fScl1olarsliip, Application Deadline, W/liere ii e students, and (Z) to provide a measure of recognition to Apply: Four years, February l$; senior year of high 63 l