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87 > Image 87 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 33 (1971-1972)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

changes in populations and their effects on population structure and hours per week. (Same as BOT 732.) (Same as HOR 732.) Prereq: evolution. Three class hours per week. (Same as BIO 620.) Prereq: BOT 701 or BCH 515 or consent of instructor. An introductory course in genetics and in statistics, and consent of S<>f />4 Physiology of Growth and Development. (3) , A critical evaluation of research in selected aspects of plant growth Stdtlstlcdl GenehcS (J ,l and development. Emphasis will be on eEects of growth environment Statistical approaches to the analysis of quantitative inheritance; Lecturcdiscussion, three hours. (Same as BOT 734.) (Same as HOR definition and estimation of genetic parameters relating to selection; 734.) Prereq: BOT 701 or consent of instructor. inbrecding theory; random-mating and inbred populations; testing and ____ _ planning in genetic experiments. Prereq: STA 674 and BIO 620 or /J6 P]'L}lOg6/ Laboratory for AGR >66. (O) `GZ Forest Soils. ` COURSES IN CROP SCIENCE ) . . . . . . (D') The physical, chemical and biological roperties of soils as they relate P . 206 Pmciples Of Field CTOPS Pd" (gl LiniiifsZ.I.?....iZYLi.iZ2$..Z...f?.iEll`T.I1..."i;i.2ii."?rZZ.fl; A course in scientific fundamentals underlying theproduction of cereal, Prereq; AGR 366 Jud approval of inSh.uct0,._ (Same as FOR 5625 fiber, forage and tobacco crops. Lecture and discussion, two hours; laboratory, two hours. Prereq: BOT 101 or consent of instructor. Biology Ecology Of Eccnonlics Plants. 'lihel nature iandlbiocheinical activities of the lsoil microflorn; their _ _ _ significance in soil genesis and structure and their role in soil fertility. Crmml Study Of the response of ccgmmuc plants to natural and ma"' Lecture, two hours; laboratory, two hours. Prereq; ACR 366, MB 200. modified environment. Two lectures and one twohour laboratory g;gu{_,g3h P ri< * = BOT 101 Md AGR 26 M * sas stri cmsmaimi and Aiamigemm. (sl A study of the principles of wise land use and effective soil manage- \{/ced Idcntifycation and CO1ltTOl. pier:-t xxiitlioegxrieirceoii;Ktt1ile!rlag;-gcatigRLtire and discussion two `IO 1 S; i )', ' . . Z . The important characteristics, identification, and control of weeds, q with emphasis on identification and control of Kentucky weeds. -.. . W . . -s Lecture and discussion, two hours; laboratory, three hours. Prereq: 7 /0 SOIZ Ilgrtllltl and FTtlll~QrS (D) ACR 206. Sources and manufacture of fertilizer materials; soil reaction of ele- ments essential for plant growth; effective use of fertilizers for various I7Zh'O(lllCtlO71 to Pltlllt Bfdiilg. soil situations. Lecture and discussion, three hours. Prereq: AGR 366 A study of the principles involved and the techniques used in breed- Or equlvalenh ing crop plants. Lecture and recitation, two hours; laboratory, two ...,., . _ . , hours. Prereq: ACR 206 and BOT 530 or ASC 260. D! 7 SOIZ M<>r/Jlwlvgi and AIU/J/)l"g (J) Study of concepts of soil horizons and soil profiles, and the chemical, Adygylcgd CrO{)g; T()])dC(;O_ physical and niineralogical parameters useful in characterizing them. Origin of the Nicotiana species, botany, pathology, entomology, phy- Usfltoffsollllsulivcy Gfiluplpcnh Iimllztmtagu if SEI ilmps nad d?:il0p` siology, breeding, and culture of tobacco, with special emphasis on mfn 10 n__ in? use pf";} or in `lslkgei mflAG1c3lg and Q3]; TQ; bllrley. Lecture and discussion, two hours; lalmmmry 0,- Held, hm ***0. . E\l0Ii\(0Y), nec iours. rcreq. an A hours. Prereq: BOT 101; AGR 206 or consent of instructor. or wmem 0 m:`tmCt0r` . . . * J , . 510 Ewzogy and Utilization of omsszamzs. (4) > r > $<>1l1h>SS- (Jr) Critical Study of grassland plants and the biological and physical Physical properties ot soilsland their relationship to chemical, min- ` factors Operative in utilization Of natural and cultivated grasslands eralogical, and, biological soil properties and to plant) growth. Lecture by domestic m.]ima]s_ Lecture, three hours; labcmmry, two hOu,.s_ and discussions, three hours; laboratory, two hours. Irereq: ACR 366 Prereq: BIO 201 and 203, or consent of instructor. mul ll1 Of *SU"t(` $12 Aclwzncccl Cro/JS: Cereals. (3) $81 C/iemictzl Analysis of Soils and Plants. A study of the grain crops of the world, in respect to adaptation, Laboratory emphasis on instrumental methods and techniques used in culture and uses. Lecture and recitation, two hours; laboratory, two quantitative and qualitative chemical analysis of soil and plant hours. Prereq: BOT 101; AGR 206 or consent of instructor. materials and relation of these analyses to physical, chemical and biological systems. Lecture, one hour; laboratory, six hours. Prereq: ~ 630 1LXf)(!Il771CI1tdl ICCIIIUC/UCS lll Pltllif P]1)SlOZOg). ( J l AGR 366, CUE 226 UT rin\., ur =i>i>r>\nl ot instructor. Presentation of theory and experimental techniques for the study of - . ` .-I . .,_ chemical constituents by centrifugation, chromatography, spectroscopy 6>2 Soil Cla'>$`l}lIcatO7l <1dG<;r<1/J/ni. (9} and electroinetry. Discussion of methods and design to culture, A critical evaluation of the concepts of soil classification, with par- sample and prepare plant material for use in physiological experiments. ticular reference to the current U.S. scheme. Study of geographic Two class hours per week; laboratory three hours. Prereq: BOT 501, locations and nature of their soil associations as related to gross CHE 232, 233, or consent of instructor. (Same as BIO 630.) considerations of soil genesis. Lecture, two hours; laboratory, two hours. Prereq: AGR 573, 581 or consent of instructor. (Same as r SO Crusslrmcl Research. (>) GLU 6>2-> The conduct and interpretation of grassland experiments with V Y . . . . . emphasis on pasture research and the plant-animal complex. Prereq: 660 Adl aim! SOI] Biology Approval of instructor. A critical evaluation of the current research status in selected aspects , of soil biology. Lecture, two hours. Prereq: AGR 566 or consent of i $2 Mineral Nutrition of Plants. S