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11 > Image 11 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 76, no. 3, Fall 2005

Part of Kentucky alumnus

W F A ~t_L{ ,;a 1 - .. i1;;_ - : ?r,TA 1 _ *e= ., 2 ~ - r.A N V _ A I s * * L p t . I I A A; v, ; 4. A ._ L C v ; - A - A .. . A ;; v><;;r ?% t V . . . = *V : so A . I. ts.i t _ ` = rta ; l . ` I A A %` i t . r A i Quit"` ' 0 i f 0 ~ . P I i T A A Ei A4,,;- < .,: 55* A C `T. Q; A A ll " " A . i ;., r_,A A. gi, . ,A A i ` " _AV: `A A A " -~=.. ul Network, a nationwide network of physicians and - scientists recognized for their work in the treatment of obesity. He also is medical director of the HMR _ Program for Weight Management in conjunction with LlNlvEli= KriNiueKy _.;;;,f"` rrr UK. He currently has several weight loss and lipid W ''ii 'l"d l ` if iu i treatment research studies in progress. For more E _" A *` information on weight loss and lipid research, visit E '_ _ _,_, r `- Andersons Web site at 2 _r t... JA _Vt __ K nutritionresearch.To inquire about making an appoint- f _ l ~ Q ment with Anderson, contact UK HealthCare at 859- E gr rr P ` 267-1000 or 1-800-333-8874. { . '._ if ' Li . g ~i 3 , A " r " - Dr. James Anderson says the benefits 0i eating soy go as cancer Treatment beyond weight loss toward increasing Overall health. The UK Center for Pharmaceutical Science and Technology has collaborated with Ohio State Univer- The Juv uf Sov sity (OSU) cancer researchers in developing the anti- cancer properties of black raspberries to fight head and What really makes a food healthy? Should you believe neck cancer. Researchers at the universities have found the 0mmfiHl hype about SOY PT00ftS 011 hiS dried black raspberry gels for oral and topical cancer investigation into the effectiveness of soy in adult chemoprevention. Russell J. Mumper, associate director weight loss. Meal replacements, including powders, of the Center for Pharmaceutical Science and Technol- drinks and energy bars, are popular weight loss tools. ogy, will oversee the production of the gel in the center. Anderson tested two commercially available meal replacements one soy-based and one milk-based college of Earns in a rou of obese adults for 12 weeks. Both rou s lost gveiglit. The soy-based group lost slightly riorep Largest Grant weight in any given week and displayed lower serum The National Institutes of Health has awarded a grant cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels. Soy intake also of more than $6.6 million to the UK College of Agricul- produced small but significant redl1ctionS in Serum ture to study the toxicity of environmental pollutants glucose values. This evidence suggests that soy may be with a focus on nutrition, health, and disease. It is the a valuable tool in maintaining overall health, lowering largest single NIH grant ever received by the college. cholesterol, and even slowing the development of The Nutrition and Superfund Chemical Toxicity diabetes. grant will employ over 50 people at UK, including The bottom line is soy is healthy, and while faculty, research scientists and students. incorporating it into weight loss may not have a more Under the leadership of principal investigator and Cl1`3lTl3tiC effect OH yOLl1 waistline than other llL1tfitlOIl director Bernhard Hennig, professor of nutrition and plans, its benefits go beyond weight loss toward toxicology, and associate director Leonidas Bachas, increasing overall health, Anderson said. professor of chemistry, this funding is the latest to ln another JACN article, Snacl< Foods: Comparing support the work of UKs Superfund Basic Research Nutrition Values of Excellent Choices and Junk Program (SBRP), an Foods," Anderson raises the possibility that poor interdisciplinary snack choices may play an active role in increasing research group that For more rates of childhood obesity and notes that snacking can examines the poten- rnrormarrorr about be healthful when snack foods are high in nutritional tial links between research rakrrrg value and low in calories. His article provides a various diseases and place at UK, Visit quantitative analysis of what makes a snack either a contaminants found iMMN_mSaa,cr,_ul