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13 > Image 13 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 76, no. 3, Fall 2005

Part of Kentucky alumnus

V 2 Q K ar ; J Vi L V I 1 V `' * **iv v s I t V > Li v . arf I `= i > ria . . Vt V ', ;] J X V' .. . t ri?-. Jie;. V * 1 ll r ii V - . U v< - r " s 2 I I I 2 r . ,: . > a i I . I . . 1 r .s s s s \ rr ~ P . . ; `. r Ei b I . . i` . V- . w V * I V1 ill z;. resi? ;.; .;A_V r .. ~~>; rf ?1 I az < e r `* ar. t = r - [ at- 1 -a;; , . . . s* - ` .. I ` V I Tl ;Z.rxr I . i .=. if ... i ,_, . U rs - ~ . r-r is rf*2r.e-gm., ~ i . V M .V ; 4 ___._. * ` ___._ ~>%+reZ !_;___f______ is __ . 3,; Equine Plan for Two Named , Horse lndustry Beckman Scholars V Horses represent Kentuckys UK has named Nicolas Badre and Ja- r I number one agricultural enter- son Passafiume as Beckman Scholars, a _ I prise with nearly a billion dol- program that permits undergraduate V {V _ " F lars in Sales annually. students to conduct scientific research " W 1. _ * The UK College of Agricul under faculty mentorship. The pro- _ j I I; r ture Equine Initiative, part of gram, funded by the Arnold and Mabel I * the Commonwealth Beckman Foundation, provides $19.300 Collaboratives, is a partnership to each scholar over three years, pro- established between the col- viding a stipend and support for re- lege and the horse industry search projects the students proposed . through efforts of the Gluck in the fields of biology. chemistry. bio- Equine Research Foundation, chemistry or a biomedical science. the Kentucky Thoroughbred Badre, whose project is titled "Re- Association/Kentucky Thor- duced Calcium Channel Function on oughbred Owners and Breed- Vision, Olfaction and Regulation of ers, and College of Agriculture faculty and administrators. Conducted Heart in Drosophilia," has Robin L. in concert with the Kentucky Equine Education Project (KEEP) and Cooper, associate professor of biology. numerous other equine organizations in Kentucky, this new initiative as his faculty mentor. is focusing on ensuring that ongoing UK programs are more respon- Passafiume will study "The Restor- sive to the daily needs of the equine industry. ative Effects of Sleep and Meditation" The Equine Initiative involves: under the mentorship of Bruce OHara, Creation of an equine planning committee led by UK associate professor of biology. sociologist Lori Garkovich to develop comprehensive solutions Badre and Passafiume are the sev- to challenges confronting the industry. entlr and eighth students chosen as $8.5 million to enhance UKs Livestock Disease and Diagnostic Beckman Scholars since UK became a Center. participating university in 2002. Each Hiring a new epidemiologist at the Diagnostic Center to create a year the Beckman Foundation invites real-time information system to help researchers limit disease about 150 universities and colleges to outbreaks and more quickly make diagnoses when they occur. apply for participation. Conducting listening sessions across the state to give all sectors of the e uine industr in ut into new ro rams, includin ones that betiler meet the ei/dugational needofgUK students. g Research Awards A $6 million gift from the estate of Janet H. Koller that will 1 4 percent enhance studies of diseases and other challenges facing the equine induglry_ Awards l'CCCiVCd ll1l`OLlgll UIC UK Research Foundation for July 2004 ' through March 2005 total UK MOVES Into the $215209999, a 14 percent increase The Commonwealth of Kentucky is 30th up from 33rd in the most over tlie snnie period last year, Fed- recent rankings of federal spending obligations by the National Sci- ei-nl gwgrds have increased from $108 ence Foundation (NSF). At the same time. UK moved up to 28th from niillion to alniost $115 inillion, gi 6_5 31st in the NSF rankings of top public research universities. The most pereent inerense recent rankings, which examine federal research grants and contracts awarded, cover fiscal year 2002. Kentucky is the only state in the nation to move up as many as three spots, said Wendy Baldwin. UKs Executive Vice President for Research. _ _ 4 Kentucky received a total of $191 million in federal awards $132 gOmP"d mm UK Web $'ts UK Publ"; , . . . . _ . elatrons news reports, and Kentuc/<_vA/umm million or 69 percent of which were federal awards to UK, according magazine stm mpomng to the NSF rankings. KENTUCKY Aturvrur 7