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65 > Image 65 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 76, no. 3, Fall 2005

Part of Kentucky alumnus

S P 0 R T S { , , . . . - 3 NIBI1 S Glf WPGPS Up UK Men s Tennis Finishes N.I 5 T G|"B8t SBHSOI1 The Kentucky mens tennis squad ended its 2005 sea- 5 , .g . _ son in a familiar position among the nations top-25 rl%IZE2Ilg2l.? ?..gl>B$J32fEfZ$lffEZ$lgOi ttS` CMS finished the regret NQ 15 in . . . . . . . the final mens tennis team rankings released by the In- : history in the NCAA Champ1onsh1ps.The Wildcats fin- . . . . . . tercolle rate Tennis Association. The to -25 showin A ished seventh at the national championships held at the k E 20 h h f. . h . C h D p . E g 73 tt . . t t - Q Caves Valley Golf Club in Hunt Valley, Md.The Wildcats mar S G K Sui QT gn Oac h mg.lS lingry Sh C revious best NCAA finish was last seasons eighth place Season? at cmuc y` G ats DOW ave mls C mt C ` Enish Kentuck com eted in its thirdconsecut've mp 15 m 10 Scasonis under Emmy Kentucky also NCAA Cham ilgmshi pwd its third in four Earl nder earned a No. 6 team ranking in the highly competitive Coach Brian Emi {16 Cats mmm ei ht liz cisuncxt Southeast region. Senior All-American Jesse Witten A taigggai otgg COTC g g.g%gygfgggiO.grg Gndrdhiswtdcat W*N03rtiOtS*g$ k' th h' h t - d` k` f h` - John Holmes, Matt Wells, Brandon Waldrop and Mark ig; mg 6 lg ES Season en mg mn mg O IS CH Blakefield. ` - - ABA Names Division for Women s Tennis Wins SEC; L _ D _ OLIIS HITI IEP ` Advances tn NCAA Quarterfinals P _ The UK WOmn,S tennis mam com lated an h.St ri Ga The American Basketball Association announced that SGH cl im.11 the first SEC Cham ignshi 3 d EE (gt; Z d. its seventh division would be named the Louis Vism ZH! hg WOmn,S tennis in Slghocl hit; sd Y I Dampier Division in honor of the former University of dla ed to the 3 Tcrfm ls Of th NCAAQXE H Cha Kentucky AllAmerican and Kentucky Colonel star. ai V f Y theqflilrslt t. eaince wig Kem Ckm}1 t dm- During the nine years of the teams existence in the A p On lgidgd .th 3 I Hg ds f26 6 S ud 5513 Z mg original ABA, Dampier was the leagues most consis- Season . W1 . CC T O . G we 6 . tent guard and it is a little known fact that he had several top-five national and regional rankings. The Wild- the mOSt assists and Smmd the most points in league A l;r4;?g?l;?sllglat history. He was known for draining threepointers with . . ` . a flick of the wrist. A native of Indianapolis, Ind., Kdtljamgt Sided tPIgSg Wm; 8 Ng-jITl;;1gt;8 Dgmgig. giayga ang gm in the ABA, gvgagigg to mg mgh Op Ongmh {Tm t Olin 29WKSl Em. Od F points per game and then went on to play three seasons im Sq] Ongmi, agad (Ei EY Ol;. ' iffrgvi ant Osh with the NBAs San Antonio Spurs before retiring. He er iamcm Ja NOS I Ou is mn lng?/N1 220 en ry an also served as an assistant coach with the Denver Nug- i sop Ommc Oc C C IWCH Came m H O` ` ' gets from 1988 to 2002. Dampier starred at UK from i 1965-67. He is 12th on UK alltime leading scorers list. } www.ukathletics.c0m l l John Shelby Taryn Ignacio Mike Lyden John Holmes l V Baseball Diving Diving V Golf ll i A . All-South Region -=` . SEC Wonien`s / V` SEC Wonien`s r llN(i \l|-America Secondlbam $ ,, First 'leam " = Diver of the Year \ Diving Coach of { PING ,\H_RcgiLm hum . _ _ _ _ , theYear _ __ _ _ _ g _ g All-Slat First feam _ _ rg; SE( (iolter ot the Year 2 [ . All-SEC First 'lbam _ [ i. g I * l I;`SI.=V Wir .lIngu;int\cademnicAll- V `ii V ` District lV Secont.l'lbani = . A } i1fi: g ` iv .' (,`leveland (iolfAII-America Scholar _ Matt Wells Jesse Witten Aibika Kalsarievu (jurius I),-mh, ~ can . -., 'lennis l' _ _ _ *ig,,,,;g ~ - t>iNc;A11-tze rm ,xit.Amenai l'Y*""""'" im N,,,g,.,g,| \ I gion Team ` (singles illlhl (wif'? uml C Wornetfskletitiis i (`|uw|gmL| tJ9Ull$) tlllujlkl _ V. Assistant Coach of 5 _. otiirixtt- _ - mx Southeast Re- PH l";" * _ _ . ttw Year " . Anierica I gion Senior Player l S$ll$?4llrlllyCr Ol / [TA guuiimm Rc. l V Seho ar .` ofthe Year L ru Agggg I g l 1 _ Slip Meng l-mms All-SEC First V I liloifeh of tlilelhear vi I r _ 3 . V V Player ofthe Year V s*"V:;. llF"' ($l'll* lmd K. V g , Brian Craig Mark Blilkclluld Egmn Mmimsyxm Mark (iuilheau Michael l\luson I i (pg || (ml jb S ( 'lennis _ 'lrack Ak Field ,`_ S l A SlE)C Golf All`Rlil*m [lilly] ,\m,grgc;, \\li|sott/l'liA National [ Sl(` Outdoor Mens l ,. ` ` (`oaeh ofthe l"'" 5 (dmlhicg) I \\omen s lennis * Freshman i _ I YW };"$E(`$*' \ V (`*"*" ""l YW 4; meta iateniaiiiieie g 1;:; U gi, * CMU ,`lE `Wo e `. 'le - *_ o` |eYe; l;.2J.:gE..5f .... . Q!} ZA? t i`i " f " { V .;. Coach olrthe . YUM I l i Yum tsl ,.__;i ` v * Wilson/l'l`.*\ South- gg ' if. east Region (`oaeh A """"' KENTUCKY Aruivnvi 55