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8 > Image 8 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 76, no. 3, Fall 2005

Part of Kentucky alumnus

O F b F C C i 1 Il1VI S1 . l l W th AnyU ` 'ty 2 CONLEY CIIANEY xr < Helped UK join Harvard, Stanford, I and UNC-Chapel Hill in being recognized as a Truman l DR. ]OHN CONNOLLY Foundation Honor Institution. DR. DAVID MOLITERNO Chosen by the National Science Serves as the national principal investigator for Foundation (NSF) to lead a $3 million a landmark $38 million trial to advance the field project to improve computation of interventional cardiology with angioplasty y research in chemistry. UK joins Cs] and stent placement. Dr. Moliterno is directing Purdue University as one of * Q I this study, which involves approximately . only two schools selected. iiyxi l 200 U.S. hospitals. The Cleveland Clinic " ' ` Cardiovascular Coordinating Center and r ``j I Duke Clinical Research Institute I F ;i will coordinate the trial. . \ V ` T _ .. x F -i * P i { .. { e . , I I ii = i - . I T * . _ i it it ` / Til F F. r ea. i Q tl. i QI wr A I DR. SUBODH DAS Positions UK alongside prestigious STEPHANIE LOGSDON _i ,~ schools like MIT, Harvard, Carnegie Beckman Foundation Schniaishin Mellon, and the Georgia Institute of Winner Shaiing this prestigious Technology as a grant recipient for our academic accniade With Students Sloan Industry Centerfor sustainable Q hom Duke UCLA and Boston Uniiigisityl aluminum industry research. UK is one of I UK is one of only five research universities Gulv I5 universities In the oeuvn to house selected to award Beckman Scholarships. 3 Sloan Cgmgn DL Das als? Sm/as as i president of Secat Inc., and is director of r the Center for Aluminum Technology. i On the hard court, UK 1S among the elite w1th umvers1t1es l1ke Duke, North Carolina i and Stanford. With these academic prime-time players and others like them, I . . . . i our efforts m the classroom and research lab are drawmg nat1o11al accla1m as well. I UK I trrwrvizrisrw or i