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10 > Image 10 of Guide to civilian organizations. Hardin County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

I A K -4- { I 2 g_ Elizabethtown Band Parent's Club (Continued) Q Committees: Finance, Mrs. W} C. MeMahan, 305 Central Avenue, Elizabethtown. i Purpose: Foster interest in the Elizabethtown School Band including year I round band instruction for students. i Normal Civic Activities: Provides public concerts during summer months i and furnishes music for other public occasions on request. ' Defense Activities: Engaged in Entertainment. Training for Entertainment. _ E Local Publications: None. Q ELIZABETHTOWN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, o/o Horace E. Tabb, Elizabethtown. Q Founded 1941. President, Stokley Beading, Miles Street, Elizabethtown. i Secretary, Horace E. Tabb, Elizabethtown, Telephone 2286. Terms expire Q Nhrch, 1943. y * I I Membership: 60. Qualifications, any citizen eligible on payment of $25 a year dues. y I i . . - I [ Committees: 5l-W Highway Committee, L. A. Faurest, Jr., Elizabeth Street; . { Rural Relations, W. S. Long; Civic Affairs, S. B. Goodman, Poplar Street; [ New Industries, C. A. Diecks, Audubon Court; Advertising and Publicity, E M. H. Marriott, West Dixie Avenue, all of Elizabethtown. j I Pur eso: Betterment of civic enterprises. I p r ..11. p I g ' Normal Civic Activities: Cooperating with State Highway Department for , 3lW construction work. Defense Activities: Interested in Entertainment. _ t t Local Publications: None. I ELIZABETHTOWN CIVIC CHORUS, e/o Brown-Pusey Com unity House, Elizabeth- F town. Founded 1959. President, Mrs. VQ P. Stuart, West Dixie Avenue, p Elizabethtown. Secretary, Mrs. Charles Barnes, College Street, Eliza- Q bcthtown. Terms expire May, 1945. ` N@mbership: 46. Qualifications, by invitation only. {A Committees: None reported. h Q Purpose: Promotion of music culture in Hardin County. K, ` 5 Normal Civic Activities: None reported. E I L _ A ______ ___ ,_____,,3