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The Miner, The Machine Crew, The coupler, 1942

Part of Sherrill Martin papers

MINTER, NLACHINE CREW , _T_E_ GOUPLER, @L_E__ MOTORMAN, _'Il_I.'_ PUMPER, . T_QQM@Mg, TNQ TRACKMAN, TEE BRATTICEMAN, T_FOREMAN, TEE I TIPPLEMAN, g@_SLATEMAN, gNQ_gQ OTHERS WQ_WORK IN NQ_ABOUT g_ , A MINES. n _ Q When a miner takes a chance, whether it is working under a loose piece of slate that should be taken down before all else, or , working under top of any kind without having his posts set as ` they should be, or treating his powder, caps and cable without a thought for the rules covering their safe handling, he is building up to the injury that is sure to come to him. When a machineman cuts a working place when it is not safe to _ cut, and takes chances operating his machine under dangerous top, When he is careless in unloading his machine, gives no concern to where he or his helper is standing while it is operating; is just as careless while loading it back on its truck, and then thinks he can tram from place to place, from entry to entry, e without giving a thought to the rules covering switches, doors, going out on the main haulways, getting the right of way when he knows other machinery has it, and violating other rules that have been made for his safety, then he and his helper are O building up for the accident that is sure to come. I I When a motorman runs Hell Bent for Election.without having his motor under the control it should be and causes wrecks that take more time than the time he makes in speed. When he thought- _ lessly raises up in the motor to place the trolley on the wire without a thought of a low brow or timbers; when he disregards the right of way and the rights of others on the haulways, and when he stops thinking for just one minute of his own safety, _ then he is building up to the accident that will injure or kill. When the coupler takes one of the many chances that he has been warned not to take, when he is not careful in his every move- ment, when he is not thinking every minute of his safety, when - his motorman is not looking out for his safety as well as his own, then the building up of an accident that may take his life is in the making. And so it is with all classes of workmen who disregard safety ~ rules and commit unsafe practices or take chances that should P not be taken. They are building up to the accident that is going to happen to them. I _ TAKING GHAN@S gig ACCIDENTS ABOUT TQ HAPPEN.