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The Ten Little Mine Workers

Part of Sherrill Martin papers

Tl S with the men and knows them better than anyone else, must SELL SAFETY to them. YOUR LI FL since the foreman is selling the sarety . _ .V ` Q Idea, something he can*t just reach out C;) ` 1 and touch, he has to make the employee Q want safety for logical reasons. Each man q _ __ in interested in his and his familys J \((;>LJ |<_E;k|? I-Y welfare more than anything else. Right * here is the best point of attack in the ; g selling compnign of the foreman. , First, the foreman should have the mans E respect and confidence. He should_ appeal to the employee{s intelligence S S S S S S S _I_ S I L_ I T_ ;{_ . and ability to see how prevention of in- _ g juries automatically prevents; (l) phy- YOU can*t shift Responsibility without Q sical and mental suffering on his part; paying a fat price. when you shift the (2) loss of earnings and protects future responsibility for your safety on to some earnings, a careless worker is no longer one else*s shoulders, you may pay with Q wanted at any work; (5) promotes better your life. " working conditions; (4) lengthens active i time; and (5} assures family welfare. When the man sees Safety as beneficial ATTENTION FOREMEN - - SELL SAFETY Q to himself and his family, he will be E ready to buy it by paying daily install- The main purpose in preventing accidents Q ments of intelligent precautions. He will is to keep the human body whole, well and; be constantly exercising diligence and physically fit. The real motivating , care by using safe work methods. force in our Safety Program today is the E y ` company*s desire to send every man work- Q when the foreman SELLS SAFETY to his men, ing in and about our mines home at the they will work more safely and fewer end of his shift in the same physical accidents will occur. , condition as he was when he came to work. Although this may sound simple, it is n0t S__S_g_I__S O R S_T R A I N S easily accomplished. In the first place, _' -- _`--_*-- it is necessary to have the full cooper- g You may suffer at times with a pain in ation of every man in and about the mine.; your back that you can mistake for a In order to have this needed cooperation sprain or strain, especially if such a SAFETY must be sold to EVERY employee. pain strikes you while doing some work. This takes a better sales promotion cam- Such a pain is often caused by infected paign than just selling merchandise be- ` teeth, infected tonsils. low blood pres- cause, in selling safety, something that g sure, gonorhen, syphilis or an infected you cannot see, at the moment, is being prostate. See your doctor and have the ` sold. _ ` , E causes corrected so you will not have t , Q- such pains. Safety is a definate part of production i because it deals solely with the most important cog in the industrial wheel - -$ EEQESQS YOUR DINNER FAIL the man. Since the company has to place j the responsibility for Safety in compa- On entering your working place, do you tent hands, it is logical that the fore- find a safe spot for your dinner pail and man, the man who comes in close contact then go to the face and work under bad top? YQ}; " ae; ~. M " :2* " . :