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A Weekly Safety Letter, 1947

Part of Sherrill Martin papers

V V LJiV A VV g, _VVV. VV V _ A__V - V , ` VVI if p n V V I I I \\/-r' "*/ i Y { \#r*#-vi -VFTar~ - A i r _/ ;;;\.L of fil! 1,; V EK J o CAHRS FORK COAL COM! ANY I . P V V _ VV if ALLOCK, KENTUCKY__ A I J A JY A ` 2 ` ` April 21, 1947 . " Ao G_ Dupree, A ` A A A V Alleck, Kentucky. i V V , . Dear Mr. Dupree: . VV J - A __ . V i_~ A A As far back as July 14, 1933, Judge Frank E. Wood, President of ..,_ A A _ Carrs Fork, wrote the officials of the company, and we herewith o V _ PV _ quote part of his letteriv I . V A J "It is not the financial less to the Carrs Fork A A . Coal Company that prompts me_to urge the observance A ` of every conceivable safeguard against injuries. I J _ hope that my affection and respect for all my fellow . _ V men will.never permit me to consider an accident as_ , o I J e a money proposition. -The money which we are required V I A ` V to pay to the family of a miner killed by an avoidable ' X I accident is as nothing compared with the loss of that n ~ manis life to his wife and children and others depend- ing upon him for support. Anything that you may be able to do to lessen avoidable accidents will be appree A A V V ciated by me. Needless to say, many an accident can be . avoided and I would like to see the mine operated as J? efficiently in this respect as possible." V I ` V I A . Feeling a deep concern for the personal safety of the men working c VA in and about our mines, this thought was again manifested in a V _ . recent letter you received from Judge Wood. V A j - VAnd because it is the wish of the company as so expressed, we are e _ Vconstantly urging Mr. Grady to impress upon all of you the importance t A V of it. He has, I know, religiously and conscienously talked and ~ `I I written to you about your personal safety in and about the mines. , g ` This has been for one purpose - only 4 teprovent any accident hap- V A t A ` V I poning to you which can be prevented and which may leave-you a A ( cripple for life and thereby subject your family to grief and want. , A ` I happened to be at the mine when John Taylor was killed under a _A slate fall, and I felt the sadness that overcame everybody who knew him. I talked to his fellow workers and the foremen at the mine. I V talked to the State Mine Inspectors after the investigation was made r { , of the accident, and I couldnot help but feel that if John had been E _ just a mite more careful, he would still be with us. . V V So please do heed all the warnings, and give full cooperation to the V ,e supervisors whom we employ to look after your safety. 4 V V Sincerely yours,i ., A " T A A it /#;,;3w r' , W,. = n A ,4 - of A I ,f A ` - Z/F. `=D4' Hollinger _ ~ . I n V V score aryl V VV V V g V V V, lg V VV V l , 1_ I _ I . y J A 4