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12 > Image 12 of Annual report. 1916

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Kentucky Agricultural Experinzcnt Station. 3 L. R. Himmelberger from department of diseases of live ` stock to department of animal husbandry (beef cattle, sheep and swine), July, 1916. N. R. Elliott from department of horticulture to extension division, June, 1916. ,l;lTllil)IN(jS Asn llQl?Il)IliXT. Fifteen double colony houses and eonsiderable equipment have been added to the poultry farm. A number of maeadam roads have been constructed on the tarm and several patent gates erected. Numerous small ad- ditions in the wa_v of apparatus have been made to all depart- ments and several hundred volumes have been added to the li- brary. N(>'l.\lSlill \Vom<. ltriet mention may be made here ot cer- tain noteworthy pieees of work. more tiully treated in the de- ` partment reports and in bulletins of this Station. The import- anee ot lysine in a ration tor growing ehieks was shown in a ' series ot experiments deseribed in linlletin 197. lt was shown that when lysine was not present in suttieient quantity in the ra- tion. the growth ot? the ehieks was stunted and development re- tarded: whereas. with abundant lysine in the ration. growth and development were normal. ('lnr work on the viability ot? blnegrass seed shows that low pereentage ol' germination otten tonnd in the eommerial arti- ele can be largel_v aseribed to allowing the seed to overheat in enring. 'l`he details ot this work will be tonnd in llnlletin lfls. i (ilne ol` onr most important lines oli work is tl1e stndy ol` soil. t`ertility by means of the several experiment lields loeated on