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Image 7 of Annual report. 1916

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

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EXPERIMENT STATION STAFF BOARD OF CONTROL RICHARD C. STOLL, Chairman, Lexington, Ky. JOHNSON N. CAMDEN, Versailles, Ky. CHARLES B. NICHOLS, Lexington, Ky. TI-IE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY, an 0_jficir». THE DIRECTOR, SECRETARY, err; 0_I7icin_ HENRY S. BARKER, President. ALFRED M. PETER, Acting Director. C. S. ADAMS, Horticulture. *R. W. JONES, Feed and Fertilizer Inspection. . °R. M. ALLEN, Food and Drugs, Head. f&g¥`°“g;“;· (I C . , oys ig u s. n coopera ion W' S` ANDERSON’ Home Husbandry with the U. S. Department of Agriculture.) S. D. AVERITI`. Chemistry. E_ _]_ KINNEYY Agmnumm P. E. BACON, Milk Record; i J. O. LABACH, Food and Drugs, Acting Head. ·- P. L. BLUMENTHAL, Chemi$;l»y_ O. S. LEE, Commercial Fertilizers. C. D. BOHANNAN, Agricultural Economics, Act- J- W. MCFARLIN, Food and Drugs Inspection. . ing Head. J. S. Mc HARGUE, Chemistry. A. L. BRUECKNER, Diseases of Live Stock, ` C. W. MATHEWS, Horticulture, Head. L. A. BROWN, Food and Drugs. . J. T. MILLIGAN. Poultry. T R, BRYANT, Agricultural E;.;;€nSl0n_ I FRED MUTCHLER, Agricultural Extension. RUBY BUCKMAN, Home Economics, Superintendent. G, D, BUCKNER, Chemistry W. D. NICHOLLS, Farm Management. A. s. CHAPIN, Boys` ami c;a.»iS· Poultry Clubs, H. R. NISWONGER Entemeiezy eiid Beviiw- (ln cooperation with the _ Dtpp Of Agri- J. W. NUTTER, Dairying. culture.} l A. J. OLNEY, Assistant in Horticulture. N. MINTON cmzcoa, Food ami Drugs inspet- { D· H· PEAK. B¤si¤ess Agent. tion. l A. M. PETER, Chemistry, Head. O. S. CRISLER, Extension Veterinarian. · W. R. PINNELL, Food and Drugs. H. E. currris, Commercial Fmiiims, Head. . R-L. PONTIUS. Diseases ef Live Steele *R. C. DABNEY_ Fggd and D,-uga C. S. PORTER, Food and Drugs Inspection. MARY L. DIDLAKE, Entomology and Bl·,mny_ ELICANOR A. REYNOLDS, Home Evonomics. _ N. R, ELLl()'_[‘T_ Exlqmslcn H0}-tgculturish , G. M. ROACH, Food and Drugs Inspection. A. E. EWAN, Agronomy l GEORGE ROBERTS, Agronomy, Head. H, GARMAN, Entomology and Bmzmy, H€ad_ l WM. RODES, Commercial Fertilizers. · 0. L. GINOCHIO, semmy to the Dimmr. l 0- M- SHEDD. Chemistry- l E. S. GOOD, Animal Husbandry [Beef (]attle_ l VV. H. SIMMONS, Food and Drugs Inspection. Sheep and Swinel, Head. { M. J. SMITH, Animal Husbandry (Beef Cattle, ANGUS GORDON, Agrtmgmy_ i Sheep and Swine}. E. J. GOTT, Bacteriology D. D. SLADE, Poultry Agricultural Extension. ROBERT GRAHAM, Diseases of Live S{0cl{'Hcad_ 2 H. D. SPEARS. Commercial Feeding Stuils. D. J. HEALY, Bacteriology. MARY E. SVVEENY, Home Economics. J. J. HOOPEI·;_ Anim;] Husband,-Y (Dairy Catum ` R. B. TAYLOR. Commercial Fertilizers. Horses and Poultry). H€ad_ VV. G. TERRELL, Food and Drugs Inspection. M. O, HUGHES, Faymel-5* g0ODcm,_l,_.€ Démmp J. D. TURNER, Commercial Feeding Stuils, stration 'Work, \\'estern District Agent. , Head ED. I-IUSTON, Dgiyyingy l E. C7 Entomology and Botany. ELMER INGRAM, Feed and Fertilizer Inspection i E°°m"""'i“ H. H. JEWETT, Entomology and Botany, 1 G_ B, \VURTZ, Meteorology. 'On leave of absence. Address KENTUCKY AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION, LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY