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7 > Image 7 of Annual report. 1916

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

EXPERIMENT STATION STAFF BOARD OF CONTROL RICHARD C. STOLL, Chairman, Lexington, Ky. JOHNSON N. CAMDEN, Versailles, Ky. CHARLES B. NICHOLS, Lexington, Ky. TI-IE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY, an 0_jficir. THE DIRECTOR, SECRETARY, err; 0_I7icin_ HENRY S. BARKER, President. ALFRED M. PETER, Acting Director. C. S. ADAMS, Horticulture. *R. W. JONES, Feed and Fertilizer Inspection. . R. M. ALLEN, Food and Drugs, Head. f&g`g;; (I C . , oys ig u s. n coopera ion W' S` ANDERSON Home Husbandry with the U. S. Department of Agriculture.) S. D. AVERITI`. Chemistry. E_ _]_ KINNEYY Agmnumm P. E. BACON, Milk Record; i J. O. LABACH, Food and Drugs, Acting Head. - P. L. BLUMENTHAL, Chemi$;ly_ O. S. LEE, Commercial Fertilizers. C. D. BOHANNAN, Agricultural Economics, Act- J- W. MCFARLIN, Food and Drugs Inspection. . ing Head. J. S. Mc HARGUE, Chemistry. A. L. BRUECKNER, Diseases of Live Stock, ` C. W. MATHEWS, Horticulture, Head. L. A. BROWN, Food and Drugs. . J. T. MILLIGAN. Poultry. T R, BRYANT, Agricultural E;.;;nSl0n_ I FRED MUTCHLER, Agricultural Extension. RUBY BUCKMAN, Home Economics, Superintendent. G, D, BUCKNER, Chemistry W. D. NICHOLLS, Farm Management. A. s. CHAPIN, Boys` ami c;a.iS Poultry Clubs, H. R. NISWONGER Entemeiezy eiid Beviiw- (ln cooperation with the _ Dtpp Of Agri- J. W. NUTTER, Dairying. culture.} l A. J. OLNEY, Assistant in Horticulture. N. MINTON cmzcoa, Food ami Drugs inspet- { D H PEAK. Bsiess Agent. tion. l A. M. PETER, Chemistry, Head. O. S. CRISLER, Extension Veterinarian. W. R. PINNELL, Food and Drugs. H. E. currris, Commercial Fmiiims, Head. . R-L. PONTIUS. Diseases ef Live Steele *R. C. DABNEY_ Fggd and D,-uga C. S. PORTER, Food and Drugs Inspection. MARY L. DIDLAKE, Entomology and Bl,mny_ ELICANOR A. REYNOLDS, Home Evonomics. _ N. R, ELLl()'_[T_ Exlqmslcn H0}-tgculturish , G. M. ROACH, Food and Drugs Inspection. A. E. EWAN, Agronomy l GEORGE ROBERTS, Agronomy, Head. H, GARMAN, Entomology and Bmzmy, Had_ l WM. RODES, Commercial Fertilizers. 0. L. GINOCHIO, semmy to the Dimmr. l 0- M- SHEDD. Chemistry- l E. S. GOOD, Animal Husbandry [Beef (]attle_ l VV. H. SIMMONS, Food and Drugs Inspection. Sheep and Swinel, Head. { M. J. SMITH, Animal Husbandry (Beef Cattle, ANGUS GORDON, Agrtmgmy_ i Sheep and Swine}. E. J. GOTT, Bacteriology D. D. SLADE, Poultry Agricultural Extension. ROBERT GRAHAM, Diseases of Live S{0cl{'Hcad_ 2 H. D. SPEARS. Commercial Feeding Stuils. D. J. HEALY, Bacteriology. MARY E. SVVEENY, Home Economics. J. J. HOOPEI;_ Anim;] Husband,-Y (Dairy Catum ` R. B. TAYLOR. Commercial Fertilizers. Horses and Poultry). Had_ VV. G. TERRELL, Food and Drugs Inspection. M. O, HUGHES, Faymel-5* g0ODcm,_l,_. Dmmp J. D. TURNER, Commercial Feeding Stuils, stration 'Work, \\'estern District Agent. , Head ED. I-IUSTON, Dgiyyingy l E. C7 Entomology and Botany. ELMER INGRAM, Feed and Fertilizer Inspection i Em"""'i H. H. JEWETT, Entomology and Botany, 1 G_ B, \VURTZ, Meteorology. 'On leave of absence. Address KENTUCKY AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION, LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY