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72 > Image 72 of Annual report. 1916

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

[Kentucky Agrticultuml Ea;pcrin2ent Station. 59 TY time limit, another inspector is routed over the territory to re- . NS. port whether improvements have been made or attempted to be 211- made in good faith. lf l1is report is negative as to improvements previonsl_v recommended,` the facts arc reported to the county to attornev. The inspection work has been systcmatized so as to the cover the State thoroly, including small places having two me or three stores, as well as the larger towns and cities. Places ssi- are inspected and afterward re-inspected, and thus tl1e depart- om ment keeps in touch with the conditions thruout the State ible T and is informed as to whether proper sanitary conditions are md being maintained and that suggested improvements, authorized nist by tl1e law, are pron1ptl_v made. - ties TJ;\BOR.\'l`ORllCS. In the ditl'erent laboratories, food, drug, bac- `ood tcriological, and bakery, of the Food and Drug Department, auch there have been examined since December 1, 1915, 1,993 samples, 1,131 being otlicial, collected by the inspectors in the ordinary geon routine of inspection, and 852 being unotticial. The unottieiai tate samples are those sent in by private citizens, manufacturers and ties. others engaged in the food and drug trade, in and out ei` the rises, State, for information or assistance, and also many samples of aade food or drugs where a suspicion of unwholesomencss or poison- ie of ous effect has been raised. ln addition to these, the department has examined an unusual number ot specimens sent in by order t the of court; eases where death due to poison was suspected. The s are laboratories have also examined a large number of beverages , y BS. _ for alcoholic content, for trial in courts thruout tl1e State, in the enforcement; of the local option laws, also samples of time "dope," from the State Board of T)ll2tl'l]ltlt'}' attorne_vs and from tvork. physicians and others. in the (lllit)l'(5(1llY