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733 > Image 733 of Annual report. 1916

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Hot Beds cmd Cold Frames. 21 g the first of August. Varieties: Early; White Plume, Late; Winter Queen and Giant Pascal. Winter Queen is an excep- i tionally fine variety and seems to thrive in this locality. _ PARSLEY. Sow March lst. Varieties: Champion Moss Curled. . . TOMATOES. Sow March lst in the hot bed for early crop and about first week in April for main crop. Varieties: Early; June Pink, Dwarf Champion, Sparks Earliana, Chalks Early Jewel; midseason and late; Matchless, Buck- eye State, Stone and Ponderosa. BEETS. Sow March lst. Varieties: Crosbys Egyptian, Detroit Dark Red, Half Long Blood and Extra Early Eclipse. CARROTS. Sow March lst. Varieties: Chantenay, Early Scarlet Horn. PEPPERS. Sow March 15th in the hot bed. Peppers require a temperature of about sixty-five degrees. May be transplanted about second week in May. Varieties: Sweet; Ruby King, Bell and Sweet Spanish; Hot: Long Red Cayenne. RADISHES. May be grown the year round if desired. A fall crop may be sown in October, and this harvested from ' Thanksgiving time until after Christmas. Varieties: Scarlet _ Globe, French Breakfast and Icicle. , \