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75 > Image 75 of Annual report. 1916

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

62 T1rc11!y-11511lh zllllllltlf Report 0f the U HORTICULTURE m ` _ i111 By C. XV. Mrxrinaws. 1 _ od: al Tl1e wo1k i11 hortieulture was reestablisl1ed a few years age. 1 after a lapse of several years, when 11o l101flClllfHI'&l depart- {lu ment, as sueh, was maintaiiied i11 the station. Vtfith the assign- A ment of a traet of about sixteen aeres to tl1e use of this de- Ot] 1)illllllLllf, there was began. in lflll, a series of orchard, viue- ya1d {`tllfl small f1uit plantings which l1as COl1fll1lIC(l to the pres- A ent time. of The oreliard of eight aeres (UllSlSl`S ehiefly of varieties, ohl gt] and new, wl1ieh a1e likely to be of iute1est and value i11 011r State. tre This orehard has 11ot yet eome into bearing, but is lllillilllg il satisfaetor_v (lQ\'Ll(>lllllClll`. and, in a few years, will be of great grt value to us as a means of gaining a tirstl1a11d Hlld intimate ac- V q11ai11ta11ee with the varieties i11<.l( e<1ll<lll( into bearing and lll\'("llQ'2lll<>llS of a lllllllllC1 of ques tions relating to pruning and training, selfsterility, cross-fertili y:atio11, ele., are being started. A (t>(l1)(l2\ll\'t tZ{PQl'l1llCllf i11 (Jl'(ll2\l'tlll1Q' is being eo11duCt0l11 lnstitute i11 Shelby (`eunty. where a six-aere apple |1l'tlltll'(l. ehielly of t<>llllll(ll.lill varieties, llilis been set, llll(lC1.' o111 Slll7(l'\'lNl<>ll. and l*}{p(*l'llllt}lllS witl1 fertilizers Zllltl methods oi lll2llIElg'(lllCllf are under way.