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6 > Image 6 of Guide to civilian organizations. Bath County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

Q 1 V, -1- - e I ! @ BATH COUNTY CIVILIAN ORGANIZATIONS . AVELICAW LEGIOH, BATH POST f 42 (American Legion, Dept. of Ycntucky; Q National American Legion), Owinsville. Commander, Clyde tlexender, _; Ovingsville. Telephone 52. Adjutant, H. C, Lacy, Owingsville, Tele- Q ghone 42. Terms expire July, l943. Ninth District Commander, Dr. J.W. E Lester, Cwingsvillc. Q Iembarship: 63. all honorably discharged veterans of World i For l. _} Committees: Tinance, U. C. Lucy; Service, Dr. J. T. Lester; Publicity, cY listorien end Records, J. L. Piper, all of Owingsville. Child .elfarc, jg Usrl *, Tnempson, Stcrpsbnrg; Clsplain, Kev. Harrison Howard, Olymnis. _ Purpose: "Fer God and C0uz1try" . 1`mer icsnism, petriotism, Service and Q nnsolfisb devotion to duty. % Normal Civic Activities; Salvage drives, encouraging enlistment in the 3E Armed forces, Cooperating with Fed Cross and IOO. ceopcxation with local g` Civilian Defense. Prepared for emergency or disaster, Qi Oefcnse Activities; Interested in Air Tsid warden Service, Red Cross ,'_ss;{ stone o, First .~icT,"""` "" " "" I; AIERIGAI LEGION`LUXILIhRY, BLT? UNIT f42 (Aseriean National Lejion $3 Auxiliary), c/o Irs. Tom Campbell, Owingsville. Founded l922. President, 4iA i Irs. Tom Campbell, Secretary, Irs. J. H} Lester, Owingsville. Terms f expire ju$ust, 1943. Membership; 5. Open to wives, mothers, sisters and daughters of 5 Legionnaires. VI Comnitiees; Executive, Bess Caudill; CkildYelVsrc, Irs. Frank Hart; *L gpjgljgjty, Edna, Vanlani injjhoin, all of OWiHgSVillO ,c Purpose; To aid and cooperate with the Lmerican Leiion. ;, Normal Civic Activities: Assisting in Red Cross work ond salvage work Q of the Kmcrican Legion, E Defense Activities; Engaged in Sewing and Preparation of Surgical Dfessings, Red Cross Assistance, Typing and Other blerical Assistance, %r Tirst hid. Interested in Ealvaye Demolition crvicc, bollcction of & r I ~-?r-ee rl. . ., _ ~, _ . fi Serco Totals an; Oth;r retals, Tcacling Literurv bL&S3OS for Aliens 5% and Others, Q tccal Publications; None, _J