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8 > Image 8 of Guide to civilian organizations. Bath County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

-5- Owingsvillc Air Raid Warden Unit (Continued) I Epgpcrshipz 15. Open to qualified and patriotic Americans who are willing to volunteer their services, Committees. None. Purpose: Taking and enforcing air raid precautions and assisting in air raid shelter work, Normal Civic Activities: Cooporatcs with all public services, . Defense Activities: Enwaved in Air Raid larden Service. Interested in ---...-..-.-.....- .nz;i--ci. _____, - Auxiliary Fire Protection. Local Publications: None. . E OWINCSVILLE CKALZEQ OF COKSERCE, c/c Lyman 7. Ginger, Owingsvillc, _f Founded l9&l. President, Lyman V. Ginger. Secretary, Robert Clark, $ Owingsville. Terms expire April, l945. Eemberchip: 55. Qualifications, any reputable business or professional 5 man of Owingsville and Bath County, J Committees: Project, J. S. Caudill; Kcmbership, Joe H. Thompson; In- ; vcstigating, Salvage, C. l. Laztin, all of Owingsvillc, , Purpose: The promotion of industrial development and community ` advancement. i Normal Civic Activities; Coopcrates with all local worthy enterprises, e F including charity programs, particularly those afxecting indigent - children, Sale lar .dld Bonds and Jtanps. , Defense Activities; Engaged in Collection of Scrap Ietcls and Other Ketals, _ Local Publications: None,