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9 > Image 9 of Guide to civilian organizations. Bath County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

` -4- _ OWINGSVILLE WOHAN'S CLUB (Kentucky Federation of Womcn's Clubs), c/B y ' ~ '1 "\ _rn ' M G 11 , s r v nis. C. lg Lartin, Owinosville. rounded 1919. rresident, Lrs. Fassett Qotts, Owingsville. Telephone 64-Jl. Secretary, Mrs. C. T. Yartin, p Telephone 62. Terms expire Kay, l943. lxnpignshipg 38. Open to women of good standing interested in civic and cultural improvement, Committees; Civic, Mrs. Espy Goodpaster; Literary, Hrs. Edna Byron; dercvolence, irs. 4. B. Arnold; Nutrition, Hrs. Bescom Thompson;`Nar Service, irs. Leslie Shront; Safety, Lys. Lyman Ginger, all of Owingsvillc. Punposei Benevolent and social. Civic and cultural advancement of the c eirnuir ity. [ Normal Civic kctivitics; Student loans, crippled children, cancer and ` tuberculosis control, free lunches to indigent school children. Sale _ of`U .. r Tonds. C Defense hctivities; Engaged in Collecting Looks, Red Cross Assistance. `_: Interested in Sewing and Pyeparction of Surgical Dressings, First Aid. it Local Publications: None. Z PUDLlC LEULTIONS AID EDUCATION, Owinpsvillc. President, Clyde Eonaker, 1 Owinqsville. Secretary, Lyman V. Ginger, Owingsville. Telephone 88 . 3 8. Terms expire l94d, Ie bcrship: 5. 24 years of age or older, plus 5 years citizen- Y ship, district voter, completed eighth grade eduertion and holds no city or county official position. Committees; Transportation, Buildings and Grounds, Clyde Monster. 4 Purpose: Coopcreting in the operation of schools. f Normal Civic Activities; Cooperetes with churches, Red Vross ind . 7$`r7" '""` """"""` J- 4- l Q Defense Lctivities; Engaged in Collecting 3ooks, Collection of I Scrap Ietals and Other hotels. lntorcsted in First Mid (3 courses in First bid completed). Locdl Publications: None. ____ V ...1