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CONTENTS OF VOLUME TWO. PA G F. FRONTISPIECE, "THE W'SPATCH BEARER." From the painting by Gilbert Gaul... VI LIST OF MAPS . .. . .. I. ........... . . ...... . .... . XVIII LIST OF ARTISTS . XIX LIST OF DRAUGHTSMEN .................... ............................... .... XIX LIST OF ENGRAVERS .. .....'u.... ........ ............x...... ... .. XIX FORT PULASKI. SIEGE AND CAPTURE OF FORT PULASKI ......... GENERAL Q. A. GILLMORE .......... I ILLULTRATIONM: Fort Plaski after the Surrender (Xatha Sith)-Map of the 8iege of Fort Pulski (.aob IWels) - Mart-llo Tower and Lighthouse, Tybee Island (Xataw Smith) - Brtgadier-General Egbert L. Viel(, from Brady photo.-Fort Pulaski frout Turtle Island (The.. R. Dviar)-Brevet Brigaditer-General Horaee Porter, fromu photo.-Brevet Brigadier-General Charles G. Halpine, ftm photo, by C. 1). Frelerlek. Co. (F. M. Shell) - Views of Fort Pulaski after the Surrender, frorn Gard:e-r phot s. (C . A ,,a.feO). THE CAPTURE OF NEW ORLEANS. EARLY OPERATIONS IN THE GULF ............. PROFESSOR J. RUSSELL SOLEY . 13 NEW ORLEANS BEFORE THE CAPTURE ..... GEORGE W. CABLE .14 ILLU8TRATIO)Nt: The Confederate Cruiser Sumter" leaving New Orleans (Then. R. Daria) - Major- ;,eneral Nans"field Loveli, C. S. A., fro.u An.derson.,-Cook photo. -The Union Fleet arriving at New Orleans (J. 0. Dorid-e). THE OPENING OF THE LOWER MISSISSIPPI ..... ADMIRAL DAVID D. PORTER ....... 22 ILLSSTRATION8: Farragut's Flag-ship, the Hartford." from photo. by J. W. Black (J. 0. Deridson)- Mlaps of the Lowrer Mississippi (Jacob Wel) -Confederate Sharp-shooters and Swamp Hunters attack- ing Mortar-boats (A. C. lfed-ed) - Mortar-shooners engaged against Fort Jaecson (J. 0. David.a) - Plan of Fort Ja,-kson., howing the Effect of the Bonubardment (W. L. Latheep)-Brigadier-General Johnson K. Dunvan, C.S. A., from photo. Ient by .J. Duncan-Map showing the Defenses of the Missis- sippi and the Positions of the Mortar-fleet at the Opening of the Bombardment, from drawing lent by Commander J. R. Bartlett - Rear-Admiral Henry H. Bell, from photo. lent by Mrs. Margaret C. BeUl (L. R. wit,) -Commander John K. Mitchell, C. S. N., from Anderson photo.- lentenant Thomas B. Hager, C. S. N., from a photo. lent by W. H. HuIger-Bird-eye View of the Passage of the Forts below New Orleans (J. 0. Davidaoa) -Captain Theodorus Bailey, in the " Cayuga." breaking through the Confed- erate Fleet (J. 0. Davidson) - Rear-Admiral Theodoris Bailey, from Brady photo.- Rear-Admiral Melaneton Smith, from photo. (I. R. Wile) - The course of the United State Screw-sloop Mississippi" in the Passage of the Forts, from drawing lent by Commander J. R. Bartlett-The United States Steamer Missisippi' " attempting to run down the Confederate Ram l' Manassas" (J. 0. Daridws) - The Confederate Iron-elad " Louisiana" on the way to Fort St. Philip (W. Taber)s- Plan of the" Louisiana,' after a war-time sketch (W. Taher) - Mortar-steamers attacking the Water-battery of Fort Jackson , J. 0. Daridfson) -Commander Porter receiving Confederate Officers on the" Harriet Lane" (J. 0. Daridso.)- Commander Charles F. McIntosh, C. S. N., from photo. lent by William C. Whittle -Explosion of the Con- federate Ram "Louisiana" (J. 0. Davidi.) - The Confederate "River Defense " Ram "Stonewall Jaek- sOMn, from a sketch by Captain Beverley Kenn-n ri. 0. Davsid.o) - Major-General Benjamin F. Butler, from Brady photo. THE "BROOKLYN" AT THE PASSAGE OF t COM. JOHN RUSSELL BARTLETT- 56 THE FORTS . ....... . ILLUSTRATIoNs: Fort Jackson in 1886 (W. L. LatArop) -Admiral D. G. Farragat, from Brady photo., with Autograph- Section of Chain Armor placed on the side of the "Brooklyn " to protect her boilers. from sketch lent by Commander J. R. Bartlett -Admiral David D. Porter, from Brady photo.- Rear- tn order to save much repetition, particnlar credit 1I here given to the Massekhusetts Commandery of the loyal Legion, to Colonel Arnold A. Rand. General Albert Ordway, and Charles B. Hail for the use of photographs and drawinggs. War-time phot,,grapher. whose work bs of the greatest htstorical value, and has been freely drawn upon in the preparation of the illustrations., are M. B. Brady, Alexander Gardner, and Captain A. J. Russell in the North; and D. H. Anderson of Richmond. Va., and George S. Cook of Charleston, S.C.-the latter, since the war, having suceeeded to the ownership of the Anderson negatives. ix