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Xii CONTENTS OF VOLUME TWO. PAGE MANASSAS TO SEVEN PINES .. ............. ... GENERAL JOSEPH E. JOHNSTON .... 202 ILLLEsTuiTioNM: tConfederate Sharp-shooter ( W. Tubr) -Mapsof the Regsion betw een Wahntsllg on and Rich.lond (J.-ob Well)-Fort Magruder and other Confederate Earth-works, and Will.u. and Mary ( ,i- leg, from skete hes by R. K. Sneden (C. A. VanderhofJ - Major-General John B. Magruder, C. S. A., frimi, photo. - Majr-Gen eralBenjamin Hager, C. M. A., from photo.- Li.ete.ant-Gcueral Daniel H. Hill, C. S.,A., from Coo k photo.-Burying the Dead, and Burning Horses at the Twit, Itoose, near Casey's Redoubt, Seven Pines (A. 11. W.nd) - Major-General Gustavus W. SlIth, C S. A., fr.o photo. by (Inru,-y SO. OPPOSING FORCES AT SEVEN PINES. Composition, Strength, and LoSes ............ 18 TWO DAYS OF BATTLE AT SEVEN PINES t , GENERAL GUSTAVUS W. SMITH ....2"0 (Fair Oaks) GNA....W SI.... ILLUSTN TiOt8: The Seven Pin., looking East, from sketch by G. L Frankenstein (IW. Taber)r- Major- (4enerni S. P. Helntzelmami. froni. Brady photo.- Major-General Erasmus D. Keyes, from Brady photo. - Map Showing PosItIons Preliminary to the Battle of Seven Pines, after sketeh map by General 0. W. Smith, C. S. A. (Jacob WeU)--Mjor-General W. H. C. Whiting, C. S. A., from photo. lent by Cl onel C(harles C. Jones, Jr.-The Twin Farm-houses behind Casey'a Redoubt, and the Twin Faru-honaes as scull fron- Casey's Red-ubt, from Gardner photos. (Harry P...) -MaJor-General Silas Casey, from Brady photii.- Brigadhi-r--eneri EHenry M. Naglee, fromo Brady pho-to.- Major-General David B. Blr-ney. froii Brady photo.- Allen'. Fartu House near the Willimsburg Road ( L. .heppard) -Map of the Bttili of Seven Pines. ....i..piied liy General (. W. Sumith (Jacob WRr) - Line itf Battle of General Devenli's Brigaile (Jid1tn Scoft) - Major-General Darius N. Coueh, froma Brady photo.- Snmiier's Corp criisslng thi- vi-i- flowed C Grapei-le" Bridge (.4. R. W aud) - Major-General E. V. Sumner, friiiii Brady photo.- Sunie'sr Marlih to Reeut frce Counh at Fair Oaks Station (WU. Taber)-J House on the Battle-ti-ld used a. Untimi Hospitild, front Gardiier photos. (W. Taber) - Major-General 0. 0. fliward, from Brady photo.- Fario- house near Fair Oaks used as a Union Hospital, Hyer' House, near Fair Oaks, -sed as Union Hospital. and House near Fair Oaks, used after the Battle as Quarters for the Otlfers of the 1st Minnesota., froii sketches by R. K. Sneden (C. A. rsderhtof) - Second Line of the Union Works at the Twin Houses (A. R. Wand) - Pettit's Battery In Fort Richardson, in front of Fair Oaks Stati,,.., fromi Gardiier photo. (.A. C. Reda'd) -u ntting tMe WMoanid on Cars (A. R. W-W). THE NAVY IN THE PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN ..... PROFESSOR J. RUSSELL SOLEY. ..264 ILLI-hTRATIiNs9: On tibe Gun-deek of the .onfederate troim-ehi, Mterriiiia" (IW. Taber) -Maps of ftih- - Monitilr andi Merrimulae" Fight (Jacb dlel)-tn the Turret of the "4Monitor" Henry iloadhoam) Fimrt Darling, from photo. (IW. Taber) -Rear-Admiral John Rodgers, from Brady photo.- Fort Darliimg. Looking Down the Jamiie., and Sunken Steamboats and other Ohatrimetosms in the Jaii River near F-rt Darling. from phiitiis. (Harry F-ni). STUART'S RIDE AROUND McCLELLAN .... ..... COLONEL W. T. ROBINS. ....-1... 2 ILLUSTIRATIOTs: Trooper of the Virginia Cavalry (A. C. RIediood -Map of Stuart's Ride around M- Clellan (Ja.-b Wr1ts) -Duel between a Union Cavalryman amid a ConfiMldrate Troper (W. T. Teep,). ANECDOTES OF THE PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN . . 2 75 1. General Johnston to the Rescue - F. Y. Oahaey. II. Hood " Feeling the Enemy -.1. H. L. I1I. Characteristics of General Wise-.f. H. L. IV. Origin of the Lee Tomatoes -yr. Roy fasoi. THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY IN '62. WEST VIRGINIA OPERATIONS UNDER FREMONT GENERAL JACOB D. COX ......-. .27R ILLISTRATION: Map of West Virginia (Jab Wellt.). STONEWALL JACKSON IN THE SHENANDOAH .....G ENERAL JOHN D. IMBODEN 2R2 tLLVSTRATION1s: A Confederate of 1852 (A. C. Rd.od) - Brigadir-General John D. Imboden, C. S. A., from photo.- Map of Jackson's Campaign in the Shenandoah Valey (Jacob Wels) - Map of Battle of McDowell, froiu mali by Major Jed. Hotchkiss - Union Camp at Front Royal (Edwin Forb) - Brevet Major-General John ,4. Kenly, from photo. by J. H. Young -View from Banks's Fort, near Strasburg, from photo, by W. G. Reed (E. J. Mmekerj -Arrival of Fremont's Vangnard above Strashurg (Edwin Forbes-Map of the Battle of Cross Keys, from map by Major Jed. Hotehkiss- View of the Battle of Cross Keys kEduidi Forbes) - Map of the Battle of Port Republic. from map by Major Jed. Hotchkiss - The First Maryland (Confederate) Regiment at Harriionburg and the Death of Ahbby, lent by General Bradley T. Johnson (W. L. Sheppard) - Brigadier-Ge-eral Tur-er A.bby, C. S. A.. trom photo. NOTES ON THE BATTLE OF McDOWELL .... . . . -..................... 298 I. General Robert C. +ehenck. II. Extracts from the Report of General R. H. Milroy.