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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 6, 1923

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Powell, J. L. Hays, C. H. Lisman, W. W. Kirtley, Roy Moreland, H. B. McEuen, C. M. C. Porter, N. B. Rogers, Elbert Sparks. Among the alumni present were Judge Lyman Chalkley, of the University of Kentucky; Capt. J. E. of the Military Department of Buckner, Rigley McDaniels, F. B. Jones, C. E. Baldtrcc, Jr., Raymond the University of Kentucky; Judge R. Wilkey, O. L. Higdon, H. C. True, C. Stoll, of the Fayette circuit court; Wiley Sams and Benjamin Shaver. Messrs. Bailey B. Baxter, Kelly Kash, Samuel Cole, Frank Ginocchio, Clyde Farmer, Virgil Dance Saturday O. Buron, James Saturday evening the Central Ken- Chapman, Henry T. Duncan, of the tucky Branch of the American Asso- Lexington bar. ciation of University Women will give a dance in the Senior High school Founders' Day Banquet gymnasium. The Omicron chapter of Alpha The high school and college stu- Gamma Rho fraternity .University of Kentucky, gave their Founders' day dents holding cards are invited. The chaperones will be Miss Frances banquet Wednesday evening in the Jewell, Miss Adelaide Crane, Mrs. palm room of the Phoenix hotel. The Charles Judson Smith, Mrs. Ansel F. decorations were in the fraternity Heminway, Miss Mary W. Brown, colors, green and gold, and the fraMiss Grace Cruickshank, Miss Min- ternity flower, ping roses. Mr. C. E. nie Cramer, Miss Glass, Miss Terry, Harris, presided ably as toastmaster Miss Edmonds, Miss Anne Garrett. and responses were made by Messrs. J. E. Humphrey, H. V. Temple, E. J. Wilford, F. J. Keilholz, W. S. AnMin Bhively's Bridge. Miss Virginia Carlisle Shively, a stu-- , derson, Sr., J. R. Watlington, W. S. dent at the University of Kentucky, Anderson, Jr., Pual Record, J. H. entertained Tuesday afternoon with Martin, J. J. Hooper, R. D. Shipman. Those present were: a beautiful bridge party at the LafayActive chapter W. S. Anderson, ette hotel in honor of Miss Ruby Jones, of Clovis, N. M., who is spending the Jr., Harmon Barnes, S. E. Barret, R. T. Bell, A. J. Broderick, G. W. GardEaster holidays here. Spring flowers were used in the dec- ner, J. H. Graham, C. E. Hubbuch, orations and a delicious menu was C. E. Harris, H. W. Kister, F. G. Crary, Strater Harney, H. B. Lane, served. The guests were Misses Edna Lewis Elmer Leechman, R. D. Shipman, E. Wells, Elizabeth Moorman, Edna Gor- L. Langsford, H. V. Temple, J. L. don, Pauline Park, Polly Doolin, Lucy Shaw, E. B. Noland, A. C. Wilson, Smith, Mabel Ruth Coates, Frances J. H. Williams, P. R. Watlington, J. Cregor, Louise Carson, Marie Beck-ne- E. .Humphrey, J. C. Brown. Guests Messrs. Paul Record, J. R. Mary Katherine Jasper, Zula Ferguson, Margaret Lavin, Anne Mary Watlington, J. D. Foster, H. W. FarRisen, Elizabeth Brown, Isalbelle Ben- mer, E. J. Kinney, J. J. Hopper, F, J. Keilholz, J. H. Martin, E. J. Wilnett and Mrs. Lyons, of Winchester. The guest of honor was presented-wit- ford, W. S. Anderson. a French corsage, and the prize Omega Rho Tea for high score, a pair of hose, was won Omega Rho Sorority entertained by Miss Edna Gordon, and the consolation gift, an Easter egg filled with Saturday afternoon with a charming candy, was presented to Miss Eliza- tea from 4 to 5 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Frank McFarland, on South beth Brown. Limestone street. The living room and dining room Initiation and Banquet Clay Chapter of the Phi Alpha were beautifully decorated with sweet Delta Law fraternity of the Univer- peas and candles in the fraternity colsity of Ke'ntucky held their initiation ors, lavendar, silver and rose. The refreshments were white iced services at the Lafayette hotel Monday evening, followed by a banquet in the individual cakes with the Greek letters Omega Rho in lavender and rose, ball room of the hotel. The initiates were Messrs. E. E. cream, and mints which were also in Siler, Robert Coleman, Jr., Thomas the sorority colors. Assisting Mrs. McFarland were the Ballantine, John W. Gillon, Jr., Basil active; members: Misses Audine Frost, N. C. Johnson. Messrs. Eldon S. Dummit, '20, Thompson, Edith. Rowland, Margaret Colli-vemember of the Lexington bar, and Graves, Cella Taylor, Morine Lois Heath, Elizabeth Miller, Henry Sullivan, '22,- memlber of the r. Mt. Sterling bar, were taken in as Lilly E. Kohel and Mrs. L. J. alumni members. The guests present were Mrs. Har-lan- d Members of the active chapter are Scarbough, Mrs. P. K. Homes, Messrs. Marshall Barnes, W. C. PickMrs. W. H. Courtney, Misses Frances ett, J. G. Bruce, J. B. Nickel!, J. S. Jewell, (Catherine Cave, Marion Par CaudeH S. B. Neal, S. H. Rice, P. T. sons, Ann Gormley, Mary Katherine Gormley, Mary .McAllister, Elizabeth Galloway and Virginia Newman. A charter was granted to Omega Rho at the January meeting of the Senate. The patronesses are Mes At Corner of Mill dames Frank McFarland, W. H "Courtney, Harland Scarborough P. K. Holmes. SOCIETY Paft Three RENT-A-FOR- D Tor-renc- e, CeMnf Events. Friday, April 6 Chi Omega Banquet, Phoenix Hotel. Alpha Zeta Fraternity Dance, Phoenix Hotel. Saturday, April 7 Alpha Gamma Rho House Dance. An-nu- - Friday evening the Lambda Alpha and Chi chapters of Chi Omega fraternity will give their annual banquet at the Phoenix Hotel at 6:30 o'clock. Miss Nancy Innes will preside as the A number of toastmaster. Chi Omegas are expected to attend. Friday evening the Kentucky Alumni club of New York will entertain with a dinner dance at the hotel. Dean F. Paul Mrs. and Mrs. P. Anderson, Jr., and Miss Nannie Miller Woods are among those who will be present. n, Alpha Gamma Rho Parties The members of Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity of the University of Kentucky entertained with a banquet Wednesday evening in the palm room of the Phoenix Hotel in commemoration of founders' day. Saturday evening the fraternity will give a dance at the chapter house at 210 East High Street. ' Akers Stanford News has been received here of the wedding of Miss Sip Akers, of to Mr. Jackson Stanford, of Richmond, Va., which was solemnized at the home of the bride's parents in Catlettsburg. They are spending a week or two with relatives in Richmond and will later come to Lexington for a brief visit before going to Shreevesport, La., where they will make their home. The wedding is of especial interest here, where the bride was a popular student at the University of Kentucky two years ago. She was a ber of the Epsilon Omega chapter of Kappa Delta fraternity. Alpha Gamma Epsilon Four men of the University of Kentucky were initiated, into Alpha Gamma Epsilon fraternity Tuesday evening at White Hall. They were: Messrs. T. L. Hankins, Waddy; E. D. Armstrong, Parks ville; Fred A. Orth, Henderson, and Joseph Bradley, Lexington. Following the initiation Dr. Frank T. McFaTland, faculty member of the fraternity, spoke on "Aims and Ideals." The members of the cative chapter are: Messrs. 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Well-Balanc- It's flavored and refreshing goodness finds strength and pleasure to a hundred thousand people. t "MADE IT'S WAY BY THE WAY IT'S MADE." 4MHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Hor-lache- After sitting in class with Harry cile Wagner, Estillc Hebden, Eugenia O'Hara, Lenore Thomson, Lora Bonta, Tilton and seeing line from a white' Mr. Albert B. Chandler Mr. and Mrs. sweater on a sleeve and shoulder sit and wonder whom he goes-tS. A. Boles. see. Perhaps she has a Victrola -- Kand they dance at home. Miss Marian Botts, Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern Univer You Get One Guess. se a student Mahoney "You want to keep your es open around here today." Nisbit "Why?" people will Mahoney "Because ow you are a fool if you go around w th hem closed." Banquet to Close the Season The girls basket ball team of University of Kentucky entertai with a 'banquet recently at Lafayette Hotel. The table was orated in blue and white artistic. arranged. The orginal basket ball $ with blue and whi'te ribbons wa a platter in the center encircled wreath of smilax. The favoj M chosen according to the charact of the guests and were wrai blue paper and tied with white Miss Sarah Blanding presJ toastmaster and the respons as follows: Defense Estelle hx. Time Out Eugenia Personal Fouls Lucy Short speeches were also g Mr Chandler and Mr. Boles. The banquet closed with the of a captain and a managei' girls' football team for next ye Hs$Lf Lucy Wilson, captain; Miss O'Hara, manager. Those present were Misses Sarah Blanding, Dorthy Potter, Betty Carroll, Margaret Ligon, Antionette Harrison, Lucy Wilson, Rowena P. Noe, Lydia Kant, Martha Reed, Lu mi m Jr Springtime Is Just Over the Hill! CO. D m Do You Read The Breath per mile per mile Plus 20c an Hour. r, Y "BETTER VALUES FOR LESS." 15c WEL. v m MP IONS ;oms and the niemor- - ut which make true Kentucky is a com-- e happenings of far- enough to be called actions and activities customs and traditions us make them customs t those who follow us traditions to which vears jbsbbbbc iJtju M JlfriffisssMeeeMf AN ALUMNUS. I M,