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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 6, 1923

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Page Four THE KENTUCKY KERNEL The next general assembly should concert was given by the Glee Club they were entertained at a lovely dinner which was served by the girls of the high school. After the program the club was entertained with a dance given at the opera house. The Kentucky Kernel be constituted of men who have caught the vision which his transformed th Published Friday throughout the everr old Tar Heel State, and who will no Coltefe year by the atudent body of the Univenity of Kentucky. loimcr be willing to see the Univer sitj of Kentucky starved, paper oi the atudenta and alumni of the K univertity of Kentucky. inscription, i ear. Entered at Dollar and Fifty Cent rive wenn tnt wopy. One clan a Pottoffice at lecand Lexlngtc-- mail matter. Kditor-ln.Chl- IRENE McNAMARA. '21 2117-Phonet 24 Phonea 21I7-- ASSOCIATE EDITORS Ruth HtigtiMa H Ann Bell '23 Margaret Layia f4 Chauncy Forger, '2 SPORTS EDITOR Eugene Moore, 25 Aitlitant Sport EdJtori Robert W. Berry 2S Robt. VanPelt '26 NEWS EDITOR Elizabeth Ellis '24 Sun Photographer BILLY WILLIAMS. '23 Business Manager L. B. HALL, 23 Advertising Manager WILLIAM BLANTON, 2S Circulation Manager WILLIAM TATE. '25 REPORTERS: Dorothy BlaU. '33 Mary Barnard '24 Alma Hutchena '23 Orine Martin '24 Robert Lawless '25 Louise Burks '25 John Walsch '25 Eugene O'Hara '24 Tom Duncan 25 Press of Commercial Affie Helen Real Coney Island Hot Wieners K- CHAPEL FLAPPER'S PRAYER Reverend Ragland, pastor of the I want the lights that brightly shine, First Hantist Church, addressed the I want the men, I want the wine, Tuesday morning in Freshman class I fun without the price, chapel on "How to get the most on I want the want to be naughty and still be nice of a University Course." I want the thrills of a kiss Dr. Ragland emphasized four csscn I want the things that nice girls miss t!als for a person who wished to obtain I want the arms and heart of a man, iny good from a University training; And still stay single if I can. First, a student must come to college What I want is some good advice, w'th a purpose to get good results On how to be naughty and still be nice many come with other reasons, yet ill expect to be made into perfect spec Answer to the Flapper. inicns without any "will to do" their part. Daniel and Samson were both You can't have the lights, the men, the wine, well reared in religious homes yet when the test of true manhood came Daniel Without the price, little friend of mine. who had a purpose in his life was sue cossiul whereas Samson came to a You can't have the feel of a passion ate kiss, fateful end. The second essential is to take time to accomplish anything. Without some forfeit and a risk. Get below the superficial things of Arms? Yes, those you can have every day. life to the real thing and in order to do Hearts? No, you see men don't love this one must take time. A third essenthat way. tial is take the right road of service in the place of working for one's self. Arc you really looking for good ad vice ? Education for efficiency leads to selfishness. The last essential is: don't If you arc bound to be naughty, then don't try to be nice. quit until you achieve your purposejj integrity is reliability and character and it is only by not being a quitter can we expect to get the most out of W. life. Life is a battle and he who purposes to win, takes time to accomplish, Formerly With Caskey Jewelry Co. is on the right road and is persevering CAREFUL WATCH REPAIRING unto the end is a sure winner. K Satisfaction Guaranteed FROM STATE REGISTRARS "WATCH YOUR WATCH." Phone 2682 157 S. Limestone (Continued from Page one) Lexington, Ky After the show after the dance or any time you are hungry. We also serve Pies, Coffee, etc. long-draw- n Managing Editor RAYMOND L. KIRK S444 FRESHMAN HERE THEY ARE Hammond Kinff '25 '23 H. Rooney I.ora Banta '25 D. C. Vest '24 '26 Gardner Bayless '24 George Lee Murphy '23 J. P. McCIure '25 Betty Barbour '25 Thos. I Printing Company A WORTHY CHAMPION Coney Island Hot Dog Lunch 231 E. MAIN "The Lexington Way" Of LAUNDRYING DRESS SHIRTS AND COLLARS IS UNEXCELLED. Phone 62 Lexington Laundry Company SMOCK (From Editorial Columns or Lexington Leader.) It is enough to arouse something of chagrin, and, we hope, something of a discussion ot wnat tne registrar of Women," emulation, in the breasts of Kentuck-ian- s Can do to Assist the Dean Uni MILLER SCHOOL to read that the Michigan legis- by Miss Frances Jewell, of the versity of Kentucky; and a discussion lature has appropriated fifteen million dollars for the use of the University of educational measurements by H. L. OF BUSINESS ef Michigan, the most important insti- Donovan, dean of the Eastern State School. An informal conferNormal tution of its character in the commonPHONE 982 wealth, not excepting the Ford Motor ence was held during the latter part of the morning session. Company. Furthermore, the UniverTHE SCHOOL OF BETafternoon, a school of Thursdav sity of Illinois has asked for, and TER BUSINESS seems certain to receive, ten million methods for colleges and university TRAINING. dollars, an increase of about two mil- registrars, the first of its kind in the United States, was opened. This lion. Various states all over the South school will continue for ten days, 13. A four hour seshave been rapidly increasing their ap- closing on April sion will be held each day, two hours propriations for university purposes as the vital importance of higher ed- in the morning and two in the afterucation has dawned upon their peo- noon. One hour will be taken up with a ple, and many of them have far outWe have purchased 122,000 pair U discussion of statistical method as S. Army Munson stripped Kentucky in this regard. last shoes, sizes 5 it relates to the work of the registrar, North Carolina is one of the most noto 12 which was the entire surplus given by Dr. Wiest. table examples in America of the value stock of one of the largest U. S. Gov Registrars of universities, standard ernment shoe of education in dollars and cents, and contractors. colleges in Kentucky. This shoe is guaranteed one hundred the profound influence which institu and junior and per cent solid leather, color dark Tennessee, Missouri, Maryland tions of learning have upon the ex r . r i! tan 3re pansion of industry and the increase 30Uia bellows tongue, dirt and waterproof was initiated by The m tnis scno0'' which of wealth actual value of this shoe is $5.00 Certain great leaders of thought in Professor Gilhs, and has caused wide Owing to this tremendous buy we c: that state by persistent efforts in the comment in educational circles. No offer same to the public at $2.95. direction of universal literacy and the course of instruction has heretofore Send correct size. Pay postman on development of schools and colleges, been available -to prepare men and delivery or send money order. If n lifted the commoawealth out of pov women for w shoes are not as represented we will heerfully refund your money prompt- erty and mud at the same time, re pon request deemed agriculture, opened up min eral resources, and built a factory sy TIONAL BAY STATE SHOE tern which has brought to the peon COMPANY, a' new era of prosperity and progres! .95 Broadway, New York. N. Y, The University of Kentucky is tl most important single institution the state. Its produot cannot be a" lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll quately measured in terms of mone yet it functions in such a way as vastly increase the wealth of the ;TVITATIONS AND AN commonwealth materially. Education, MS if it means anything, means high ..at. NOUNCEMENTS efficiency. The young men and wome IE,m. social and public functions who are prepared for a lifework the university become far more ca ble in whatever they undertake, m valuable as workmen and citiz more highly productive, with gre! am ,am, Address and Crest mr powers of leadership, and' more m. dedicated to the higher interest m tionery, Visiting Cards. life and to the steady advancement society in whatever constitutes re growth and improvement. No investment which Kentuckians ' 1 Plates, Greeting Cards, can make can possibly give richer reMenus. turns or contribute more permanent values than money appropriated to the higher education of the rising gen- atfifojKMh fei-..- .in mi mil eration. Ten thousand university grad-- , ing Fnday!Wnr2j, to give their de- uates scattered over the length and lightful program under the auspices of breadth of the state would mean the high school. The concert given by the Glee Club more, measured by the standard of true progress, than the development in the high school auditorium was of as many miles of good roads or well attended and was a huge success f ont every po'nt of view before the new ra'.lway lines. WE CALL FOR, PRESS YOUR SUIT, AND RETURN SAME DAY. 6 Miss Spurr's Dancing School SPECIAL RATES FOR STUDENTS IN CLASSES AND PRIVATE LESSONS REGULAR DANCES FOR UNIVERSITY STUDENTS THURSDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS Pppo. Phoenix Hotel PUBLIC SALES 152 S. Phone or 6268-- R 4S03-- X PARRISH & BROMLEY DRY CLEANING AND PRESSING Limestone St Phone QUALITY AND SERVICE 1550-- Y 11 i I i V STREET. Jhlsli 1? M t Conklin PEN Writing PENCIL University Book Store m m Better Built for Better Pens With Larger Ink Capacity. Pencils with long leads that will not clog in tip. FULLY GUARANTEED m m MM M M t Basement Main Building. 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