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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 6, 1923

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Pag Fivt fHE KENTUCKY KERNEL Make EaHy Resetvstkmi for Cad Parties 'and Dinners AT THE NEW If ADA IMTU iYlM.IMLl 1 A! Tea Room and Qarien :: DANCING EVERY EN ENING JAZZ ORCHESTRA ONE MILE VERSAILLES ROAD PHONE 3227 STOP FIVE "The Better Ice Cream" -- WELL BALANCED FOOD PRODUCT ) Made By HUGHES & COMPANY It'a a Health Food." High and Woodland Ave. I I II FRATERNITY JEWELRY Refill With nsHHm IS l HEINTZ I St 123 E. Main 1 Oppo. the Phoenix Lexington, Arrows h i rt Luncheons. Hughes' Ice Cream 148 SIGMA Prominent Business Men Will Speak at Series of YOU WILL FIND THEM ALL IN PHONE K- ALPHA JDELTA Purity Richness Smothness "Eat Ice Cream Everyday Jf tall Sordon LECTURES PLANNED BY THE THREE ESSENTIALS A girls boarding in town, the last two groups making the same average. "The reason for the better scholastic standing of students who live in houses that arc under university su pervision," according to Miss Frances Jewell, dean of women, 'is that these girls as a whole Have fewer diversions and more regular hours for study than girls living on the outside." I The second scries of addresses by prominent business and advertising men of Lexington was given before the luncheon meeting of the Alpha Delta Sigma, journalistic fraternity, in the faculty dining room Thursday at noon. J. Scrman Porter, editor of the Burley Tobacco Grower, official organ of the Burley Tobacco Growers' Association, was the speaker. The first of the series of talks was made by Willis T. Stewart, of the Stevvart-CassMotor Companyj The remainder of the program is as follows: J. Sherman Porter, on Publicity for the Country Press, April 5. George Ogilvie, on the March Store Advertising Campaign. April 25; Tom B. Tanner, on Selling Space in Lexington Herald, May 2; W. A. Beatty, on Advertising Media and Their Comparative Values, May 9; Frank B. Jones, on Selling the Blue Grass, May 16; Frank C. Dunn, on Selling the Chamber of Commerce, date to be announced later. -- I CWade of a better oxford, in a fine, tailor-lik- e way. The collar is the work of the expert Arrow Collar makers. The cuffs have buttons ' or are the French link model q qq J CLUETT, PEABODY Dry Cleaning, Pressing Altering PHONE 929 shay; he sold off Rocks that would not sing or lay. "My lad, you'll not BOHEMIA SAYS be old and bent from hoeing corn like me; but be the nation's president and Young Jake full of wisdom be." y The quit courting Sallie Snout, for the y Circle down I Ay, tear the sake of education; he caught the noonday local out, stocked up with It never bled for thee; aspiration. The neighbors shook their It never held the Centre Line, knowing pates and offered hunks of Hot downed an enemy. ':a!e that larnin' soon would take .oung Jake into the count' jail. Now It never raced across the field "Where thousands came to gaze, Farmer Brown had not the knack of ;Nor bluffed to hear the grandstand repartee or blow, but got a mortgage roar on the shack and sent young Jake praise. d more dough. Well, every dog does Its have its day and Farmer Brown had his. He sailed into the general store It never said, "Our 'pep is dead," with glee upon his phiz. "By ding, I And moaned to see it die; 'Siiess you fogey jays will stop your It only flung the Blue and White doleful whine, and not another howl Once more athwart the sky. will raise against this boy of mine. So buy your peanuts from the Greeks, You said book larnin' made a fool and face; 's But them Laugh in the was no good, by crack! dead; there fellers at the school has made 's Then let it be said, "The Can anyone takes its place?" Jake quarterback!" M. Hail. KOne Squirrel Food Missed Pribble (worried) Say, Mack, I told Lavin a joke and she said "that's DORMITORY STUDENTS a wise crack from a local chandelier." Irene Well? LEAD INSCHOLARSHIP Pribble Did she mean that I was hanging around or that I was always Smith Hall First and Chi Omega one of the lesser lights? Second in Group Ratings Irene Aw, she just said that to get of University. you up in the air. : Su-K- Su-K- many-throate- Su-Ky- -- To M. E. J., '23 So Mary Eliza once again Is back with us to wield her pen, The pen of whom in days of yore Ripped off "Just Jargon" quite galore. When Herndon kept the Strollers busy And everything eke was run by Frizzy, Women students of 'the University of Kentucky living in dormitories or in fraternity houses make on an average a higher scholastic standing than those who board in the city or live with parents or relatives, according to an announcement of comparative standings given out at the registrar's office recently. Your weekly bit of verse and wit The rank of the students, according Had few that could compare with it. to place of residence and in order of again, M. E. J.; Welcome back away. scholastic attainment follows: Smith 'We missed you while you were Hall, whose students made the highest average of B; Chi Omega house; SttCCCM Kappa Delta house; Kappa Kappa "My boy," said Farmer Brown one college. You've Gamma house; Patterson Hall; Alpha day, "I'll let you go to go Xi Delta; girls living with relatives; served your time at pitching hay, Alpha Gamma Delta house; Boyd seek some knowledge." Old forth and Sigma Beta Upsilon house and sold off his flocks and Hall; Parmer Brown Hotel Building OPERATED BY STUDENTS We handle a complete line of domestic and imported Perfumes and Toilet Articles. OUR SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE IS THE BEST IN KENTUCKY Luncheon The Greater Kentucky Council met at the Delta Chi fraternity house Thursday night and considered plans for the further activity of the organi zation for boosting the University. Reports brought in by the members o: the council indicated that the mass mcc'ngs held before Easter had been a great success. Many students who were going home for t.ic holidays pledged themselves to talk to five prominent men of their home town, numerous speeches were made, and a great deal of enthusiasm for boosting the University was shown. It was explained at the meeting Thursday night that the work of the Greater Kentucky Council is not sc much in boosting the University as in urging a bigger program for general education in the state. Through the council it is hoped the st.ident bod will be formed into a giant booster organization One of the immediate aims of this organization will be to create sentiment in favor of a legislature favorable to a larger educational program for the state in general. When y Circle is on the campus, the the Greater Kentucky Council will be in the state. Members of the council have been invited to attend the regular monthly luncheon of the Alumni Club at the Lafayette hotel Saturday, April 14, when J. Campbell Cantrill, candidate for Governor of Kentucky, will address the club. Those present at the meeting Thursday night were: ames Darneli, Kappa Alpha; William Tate. Phi Delta Theta; Ray Rice, Sigma Xu; Harold Waits, Alpha SigRobent Clem, Sigma Chi; ma Phi; John E. True. Triangle; C. H. Wolfe, Vest, Kappa Delta Chi; Douglas Alpha Tau Sigma; Thomas Clore, Omega; Wicklrffe Moore, Pi Kappa Alpha; Charles McDowell, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Arthur J. Bradshaw, Phi Kappa Tau; G. W. Garrdner, Alpha Gamma Rho; W. W. Kirtley, Tau Delta Alpha; I. B. Helburu, Sigma Alpha Mu; A. L. Atchison, Chi Sigma Alpha; C. M. C. Porter. J. A. Estes. Arthur L. Hodges and J'. W. Gillum, LIMESTONE The Lafayette Drug Store Members of Council Will Hear Cantrill Speak at Alumni Club : 216 S. .Lafayette sold the one-horall the Plymouth he. MAKERS COLLEGE BOYS' TAILOR K- TO BOOST CO. P. B. ROBARDS FURTHER PLANS MADE Ky. fi TOWN. Phone 3309 "We Deliver." Stationery Candies University Lunch Room . i"HOM E OF STUDENTS" Good Things to Bat at All Hours UR. and MRS. W. M. POULIS, Prop. Becker "Cleaners That Satisfy" PHONE 621-- Corner LIME and HIGH Y MM Su-K- Hawkins & Haley Successors to C. D. Cunningham Paints Glass Brushes AND ARTIST MATERIAL I 351 W. Phone 70 Short Street MM University Cafeteria Meal Hours BREAKFAST LUNCH 7:15 to 8:00 12:00 to 1.15 5:30 to 6;00 DINNER A DINING ROOM IS ALSO OPEN FOR WEEKLY BOARD. $4.75 FOR 20 MEALS Basement Administration Bldg. Both Operated on the Cost Basis. Sandwiches, Pi and Milk Served Between Meals. t