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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 6, 1923

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE Page Six profuse in their praise of the program presented by the club, and special mention was made of the University WESTEHIMCEMTUCKY quartette and Prof. Lampert. Many .for requests engagements return were made and each community Vied Four Towns Entertain Universi- with the others in extending a royal welcome to the boys. ty Boys Prof. Lampert and The program as presented was: , Quartette Are Praised. 1. (a) "Long May She Live, Our U. of K." The University of Kentucky Glee (b) "Medley From the South Club toured the Western part of the H. H. Pike. state last week, and according to all reports, the trip was successful in ev- 2 Violin Solo "Hungarian Dance" Natchez ery respect. Four cities were visited, 'Professor Lampert. concerts being given in Hopkinsville, 3 Quartet Selected Morgaufield, Henderson and Owens-borMessrs. Clem, Heavrin, Baughman and DeCoursey. The club, composed of twenty-fou- r Selectee men, including Prof. Carl Lampert, 4 Saxophone Duct Messrs. Daniel and DeCoursey. director of music, and Prof. S. E. Lcland, .faculty treasurer, left Lex- 5 Tenor Solo "Beautiful Dream Foster er" ington on Monday, March 26, in a Mr. Clem. special car, arriving in Hopkinsville that afternoon. The concert, which 6 "By the Beautiful Blue Danube" J. Strauss was given in the city auditorium, was A dinner was given 7 Saxophone Solo . Selected well attended. Mr. Daniel. by he Hopkinsville alumni club in Selected honor of the club, and after the con- 8 Bass Solo Mr. Downing. certs the high school entertained with 9 Quartet - Selected a reception. Mr. Porter. On Tuesday, the University quarW. Cook tette, consisting of Robert Clem, E. 11 (a) "Exhortation" Mr. Clem and Club Maxwell Heavrin, Earle Baughman A. Parks (b) "The Goblins"--- J. and Elbert DeCoursey, Robert Porter speakers' Geibel (c) "Fan::er Slow" representing the student Selected bureau, and Henry Taylor, business 12 Tenor Solo Mr. Chandler. manager of the cltrb, were guests of Tosti the Morganfield Kiwanic Chib. A 13 (a) "Good Bye" (b) College Songs. short concert was given in the high (c) "Auld Lang Syne." school building and the regular perFollowing is the club roster: formance was presented at the Court House. First Tenor Sam B. Adams, Es' Henderson was next on the itiner- ton J. Asher, Albert Chandler, Rob ary, and despite several ert B. Clem. Second Tenor E. Maxwell Heav the concert was well attended. The final performance was rin, Oliver H. Lambert, David S. Mc given in Owenstooro, where the high Intyre, Wickliffe B. Moore, Powell Sam H. Story Turner, school auditorium proved inadequate Tichenor, to accommodate the crowd which Ridgeway. gathered to hear the club. First Bass Earle W. Baughman Newspapers of each city visited were Walter F. Craddock. W. Wilson Dan GLEE CLUB VISITS KENTUCKY iel, Benton S. Taylor, J. W. McDon laide Crane, Dora Berekeley, Mra. B. ald. T. Martin. & Bass Elbert DeCoursey, Second The guest i of honor, Pauline Park, Willis T. Downing Paul Mathews, Kitty Conroy, Alice Cherry, Gene DRUGGISTS 'I Henry A. Taylor, Joseph R. Walter, ww awwm wiw Robert Porter. (Continued on Page 7) Director Prof. Carl A Lampert. PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY Club Officers President, Earle W. 0el ePifl AfMtsTtHMflt Baughman; Robert L. NUNN ALLY'S CANDIES "The Shew Pkce in Ltximteii" Porter; Business Manager, Henrry A. Taylor; Faculty Treasurer, Prof. S. E. Lcland; Publicity, Elbert BARNES counter-attraction- s, t K BETWIXT Ul mental Tobacco and Cotton Station Piet Retief, East Transvaal. South Africa. You're not going to have it just hanging up in the closet these days. Not with so many parties, dances and occasions going an all the time. You'll really enjoy it. We're giving you Tuxedos that have an unusual preciseness of style, fit and tailoring at $35 GEO. R. (Red) WOOLF, Campus Representative. '22 Watson is class secretary. He is executive director, Community Service, Norith'fork, W. Va. Thos. M. Riley is in the testing de partment of the General Electric Com pany, Schenectady, N. Y., address 360 Summit Avenue. Arthur C. Smith is a draftsman with 'the Chicago Bridge & Iron Works. Mailing address 1529 W. 104th Street, Chicago, 111. Lawrence A. Soper. with the Kan sas Gas & Electric Company, writes, "Have a eood job. now and hope to have a still better one soon." Address 1145 Coolidsre Street. Wichita. Kans. Lindsay H. Warth is principal of he graded school, Uniontown, Ky. Jones (at the Station R. R. not po "Does the C. & O. leave this de pot?" Gateman: "I has for a number of years and I don't think it will take it along today!" K There was a young girl from Whatsay As a vamp she rated an A, When she got on her paint And looked what she aint, Gosh darn, Hot dog, Oh gee, SAY1 lice) W. B. MARTIN BARBER SHOP We Cater to Phone 417 E. Maxwell GRADDY-RYA- N CO Incorporated 140 West Main St. Shave 20c Limestone St. BARBER SHOP CENTRAL Home of 141f-- y Lextaften, Ky. 115 S. Candies. Home-mad- e QUALITY FIRST. Upper Lexinfton, Ky. H. HADEN READ at tha Organ SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT WEEK APRIL 8 Douglas Fairbanks in 'Robin Hood' SPECIAL LOW PRICES FOR THIS ENGAGEMENT Sunday Afternoon and Nights .Ulatiaeea i 50c 30c 10c A Childrian ' (War Tax Included) iiHimiiiinmiitminiHHH WHWiiiii HHiiiiJtMiHiisiwiisii Misiiajttfifjuumiii n i The Phoenix Hotel LEXINGTON, KY. NEWLY FURNISHED AND EQUIPPED To the Highest Standard of Excellence. A noteworthy example of modern excellence. Every department fully equipped for satisfactory service to tha moat, exacting temperament. CHAS. H. BERRYMAN, Pres. JOHN G. CRAMER, Mgr. lllHHIIIIIlitlllllllllllW MM Shave 20c Hair Cut 40c Turkish, Shower and Plain Baths. PHONE 1465-- x .r (The Phoenix Hotel GEORGE T. MARTIN, Prop. Basement, 139 E. Main Street. Lexington, Ky. -- The Experienced Traveler Wjll Find UNIVERSITY STUDENTS 153 S. CANDY KITCHEN MM? C. V. Hair Cut 40c SCHANGE'S FLORISTS '21 Robert J. Raiblc, student. Theology and economy, uivinity Han, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., is class secretary. R. N. O Hara, asks that his Kernci be sent to Ravenna, Ky., where he is & in the employ of the Louisville Nashville Railroad Co. Thomas Burchdtt, secretary of the Boyd County Alumni Club, is practicing law, with offices at the corner of 15th and Winchester Avenue, Ashland, Ky. Henry K. Warth has been appointed Assistant County Agent, Crittenden Co.; address Marion, Ky. Eugene N. Winkler, who went with the R. C. Tway Coal Co., at Hazard Ky., immediately after graduating, is new in the engineering department, Alabama Water Co., Jasper, Ala. Frank "See tha woman with the dirty face, daddy?" Father "Why, Frank, her face is not dirty, she is that way all over." Frank "Gee, dad, you know every thing." K Not Exactly Usual But TUXEDO MichlerBros.1 Company (Continued from page 2.) K You'll Need a HULU ' o. ...... KERNEL Have You Visited Our Store? Come in and meet your FRIENDS here. Let us help you arid be friends. BEAT MICHIGAN ENUS But You Can't Beat Our PENCILS Chocolate Milk Shakes or ChocolateBETTER Malted MORE AND Uuiversity Confectionery "OniYour Way Twice A Day." 216 S. Limestone Just Above High. We sell KODAK FILMS and Develop them. We sell Shcaffer's Lifetime ipens and repair pens. satisfy. They 1?ORtlMttudMtorpro,tke T tup, VENUS itivak all for perfect pwseil work. 3 copviaf . 17 black degree A rieaa Lead PmcUCo. IMFIAkAvt. The Lexington Drug Co. For Drugs, and Soda Waters we arc unsurpassed. We Deliver. Phone 154 Miss HoUaday'a Candies.