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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 6, 1923

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

hit' Wtdlliin.i.iiHii.ilaiiiL THE KENTUCKY KERNEL K. D. "Well if you stick around mc you will soon increase your speed." John A. Keller Co. Florist 5a Prof. "Do you know what the story of 'Paradise Lost' is about, Mr. Dewhurst?" Dew (awakening and turning angrily to his scatmate who has given him jab) a warming "What the devil w FOOD did- -" Prof, (interrupting) WITH FLOWER S" IS REPRESENTED ON Albright & Martin THE CAMPUS 1Y "SAY "Correct." "Conductor, docs this street car go by Limestone?" "No, ma'am, it goes by electricity. of art adorns, his manly tank; he has All aboard." ten cars that always start and owns it O Wtadom the First State Bank. Our hero thrru (Wun Hu Nos) his natural life, did neither tail nor is one who loses spin. But gift of gab won him a wife A real without squealing and wins without that owned the L. & N. beating a drum. Those who do nothing for a living "It's a long lane that has no turning," he explained to her as he turned never finish the task When a bunch of girls get together, the car into a dark side of the road. the Lord pity the first one to leave, Girls possessing both beauty and Hclpt brains are dangerous to fool with. coming down!" Tillie "Oh, it's Willie "Wlil a safety pin .be of A Teddybear sat on the ice, any 'Twas cold as cold could be; Tillie "Fresh! I mean the rain." Then he got up and walked away, "My ale is told," said c. "No little one, the plot of 'He Who hinge on a Gets Slapped' does not Bill "Jane's heart u in the right kiss." place." Alma "Yes, she doesn't believe in "Oh, Billy, I've taken up golfl" corsets." go around in?" "Fine, what do you "Oh; you get so personal." What Do You Think? IT PIiom4065 230 S. LimMt T. G. BAYLESS Grace "I hear that you and Jack ktMed and made up the other night." Alice "Well, Jack kissed and I had again." to make-u- p MANGIONE ft COMPANY THE PROGRESSIVE SHOE HOSPITAL My Work and Prictfl Always Ktp 1ft Busy 140 South Limeetone SPECIAL ATTENTION TO STUDENTS MATTHEW He-ma- n Bufi Bard With A born vivant was Harold Dephew; his shoes were Florsheim's own. His ties were of killing hue, hit hat was Stetson grown. Like Billy Bryan he had a line. His flapper friends just Reid and 'Gene knew, that Wally O'Brien had nothing on Dephew. He made a goose egg in his chem; in Math, he made an "E." And sage old profs poured down on him dire words of prophesy. "Take heed," quoth they, "this will not bring you in the hall of gained by fame. There's nothing majoring in an idle social game. For s you, the sure will get; you'll toil for pauper's pay." But Harold paid them no one whit, and made a date with Fay. Well, fourteen years old Daddy Time has tucked beneath his cap; Dephew has yet to earn a dime and yet to hit a tap. A Kuppenheimer work bow-wow- School Spirit Mays "Yes, I'm out for track." M ! Lavin I have you down for two tickets. We are getting up a raffle for a poor old college professor who is down and out." Albright "No, thanks, no tickets for me. I wouldn't know what to do with the old boy if I won him." MM A. tMMMHMMMMMMMMMMIMMMtttlH! t THE PROPER PLACE TO TAKE YOUR BEST OIRL IS TO A Sunday Nite Dinner AT THE Lafayette Hotel t I The Very Beit of Food and Servict, with a Popular Musical Program. Maaagtratnt L. B. SHOUSE. t M MM M When will they crown Bill King of the south? Now Girls, Take Warning. Boden "Did that Kappa Sig kiss you last night?" Wells "No, darn it! I resisted too long!" K Play Fair ! Many have not done U their spring shopping, even though Easter has passed. Get the habit of reading and consulting Kerel advertisements and give our advertisers your patronage. They help us in many ways, so let's play fair with them. LOST LIST Information concerning the following "lost" alumni is sought by the alumni office: Class of 79 Caleb Sykes Perry, Henry Moses Wright. Class of '80 George Croghan Whatley. Class of '84 Burton Pendergast Eubank, Otis Violett Riley. Class of '90 Margaret Agnes Wilson. Class of '92 John Gee Maxey. Class of '93 Mrs. George W. Dun-laCatherine Innis Adams, Morton Sanders Riley, Cora E. Ware. Class of '94 Edwin Chesterfield Aulick, Benjamin Christopher Keiser, William Clay Trigg. Class of '95 Joseph Milton J. D. Purcell & Co. H COLLEGE) FOLK M1TCHEL, BAKER t SMITH iMorpontedl The Quality Department Store. Foreign and Domeatic DRY GOODS. p, j MM You Will Want a New Pair of OXFORDS for the trip Home Let them be y Florsheims Buy Today Itfore the Easter Rush. "Look for Florsheim Sign" Baynham Shoe Co. Main Street, Just East of Lime. Class of '96 John Henry Trigg. Class of '99 Joseph Morrow, Sid ney Allen Smith. Class of '00 John Emerson Hes- tand, Leslie Hundley, Thomas Almon Jones. Class of '01 Garnett Rosel Klein, Thomas Brent Moore, Mrs. Robert M. Tuttle (Flora Emma Rankin.) Class of '02 John Lee Stoner, Flemen Coffee Taylor. Class of '03 Mrs. Francis Harrison Ellis (Mary Wickliffe Austin), Clar ence Albert Galloway, Jackson Pate Whittinghill. Class of '04 William David Gray, Francis Joseph Montgomery, Sarah Cleveland Smedley, Claude Robert Smith, Thomas Marshall Smith, Cornelius Ware. Class of 'OS Oscar Robert Kroell, Ernest James Murphy, Artemus Den- man Murrell, George Lucas Paddison. Elijah Bland Stiles, Mrs. Scott Bra- den (Sallyneill Wathen), Walter Sie- mon Weaver, Charles Roy Wright You are writing gospel, A chapter each day, With the deed that you do, And the words that you say Men read what you write, Whether faithless or true; Say, what is the Gospel, According to your F O Lexington, Ky. E 8 Ready-to-We- Garments, Millinery, ar High Class Dressmaking, Infants and Art Departments 230-23- 2 W. Main St COLLEGE FOLKS ALWAYS WELCOME MM Rent A New FORD Drive It Yourself Touring Cars, Sedans and Coupes Lafayette - Phoenix Garage ' f Between Lafayette Hotel and Kentucky Theatre ?MIIIHHHMtMlltHUtlMIIIMIIIIHI)Htttltt ; Read the Kernel's Ads, It Pays