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23 > Image 23 of The Cats' Pause, August 25, 1990

Part of The Cats' Pause

August 26, nyo &7i& (jots' &ous& ^David Roselle was featured in USA Today's sports section for his "no-stone-unturned" investigation of the UK basketball program. The UK president was cited as an example of several university presidents and chancellors who have exerted greater control over their athletic programs "by choice or forced by scandal." SFormer UK basketball players LeRon Ellis and Sean Sutton, saying they wanted to play for a national title, announced plans to transfer to Syracuse and Purdue, respectively. Sutton left Purdue after a few weeks and eventually enrolled at Lexington Community College, which does not have a basketball team. ^Former Wildcat Melvin Turpin, a 6-foot-ll center, signed as a free agent with the Washington Bullets of the NBA. Turpin, who spent the previous season playing pro- WILDCAT QUIZ 1990 Kentucky football assistant coaches 1. Which UK assisant football coach was the head coach at Southern Illinois when the Salukis lost to UK 24-10 in 1988? a) John Guy b) Larry New c) Rick Rhoades d) Bill Glaser 2. Who is the Wildcat football recruiting coordinator? a) Dan Leal b) Tommy Limbaugh c) Tommy Bowden d) Dick Redding 3. Which UK assistant played for the Tennessee Volunteers? a) Tommy Bowden b) Walter Lewis c) Bill Ransdell d) Daryl Dickey 4. Which UK assistant coached at South Carolina? a) Larry New b) Rick Smith c) Rod Sharpless d) Bill Glaser 5: Which UK assistant coached the defensive backs at Baylor last season? a) Tommy Bowden b) Walter Lewis c) Rick Smith d) Daryl Dickey 6. Which UK assistant played for the legendary "Bear" Bryant at Alabama? a) John Guy b) Tommy Limbaugh c) Daryl Dickey d) Bill Glaser 7. Which UK assistant is a son of one of the winningest head coaches in collegiate football history? a) Daryl Dickey b) Walter Lewis c) Tommy Bowden d) Rick Smith 8. True or False? Bill Curry brought four assistants to UK from his Alabama staff. 9. Which UK graduate assistant played his collegiate football at Eastern Kentucky? a) Tuck Woolum b) Walter Lewis c) Don Yarano d) Steve Bird 10. Which UK assistant has been coaching with Bill Curry the longest period of time? a) John Guy b) Larry New c) Tommy Bowden d) Rick Rhoades if33i viSjosq >v [86F oi yjvq sswp <(jjhj i/iim uoiwpossv soijm 'XriQ uqof Q[ Z8-6L6I tu4 SJ3U0J0J at/; jo/ paKvjd 71Y31 sunt-fp z OjV 'pj'g '6 sapDoqy yjiy pun M3^ .Ojctj 'qSnvquirj Kunuqi 'siMaq mp^A 'folQ ui/of 'u3pt*oq fcuauqirwvqv\y waif uiiq qitM swmsissv P]3if-3qj-uo xis iifSnatq ttunj sspj $ Answers uapMog iduwqi s\M3q J3ijmi g qttws 3P/ C M3ft Kjutrj 'p. S861 Pm P861 mi s\q\ sqi ps^vqusutmb tiystQ ]^ivq f qSnvqwi'] \uiuiqi j sspvoqy ply i fessionally in Spain (17 ppg.. 9 rpg.), was the sixth player chosen overall in the 1984 college draft by the Bullets, who traded him the same day to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a three-way deal. He played four seasons in the NBA from 1984-88, averaging 9.3 points and 4.8 rebounds per game. 10 Years Ago is Three former UK football players were named to the all-time Skywriters team. The Skywriters, then in their 15th year of touring the 10 Southeastern Conference schools, named offensive tackle Warren Bryant, defensive end Art Still and noseguard Richard Jaffe to the squad. Bryant and Still earned All-America honors while Jaffee was an All-SEC noseguard at UK. ^University of Kentucky women's basket- ball coach Debbie Yow-Nance, who compiled a record of 79 wins and 40 losses during four seasons as head of the Lady Kats, left to join her husband, Lynn Nance, a former UK assistant who was beginning his first year as head coach at Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, Mo. >^Bob Chambers, highly successful basketball coach for the past nine years at Tennessee High School in Bristol, Tenn., has been named a part-time coach on Joe B. Hall's UK staff. Chambers was an assistant coach seven years before compiling a 317-116 record during 13 years as a head coach at the Bristol school. Chambers' star player at Tennessee High, consensus high school All-American Derrick Hord, also made the trip to Lexington, accepting a scholarship to play for Hall's 'Cats. NOTES- Continued from page 2 'em, to make them better." Four players are currently competing for the PK spot. Those four include: Brent Claiborne. Doug Pelfrey, junior college transfer Don Rubin and No. 1 punter Bill Hawk. Stenerud worked two days with the kickers. "I will have to say that a couple of 'em are going to be good, good college kickers," Stenerud, a teammate with Curry in past Pro Bowls, said. Stenerud, now with a marketing firm in Kansas City, said this was the third time he's hooked up with Curry's kickers. Twice he helped Curry at Alabama. LIKE SHOOTING THE 3' DB Chris Tolbert is fired up about Kentucky's defensive scheme. Measuring in terms of excitement, he predicts Wildcat fans will quickly rate the 'attack' style to Pitino's Bombinos. "We get to the ball and we swarm to the ball," Tolbert says. "It's just going to be amazing. The fans are going to like it. It's just like the three-point shot in basketball, that's how it's going to's going to be fast pace." HOLLERAN'S PICKS Holleran expects several Wildcat veterans to have exceptional years. Those players he picked included: QB Freddie Maggard: "Freddie should be more relaxed back there this year. With the offensive line we have and a new coaching staff, they'll give him more protection. They (UK staff) have really worked hard on our receivers catching the ball. A lot of the balls that were dropped last year, there will be a greater percentage of completions." Tailback Mike Thomas: "I look for big plays from Mike Thomas. He came on last year when we really needed him. Against Vanderbilt he played an excellent ballgame (game-high 96 yards on 20 carries, one TD). He was there in the clutch when we really needed him." Fullback Al Baker: "He's a senior.. .we came in together. He's a hard-nosed ballplayer. I believe he'll come into his own finally." Receiver Steve Phillips: "He probably has the best hands of the group. He's a consistent player who doesn't have great "I will have to say that a couple of 'em are going to be good, good college kickers." Jan Stenerud speed but great hands and has good pass patterns. If Freddie can get him the ball anywhere near him, I believe he will catch it. Return specialist/receiver Kurt Johnson: "Everyone knows he's a big play man. He's exciting to watch. He's great for that little dump pass because he's so quick off the line of scrimmage; he can get those one or two steps and cross the middle." OG Joel Mazzella: "He's not real big, as far as height, but he's real big in heart. He's a great athlete. Joel's probably the best athlete on the whole offensive line...I look for him to make real big strides this season. He's not a real emotional person but he's a very intense person." OT Greg Lahr: "Greg is a real big player (6-5, 270). He's not the greatest athlete but he's a perfectionist; what he does is perfect. He's big and strong and that's an advantage to him. Half of the game is just doing the right thing, and the other half is desire and ability. With the ability he has and the desire and what he has upstairs, that will really help him." DT Jerry Bell: "I really look for Jerry Bell to come into his own, maybe make some all-conference picks. I thought he had a tremendous year last year. He's a real aggressive-type of football player. If he gets it all down pat he's going to have a great year." Linebacker Billy Swanson: "He's an outstanding ballplayer. He gets to the ball really well and has got great speed. Billy is an aggressive-type ballplayer and he's a 'big play' maker." Corners Chris Tolbert and Sterling Ward and free safety Brad Armstead: "They work really well together. It seems like they have a real good friendship off the field and that helps them back there. They bond well together. They are sort of like brothersthey are always around each other."