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3 > Image 3 of The Idea of University of Kentucky, Vol. 7, No. 23, March 4, 1915

Part of The Idea

, I O _ T n in t n m A 3 s ~-**-3- -12- --<**"?"'?'** _i1 -1-_ I _ [ -~ ~ JULIU8 WOLF HONORED. _ __ AT THE BEN ALI. M--U i.. , L . , . -t . I . ,. _ V , A exmgton Biggest Store H|GH JINKSI lhs- Senlors will lean- Hniulny, |,_ K pmnk,,.|_ of the (gO||eK,. of / t Mairvli 21st, for their annual liispertlori l M,.(|mn|(.a| and mpcwgcal y.;ngm,,,,,-_ Q [ i , 1 _ ` I l Arthur lluminvrqteln, who will send HI" to (mmgo and Hwhonl _ mg- Ir"f*"` of UIIIId m9" =! MW *** ~ sssnv CLAY EOEIYETY ""*f_ f*{""" " " """' 'f , *;;-~ *\ I Young Mens Suits, Overcoats "lllzh Jlnks," whlvh run all Inst wln~ _______ i img" L") "' Machamm OI MtrII" I _ ter ut the Casino ln New York, break- MI m_mh_m Ot. mp Henry mm mw I***"I>Y III} IIMI been uI"IuI"IY 1 ` ' Qfi.?_' and RBIDCOBLS and all hilt the- mnslvall w" [NTERSCH0--L AKL1 and *** *" *m* P H O E N I X H 0 I E L I $1.50 up TRACK MEET IN MAY| __**" V so < ~ A A A A-A A , . *" EXCRUCIATOR8 Cluett, Peabody & Lo., inc. MI The interscliolastlc track meetl BIakfaStS frOI11 . 5c to _ - ' will he held at the Vnlverslty May - _ . _ . _ , Ye Fates, Ye Gods what have l done, Luncheon 40C to SSC ll, l. sind lh, by the lniverslty lt _ __ v_ V _ 7 M _ V_W_w_r _4_A____W_wwv#_L___ self, since the lnterscliolastlr League mm I am thus beset- MI wm 7 u_w TH~_ * L T. which has formerly Conducted the ***0**1 m<> III night- from Sun I0 SWL The new Grill is the most beautiful room m Central Ken- Ch meet, has been (IPI`llIl('[ from a lack of HIGHS eyes I cant tm-BGL tuckyo drtd wlth Pottery- 127 caps, e interest on the part of the high school Hwy magneuze me an me day IIOUTS 8 H.II`I. Ill 9 [LIT]. Ih(*It 8II*IX tggghgrg and gupQ|i[][(-)ndgn[S_ [~)g]{py. And my thoughts tire' ___ _..._-_,,L--.-._._.-...- ing that the meets are of beneht both AI work' aSIp and een in play -; ' to the University and to the schools, I tauvfmm a desire ri ; `the Vniverslty authorities have taken I0 have mem neu wm8'"y a n S ..,4..- - -- . 'l`o worshipid0lize * _ * in on themselves to arrange the meet. I _ The high school Superinmdentsl lo till my soud with ecstasy- SEE KAHN FOR FRESH SUPPLIES , ` will meet here at the same time. I mmse y0S_mSmeric eyes` I ` _-LEO' . i? M T`\~\ W NI IT E NI Supphes fcr Partres, Banquets. Etc. * ` \ . l - . U'R \< i NEXT, ` IU Y T N S Phone 483 or 1690 y Call for Solicitor ~&sl l CLUB IS ORGANIZED PATT HALL NEWS \ i Al tl lllevtilig 0i' the 'l`0nnis_ (llubl * exczrr sA1uRAYS hom mst _,ek_ Kwlmg (;_ pumam Ofl Miss Evalle Allender was the guest / \ Lexington, was elected president; of IYIISS BBSSIO \VI'lI[, FIIdHy J J Graddy Ryan T c Bradley J.- T Mccany , i- m;ME$gE|_cI0__K, mm zsrmss, of Ashland, vicepresi-l MISS Olive Tuul went the w<><>I<<>d ` ` ` ` ` I V -- V ~ M M";-I (lpnt; john ;\[a]Sh` of Alaygy/i|](;_ Sggrg. \VI[II IVIIBS Aleene Edwards. l H i - - H ~ --7 --- ~- ~--- mry, and J, (). Reynolds, of Lexington, MIB8 AHB- Turner returned *-0 her ` "k" G Fnh' Prpr|"" treztsnrer. Nlzitelies will be arranged IIOIII9 III VIIIGKIW B9d Alam 'I`BdY Incorporated I ' Eagle Barber with tis Kentucky tsiisgss mid morning. after vI<> visit to the c0Ns0L1DAT1No 8 h LI { sg M in- ..- ll..-sis -Ks will its stomisd vm Omega Sorority. "*TTEf" RYAN * '"'*TY A *AY * "IEY Lexlngton, Ky. these nmtclies. Two new courts will W<'k 8I the IiII Phom 903 No wut Mlm 8in" ; FIRST-CLASS WORK GUARANTEED he graded and put in shape. MISS AI9 K9V88uSII SDQIII the i ~---7---l-" .._........._. week-end in Lawrenceburg. I Med M An", uw Gu lt `AG Miss Susanne Beitz visited in Paris, V G0 T0 HENDERSON sunday. i McGURK S _.. . . '|h V Miss Eloise Ginn was the guest ol* 8 1 Where sill II Well And GOOD. I)"fS"" T R H"yt J H- Ca" Miss Jacqueline Hall, Monday night. 1 Comer Llmenom um wimlow I mody and George Roberts uttended Miss Am.0 Gregory is tu of must.; ` I O 4 Q Hot ChcIt CdY md ka the l`urn1ers Institute meetings Militia. i LIIIC of 8IId { -#"" He<1>. \\'d<1> 0* lm mk- gtt..lpbl, sunday. l I DENTIST l<> I<>~ M50 visited the wl mss Lulie Hurblson has returned wl ESPECIALLY on sunmtv. lperiinent plots in Muhlenberg County Shelbvvme . . _ . ' l McCIcII|nd Bu|Id|g land made several addresses st tar- Miss Elizabeth ROMS Spent Frmayl F CO " _"-_` mers meetings ut Greenville. mgm hem_ j G0 TO l I . P'- ' "' i Misses Mattie McMurtry and Muriaul SCRUBBY HOBSON HERE. i -------.------...;--- Johns, Drug Horine were visitors in Nlcholusville,I Next ic Pt"` Omg. ' \\' | llohson l'I of tle I` ll * fimst wvekiendl I For Prescriptions, Stationery, Sodal " " * " me t-. it its.,v, of nmol., sts a C d Qllnes and Metallurgy, was in town f I i `H St uu. I ', . SS t* { u lust week to ilI.[t'lllI [IIB illllllluli ll" iuest U \l\er in gt 1 , , *=** **` *'** A "` "`*"""iieiili.liM;il.~i..ii;lli)Qwl ~i ` il'pon his iarnduutlon in 'I3, Scrubby ` bb of I ` I `I - - I . d B. . l luccepted u position us engineer with iwkQud with hor Shmm Mm` Hugheai AND T0 ALL OTHER RESORTS OF THE SOUTH. `T I ` I v X _ wi. I I 1 -- I Anthraclte an ltumlnous tho Uonsolldutlon toul to. at .Ienkins.i lmksum oust`? b ul [I I t TICKETS ON SALE DAILY. LIBERAL RETURN LIMIT. ' . . i' . ie ues ~ { hl_l___ IW is stm _I"pl0yed : {NIN. :\ H It III;;:;lbx*:n and IFl0r FAVORABLE STOP-OVER PRIVILEGES . _"__dW W _ in tor (ull]; l 0 s I k tl Lexington, - Kentucky,-.il.., gl ...,.. 0 it l.i..dll.. or it .t- E. A EQUIPMENT. SERVICE ANI! SEENEIIY IINSUIIPASSEII Q ""'_"" t-i-led I Miss [tohentt lrelltt ls visiting her For Puuc APPly to Any Y THE CHICAGO TEACllERS AGENCY l was ...l...- the mm. to ,t..i.s. ll. Islstvl'. mss n>i~, ~~ Is III in 11 cm Mmt or A dma PIIOMI"| IHIIIIMILEY EI`I`It`|I=2N'I` llnt lllll had uu urmful of waist iu the 4(lood Su.IllIlI'IIllI\ IIUSDIIIII. I`II*)' III P , d T. k The Wuy to 'I`he Best Positions in _ _ ._ . I _ _ lc c en I The North, West und Mlthile West ~ (ul" bulh Nunn mum smm u C. K as I an I Ag lM_g;R] p_ pggggyy py, M_(U_gc_) yggn | .\nd wusn't disposed to release |(_ 1 Miss Newell Smith has returned to 101 salt Mun stu Lxin'tn Ky_ lll Iavihusstam llnlvumly Ill}. CIIa|0. _ I [Iu|y_ of Qhwumutj Nuw$_t I'trt'I\[I` sclluul. i l _ U * _ ., tk ,