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Kentucky Union Land Company records, 1791

Part of Kentucky Union Land Company records

59m110 Guide to the Kentucky Union Land Company records, 1791-1935, bulk 1880-1899 59M110 Finding aid prepared by Processed by Beth Eifler; machine-readable finding aid created by Beth Eifler University of Kentucky Special Collections Special Collections Margaret I. King Building, North Lexington, KY, 40506-0039 (859) 257-8611 SCLREF@LSV.UKY.EDU 2005 This finding aid was produced using the Archivists' Toolkit 2014-02-26T09:33-0500 Description is in English. Describing Archives: A Content Standard Kentucky Union Land Company records 59M110 University of Kentucky Special Collections 6.0 Cubic feet 12 boxes, 1 oversize folder Bulk, 1880-1899 1791-1935 These papers relate to the Kentucky Union Land Company, in particular its efforts to secure lands in eastern Kentucky for the Kentucky Union Railway Company. Conditions Governing Access note Collection is open for research. Conditions Governing Use note Copyright has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky. Preferred Citation note [Identification of item], Kentucky Union Land Company records, 1791-1935, bulk 1880-1899, 59M110, Special Collections and Digital Programs, University of Kentucky Libraries, Lexington Biographical/Historical note The Kentucky Union Land Company (KULC) was a subsidiary of the Kentucky Union Railway Company and was responsible primarily for conducting surveys, purchasing lands through which the railway would run, and securing the right of way for the railway. The Kentucky Union Railway line eventually crossed over 500,000 acres of valuable coal, iron, and timber lands, lying mostly in the eastern Kentucky counties of Breathitt, Perry, and Letcher. Two of the land company's agents were George W. Sewell, who was also a Kentucky legislator, and James McGuire of Irvine, Kentucky. Capt. J.M. Thomas and Mr. Benjamin Crawford were also responsible for purchasing a large body of lands for the KULC. The Kentucky Union Railway Company was reorganized in 1894 as the Lexington and Eastern Railway Company and later purchased in 1909 by the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company. Scope and Contents note These papers relate to the Kentucky Union Land Company, in particular its efforts to secure lands in eastern Kentucky for the Kentucky Union Railway Company. Materials consist of correspondence, financial papers, legal documents, and maps. The financial papers include bills, receipts, cancelled checks, expense reports, agreements, stock certificates, memorandum, and some correspondence. Legal documents include surveys and surveyors' reports, deeds and indentures, and court records dealing with land disputes. Most of the deeds, indentures, and surveys in the collection are copies made in the 1870s-1890s, but there are also a few original materials dating from 1791-1869. Some family histories may be traced through the deeds and other court documents, including that of Samuel C. Young, the McGuire Family, and Baronness Caroline Von Roques of France. There are also a few miscellaneous documents relating to businesses owned by the land company, including the Three Forks City Company, St. Helen's Land, Coal and Iron Company of Frankfort, and the Kentucky Industrial Consolidation Company of Clay City. Arrangement Organized into the following series: Correspondence (1811-1935, undated), Financial Papers (1864-1934, undated), Business and Legal Papers, Maps, Miscellaneous, and Oversize Materials. Kentucky Industrial Consolidation Company (Clay City) Kentucky Union Land Company. Kentucky Union Railway. Lexington and Eastern Railway Company. Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company. McGuire family. McGuire, James. Sewell, George W., 1841- St. Helen's Land, Coal, and Iron Company (Frankfort, Ky.) Three Forks City Company (Ky.) Von Roques, Caroline, Baroness. Kentucky--Genealogy. Kentucky--History. Land companies--Kentucky. Land tenure--Kentucky. Maps Railroad land grants. Railroads--Kentucky--History. CORRESPONDENCE I 1811-1935, undated Scope and Contents note Letters mostly concern land purchases. Arranged chronologically by date. February 18, 1811-December 20, 1888 1 1 April 17, 1889-September 24, 1889 1 2 January 9, 1890-July 18, 1893 1 3 July 31, 1895-November 8, 1899 1 4 January 13, 1900-September 22, 1902 1 5 February 7, 1905-November 29, 1935 1 6 undated 1 7 FINANCIAL PAPERS II 1864-1934, undated Scope and Contents note Included are stock certificates, cancelled checks, bills, receipts, expense reports, agreements, memorandum, and some correspondence. Arranged chronologically by date. 1860s-1870s 2 1 1880s 2 2 1890-1897 2 3 1898-1899 2 4 1900s 2 5 undated 2 6 Cancelled checks, 1869-1934 2 7 Stock certificates, Kentucky Industrial Consolidation Company, December 1, 1890 2 8 Other Cases ii Brun d' Aubignose, et al. vs. De Redern, et al. 3 6 Lewellen Bush and heirs [Please note that Lewellen Bush is also referred to as Loualen Bush in other parts of this collection.] 3 7 Geo T. Cotton vs. Nathan Noble, et al. 3 8 Frank Hieronymous vs. George Calmes 3 9 Patsy Hoskins, et al. 3 10 Claims involving the Kentucky Union Land Company 3 11 Socrates Kincaid, et al. vs. William Gray, et al. 3 12 George W. McCormick vs. E.C. Strong 3 13 Claims involving the McGuire family 3 14 Bela McHughes vs. William Rice, et al. 3 15 Thomas Mendenhall, et al. vs. Abraham Fowler 4 1 F.B. Quisenberry vs. J.D. Spencer 4 2 Thomas L. Sewell, et al. vs. Dictator Cannel Coal Co. 4 3 Samuel Smith vs. William McGuire 4 4 James Snowden vs. James McGuire 4 5 Taylor, et al. vs. Nathan Noble, et al. 4 6 Trabue vs. Samuel Smith 4 7 Trumble vs. Spencer, Prior, Buchanon 4 8 Von Roques vs. Armstrong, et al. 4 9 Miscellaneous 4 10 BUSINESS AND LEGAL PAPERS III COURT CASES i Scope and Contents note Materials include agreements, judgments, rights of way, powers of attorney, deeds, surveys, and other legal papers. Papers relating to specific families and tracts of land have been kept together as much as possible. Pre-existing Files i Scope and Contents note These files were created by the Kentucky Union Land Company and pertain to cases regarding specific tracts of land. The files have been left in the order prescribed by a list provided for each file. These files are incomplete and researchers should be aware that other papers relating to these tracts of land may be found elsewhere within the collection. William Cockrill lands 3 1 David Ross and James Currie lands 3 2 J.M. Thomas lands 3 3 St. Helen's Land, Coal, and Iron Company lands (part 1) 3 4 St. Helen's Land, Coal, and Iron Company lands (part 2) 3 5 DEEDS, circa 1791-1893 ii Scope and Contents note Deeds concern lands in the following Kentucky counties: Owsley, Bourbon, Lincoln, Estill, Powell, Clay, Montgomery, Breathitt, Woodford, Clark, Madison, Morgan, Mason, and Lee; as well as the Virginia (now West Virginia) counties of Kenhawa (now Kanawha), Monroe, Harrison, and Fayette. There are also some indentures, powers of attorney, and surveys included with the deeds. Land records detail the names and relationships of sellers and purchasers, a description and location of the real estate and/or personal property in question, the selling price, and sale and filing dates. Often provided are the names and relationships of prior owners, ancestors, and neighbors. Arranged alphabetically by grantor's last name; chronologically by date thereunder. A 5 1 B 5 2 C 5 3 D 5 4 E 5 5 F 5 6 G 5 7 H 5 8 J 5 9 K 5 10 L 5 11 McGuire family 5 12 M 6 1 N 6 2 P 6 3 R 6 4 Sh-St 6 5 Su-Sw 6 6 T 6 7 W 6 8 LAND SURVEYS iii Scope and Contents note Surveys are often accompanied by field notes and maps. Pre-existing Files i Scope and Contents note These files include copies of surveys of lands in Fayette and Madison counties made between 1783 and 1798. Conditions Governing Access note Folders 1-4 are photocopies provided for patron use. Folders 5-8 contain the original materials and should not be used due to their fragile condition. Files for Patron Use i Fayette County, Nos. 1-34 (1783-1784) 7 1 Fayette County, Nos. 35-59 (1784) 7 2 Madison County, Nos. 7-9, 32-67 (1788-1797) 7 3 Madison County, Nos. 68-98 (1798) 7 4 Restricted Files ii Fayette County, Nos. 1-34 (1783-1784) 7 5 Fayette County, Nos. 35-59 (1784) 7 6 Madison County, Nos. 7-9, 32-67 (1788-1797) 7 7 Madison County, Nos. 68-98 (1798) 7 8 Field Note Booklets ii Scope and Contents note These field notes mostly pertain to land owned by the St. Helen's Land, Coal, and Iron Company. Chronological table of St. Helen's; unlabeled St. Helen's notebook 8 1 Report on St. Helen's lands (4 notebooks) 8 2 St. Helen's surveys, ink copy books 2-8 8 3 St. Helen's lands, field notebooks 1-2 8 4 St. Helen's lands, field notebooks 3-4 8 5 St. Helen's lands, memorandum nos. 1-2 8 6 R.M. Jones notes on St. Helen's lands 8 7 James M. Bourne's notebooks on St. Helen's lands and Cane Creek 8 8 Thomas L. Sewell lands 8 9 Field notes of Lovell and Garrett lands in Wolfe County, Kentucky, W.A. Ward, Surveyor 8 10 Notes of Four Mile Circle, Books No. 1-2, March 25-June 18, 1890 8 11 Other Surveys, 1880s-1890s iii Scope and Contents note Arranged alphabetically by name of tract. Adams and Crow 9 1 W.S. Allen 9 2 Anderson and Chenault 9 3 James Barnett (and heirs) 9 4 George A. Begley 9 5 Bush and Ponder 9 6 John Carnan 9 7 Thomas Carter 9 8 Thomas Hart 9 9 R.M. Jones Surveyor's Reports 9 10 McGuire and Cochran 9 11 John Marr (and heirs) 9 12 Mill branch and farm 9 13 J.M. Oliver's field notes (location unknown) 9 14 David Ross and James Currie 9 15 William M. Smith 9 16 Isham Stamper 9 17 Richard Thompson 9 18 Ephraim Thomson 9 19 MISCELLANEOUS iv Scope and Contents note Included are stock certificates, options to buy land, proxy votes, powers of attorney, and agreements. Arranged chronologically by date. Powers of Attorney, 1805-1887 10 1 Legal agreements, 1812-1831 10 2 Legal agreements, 1883-1907, undated 10 3 Lieutenant S.T. Leary, request for leave of absence, March 22, 1865 10 4 Options to buy lots in Clay City, Powell County, Kentucky, April-May 1889 10 5 Southern Mutual Investment Company, Skookum Gulch Pool, November 1897 10 6 Proxy votes, June 1900-January 1915 10 7 Proxy votes, June 1915-April 1919 10 8 Proxy votes: miscellaneous notes 10 9 Board of Directors Meeting, June 2, 1919 10 10 In the matter of the Application of Bernard Francis Rollo, as foreign committee of the estate of Hugh Hamilton Stafford Northcote, an incompetent person, for the appointment of a committee in New York. Supreme Court, New York County. August 16, 1912. 10 11 Miscellaneous notes 10 12 MAPS IV Scope and Contents note Included are hand drawn maps and blueprints of maps. The maps are typically plats, showing property lines as well as the size of the land. In some cases, maps reveal the history of land ownership for that property. Organized alphabetically by family or plot name associated with the land portrayed on map. Additional maps may be found in the Oversize section. Bush and Ponder 11 1 J.C. Cassidy 11 2 Leander Coomer 11 3 Thomas Duckham 11 4 C.K. Falkoner 11 5 John Gilliam tract 11 6 Samuel Hill 11 7 Lands upon the waters of Sandy Creek: Stephen Thompson Mason, William Thos. Hayes, and Robert Cochran 11 8 L&E Ry. Main Line; L&E Depot; County Road to Cat Creek; County Road to River; surveyed by J.B. Hall, October 1, 1897 11 9 Mrs. Lovelace 11 10 William H. Simms 11 11 MISCELLANEOUS V Clippings 11 12 "On Education." 11 13 Samuel Young Family History (from family Bible) 11 14 OVERSIZE MATERIALS VI FINANCIAL i J. Kennedy Tod and Co. in a/c with Charles Hendries, April 27, 1891 - 7 October 1892 12 1 LEGAL ii Land Grant to James McGuire, Estill County, June 21, 1826 12 2 Land Grant to James McGuire, Sr., Owsley County, March 5, 1855 12 3 MAPS iii Scope and Contents note For preservation purposes, these maps have been arranged according to size. Untitled maps have been identified using names of land owners and/or key locations depicted on the map. Dates have been noted when present, but most of the maps are undated. Samuel Young, Richard Thompson, and Grigsby & Elkins lands, undated (2 maps) 12 4 Copy of original plats of Madison Co. surveys, showing connection of others with no. 44; shows Shores, Crooke, Barnett, and Marr lands 12 5 McGuire vs. Thompson, undated [removed from court cases; includes 3 maps and 1 survey.] 12 6 Miscellaneous unidentifiable maps, plats, and surveys 12 7 Surveyed by R.C. Mansfield on January 16-17, 1889; copied from Mansfield's plat 12 8 Lands along the borders of Letcher, Leslie, and Perry Counties (Beehive, Owens, Beech, Clover, Lynn, Stoney, and Beech Rock) 12 9 Lands near Grigsby & Elkins line; John Edwards tract 12 10 Cornett lands; Beech Fork; Big Leather 12 11 Map showing W.S. Allen's land on the waters of Quicksand Creek (2 copies) 12 12 Map showing relationship of V.P. Richardson, R.M. Morton, and William Bowen, Jr. lands to estate of Hesekiah Morton, dec'd, and the division of said estate between 8 heirs-at-law. Plotted from field notes of R.M. Jones, August 13, 1891. 12 13 Plot of KULC's lands at Bowen, Powell County, Kentucky, to accompany letter of R.C. Ballard Thruston to E.T. Halsey, Receiver, dated June 26, 1891 12 14 Land in controversy in the case of Samuel Smith vs. William McGuire, et al. (1 survey and 1 map) 12 15 Isham Stamper plat (3 copies with one marked as an exhibit in the case of Kentucky Union Land Company vs. Cornett, et al.) 12 16 W.S. Allen lands, tract no. 1 (2 maps) 12 17 Grigsby & Elkins lands 12 18 Platted from R.M. Jones field notes on Red River lands; showing Maples McNabb lands 12 19 Thomas Duckham lands 12 20 Big Beech Corner; Barnett line; Marr line 12 21 Thomas Franklin - map with survey of plat 12 22 Original plat of Thomas Franklin Survey (copy), 10-6-1890 12 23 Entire survey made by Buckner deed; Tracing from report of Ira G. Profitt in suit of Loualen Bush's Admr. vs. Jas. W. Moore, et al.; filed Oct. 29, 1873 [Please note that Loualen Bush is also referred to as Lewellen Bush in other parts of this collection.] 12 24 St. Helen's Land Company lands, Lee County, Kentucky 12 25 John W. Richards land tract no. 20; Wm. Combs and J.J. Byrne lands 12 26 Brashears and Cornett lands (3 copies) 12 27 Thomas Franklin survey, Fayette County, Kentucky; shows lands of John Carnan, Grason & brothers, and Samuel Young. 12 28 Brashears and Cornett lands; Mrs. A.J. Shepherd lands (2 maps) 12 29 McGuire, Snowden, and Dunaway lands 12 30 McGuire, Snowden, Dunaway, Barnett, and Adams & Crow lands 12 31 McGuire, Snowden, Dunaway, St. Helen's, and Vanderpool (or Jack) lands 12 32 Lands leased in 1891 to Samuel Hill, Frank Schwartz, Felix G. McGuire, J.C. Cassity, Jno. Plummer, Mrs. Lovelace, Chas K. Falkoner, Coomer, and Wm. H. Simms, et al. 12 33 MISCELLANEOUS iv Heirs of James McGuire [2 genealogical charts] 12 34 Insurance for the Kentucky Union Land Company from May 11, 1901 to May 11, 1902, The Imperial Insurance Company Limited of London, England. 12 35 CITY PLANS v Three Forks City, KY 13 1 0.01 Cubic feet 1 item undated Kentucky Union Land Company records