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Image 4 of Kentucky farm and home science, vol. 3 No. 2 spring 1957

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Symptoms indicate that some of the state’s soils 1nay lack A-__ one of the “minor” elements needed for plant growth, causing . ‘»—` • • • • 1 Zinc - deficient Corn 1n Kentucky . I By H. F. MASSEY ., 1 Zinc, one of the minor elements, is not generally A number of other things can cause corn to have li considered to be a necessary fertilizer in Kentucky. symptoms similar to those of zinc deficiency. Root A However, it appears that we may have to consider aphids and also some bacterial diseases can cause such 1 zinc fertilization for best production of corn on symptoms. Some corn plants from numerous locations some fields. over the state, showing the above-described condition, were found to be suffering from aphids and bacterial * What is the Problem? diseases. However, other plants were apparently not I 1 A number of corn fields have been observed in effected by either Of those cauS€S‘ 4 Kentucky over the past several years in which the How Ccin Deficiency Be Dicgncscdiv ”_ Cllllh OY ll Pall lll ll» WHS ¥ll)P¥lY€lltlY ZlllC‘(l€flCl€lll· Analysis of the plant is often helpful in diagnosing V The affected plants usually showed a yellow streaking n (i€HCi€ucy_ Plants Showing the Syinntnins Stut€(1 r_ Wlwll 8 lll lll ll¤€ll€$ lull- l·ill€l`» lll€ leaf UPS and above were usually found to have a lower coucentra- I margins became purple and, if the corn was severely tion Of Zinc tlsiau ncaitny ninntg Hnwcvcn Scvciciy { g affected, a broad white stripe developed down each dcficicnt ijlaiits sninctinics contnincd n highcr c(,n_ side of the leaf. The corn was usually stunted, and ccntmtinn nf Zinc tilan nnndciicicnt pinntS_ pinnts T ll1¢‘ Dllll <>ll¢`ll Sl¤<>w<·r<>w¤ OY PllYPl€ (ll$· showing only mild deficiency symptoms usually had ef C()l()I`2l.Tl()ll lll Tll(‘ l()\V(‘l` ll()(l(‘S. tll(‘ C()l`ll \V&T.S VCl`y the i()“r€St C()iiC€ntl·atiO“ of ZinC_ sr-vi-rely affected. it usually l'(‘Ill2llll(‘(l SlllIll(”n1Nc 1957 gt {