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The Kentucky Kernel, April 19, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

- M Available I il The Kentucky Kernel VOL. XI. Semi-Weekl- LEXINGTON y . Y., ,4PRIL 19, 1921 " CLASS OF 1920 GIVES GIRLS' GYM CLASSES TO GIVE EgjBmggN PRINTS TO UNIVERSITY Diipuucm GLEE CLUB TO OFFER DEAN MELCHER BACK PROGAM IN CHAPEL Building University Musicians Return From Two hundred and fifty girls will Walls of Administration Adorned by Four New Pictures tnko pa rt In the exhibit to'be given by Successful Tour of State. the Physical Education Department OH STOLL FIELD TRACK May 1 2on Stoll Field, directed by MIsb The Men's Glee Club of tho UniverFour handsome pictures, have been Sarah Blandlng. One hundred and presented to the University by the sity will appear In Chapel Wednesday twcnty-olgh- t will bo In the mnrch and Class of 1020 and hung in the hall of evening In a public concert, offering a thirty In the dances. The program tho Administration Building. The pic varied program In which something Clare, Wilhelm and will bo divided Into two parts, the first tures are from the Chavanncs series of may boVound to suit any taste. The part consisting of the march, gym- Copy prints. Their subjects are: Club returned Sunday from a week's Win Features at Kentucknasium tactics, Indian club drill and "Philosophy," "Epic Poetry," "Pastoral tour of the State. y-Tennessee Meet apparatus; the second part containing Poetry," and "History," and are reTho program Is opened with three a number of Grecian dances. A Greek productions or originals In the Boston selections by the Club, followed by a FIELD IS SLOW temple is' to bo erected before which Library. The pictures were chosen violin solo by Prof. Lambert. Other the maids, In Grecian costumes, will from a number of subjects by Presi- selections include offerings by the Club Blue and White Captures dance. The Department of MubIc will dent McVey. Each plcturo has affixed Quartot, Saxophone Sextet, and the Ten Firsts, Eleven Seconds assistiln the exhibition and the entiro at. the bottom of the frame a small Hawaiian Trio. Solos will be given public is dnvlted as well as gymnastic brass plate Inscribed with the name by Anderson and Clem, and Porter v Captain Warren Clnro got away supervisors from nearby towns. of tho plcturo and "presented by the will entertnln with a whistling solo. with four firsts and a second totaling Class of 1920, Clyde Bland, president." twenty-threpoints, Jimmy Wilhelm JJ form In the displayed surprising Ifhurdles and Bob Porter won one of the KENTUCKY COLLEGE prettiest races ever witnessed on Stoll N Field for the features PRESENT "THE AMAZONS" of the Wildcat-- i HAS GREAT SUCCESS Volunteer Track Meet on Stoll Field ' Saturday afternoon when the. Cats walked away from the field with 92 Play Written by Kentuckian Humorous Play To Be Given Senate Passes Association points In their possession while the In Chapel by Literary Pleases Large Kentucky Tennesseans had only 25. Monday Rules Society Audience N won ten firsts, eleven seconds and one Session tie, while Tennessee won three firsts, Barrlngton, Viscount LItterly class Dramatic Production The two seconds and one lie. Fred Houston-Shamuddy that all under tne direction oi rroiessor w. The field was so The recommendation of The Asso- Galfred, Earl of Treen- times were slow, but this In no way Mikesell presented the "Bookmaker's ciation of Kentucky Colleges and Uniaways April 4, in ,John Land detracted from the Interest. A very Shoes" Thursday afternoon versities which was approved by the Andre, Count De The play written good crowd wa's out despite the cold the Little Theater. Grlval was Senate, Monday, has the following Jack Derringer and threatening weather, .and stayed by Earl Mitchell, a Kentuckian, regulations: Rev. Roger up full of pathos and humor of special ineven after Kentucky had rolled Members of the faculty of any col Minchin Frank Wiedekemper such a lead that the Volunteers had no terest to Kentuckians. lege or university in' Kentucky which Fitton (Gamekeeper Robert Bamber The play waswell managed and the to win. chance 1. Has as many as eight departplace in the 100 parts were excellently handled by the ments in the liberal arts and sciences, Youatt (a Servant) ..Jack- Swearingen Clare had won first George Rouse Orts (a poacher) yard dash, 220 yard dash, 120 yard cast which was as follows: the "Little each having at least one full time Miriam, Countess of Castle- "Rogue" high hurdles, 220 yard low hurdles, Girl, Kitty Conroy, the of professional rank, and jordan Margaret Harbison "book teacher nd was second to Snyder in the Eugene Siler, Buck Wilson, the 2. Requires for the baccaulaureate Lady Noeline Belt- Wilhelm, was second in maker" James Shouse, the "Mes- degree the completion of at least one broad jump. Lucy Smith urbet j number of points scared with 12., He senger" John Burks. hundred and twenty hours (semester) Lady Thomasin Belt The play deals with a very interestvon the high jump, was second on exclusive of physical exercise, and urbet Henrietta Rogers both of the hurdle races and was ing incident in the life of 3. Requires for admission to its Sergeant Shuter Lillian Dalton living in New York, who Is with one fourth of the Ave credited freshman class not less than fifteen "The Amazons," the play of a hunrace won by Ken- still pursuing the trade of bookmaking. units approved by the accredited points in the .relay dred laughs, will be given by The' "Little Girl," through the trick of tucky. schools committee of this association, Literary Society Thursday and acquaintance, thinks that Buck Bob Porter, sturdy miler and and evening at 8:15 in the chapel. inThis of the. Kentucky squad, proved Wilson, is a buyer of poems and is 4. Has in addition to income de,is full of humorous blood when he won nocently sent to him to sell her rived from tuition, the Income from a farce by Pinero the stamina in his race from the long- - mother's poetry. At first, Buck refuses productive endowment of not less than and laugh provoking situations. Much the of the humor of the farce is. created by winded mountaineer Hadley of the the poems, but, when he learns that three hundred thousand dollars, or Is the attempts of the three young lovers, daughter of the Tennessee squad. Hadley, had pre- - the "Little Girl" is the supported by taxation, and Treenaways, LItterly, De Grival, to in the mile and first man who had ever befriended viously beaten Porter 5. Has accessible to its students vn circumvent the Marchioness and court r- him, and that she is a Kentuckian, he library adequate to the needs of the Continued on Page 2. takes the poetry and gives the girl all various departments, properly .cata- the Amazons. Margaret Harbison, Lucy Smith and lately won in a the money that he has logued and supported by aft annual horse race. The "Rogue," who 'at- adequate appropriation for permanent Henrietta Rogers are extremely good S. A. E. FRATERNITY as the willful but charming sisters. tempt sto hold him up, is corfverted HOST OF DANCE from his evil way by tho generosity additions, and John Land Is fine &s the very English G. Has enough scientific equipment Lord Treenaways and Fred Houston-Shaof tho bookmaker. Sig Alphs Entertain With and Jack Derringer show up well Following the production th audi- - to provide for at least two full years v Party at Lafayette Hotel Saturday ence and players were entertained at of laboratory instruction in each of as LItterly and D.e Grlval. Claribel the fundamental sciences (biology, Kay Is well cast as the Marchioness. a Tea given by tne woman's uuuu. chemistry and physics) which facil Tho cast has been carefully chosen Slgma Alpna 'ft- ,- .Kentucky Epsilon of ities are maintained by adequate an and every mamber plays up well. Epsilon, entortained with its annual PROF. ZEMBROD ENTERTAINS nual appropriations, shall be recogThe play directed by Prof. dance in the ballroom of the Lafayette ROMANCE LANGUAGE CLUB nized as members of this association Mikesell and Prof. Sax' has given Saturday evening, April 1C. The Hotel after tho acceptance of the institution valuable assistanc in the costuming ballroom was artistically decorated Tho Romanco Language Club was to which 'they belong by the execu and scenery. Llttlo Theater season with streamers of the fraternity colors, tickets may be used for the play. hung from the center of the room" and entertained Monday night, April 11, tive committee of this association. In addition to these recommonda-tions- , Single tickets are 75 cents. caught on the walls, forming a huge by Professor and Mrs. Zombrod at recommendations as to tho evalunnnnnv nf mirnlo unci cold. A large their homo In West Fourth street. Two electric illumination ot the fraternity acts from "Le Voyage do Monsieur ating tho rating of colleges or Uni- AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY memversities for membership in the Aspin decorated the south wall of tho Porrlchon" were presented by most Interest- sociation were also approved by the TO MEET WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20. ball room and on the side walls wore bers of tho club. Tho , hung felt and leather banners. Mon-i- ing feature of th program was some Senate. These qualifications regard Tho seventieth meeting of the Lextaguo's Sextette furnished the music. French songs sung by Professor Zom- tho conferring of degrees, tho character of the curriculum, the organiza- ington Section of tho Amorlcan ChemThe programs were leather card brod and accompanied by Mrs. tion of the schools, and tho salaries ical Society will bo held In tho chemcases stamped with tho fraternity istry lecture room, Now Chemistry Tho following officers wore elected and training of tho faculty. The dance was one of tho most year: Alloen Lemon, presiBuilding, University of Kentucky on brilliant of the year and many TJnivor-f- for next STROLLERS-A- T Wednesday, April 20th, 1921, at 3:45 WINCHESTER slty and out of town folk enjoyed the dent; Dixon Davidson, vice president; p. m. Tho program will consist of lecW. A. Anderson, treasurer; Elizabeth $gj$k': hospitality of tho SIg Aphs. Allen, secretary. The Strollers presonted "The Ad- tures on "The Work and Purpose of Tho list of hosts follows: "Delicious refreshments of Ice cream, mirable Crlchton" at tho Winchester tho Bacteriological Division of tho (Chapter Roll Messrs. II. B. Orr, R. cake" and homemade candy wore Opera House Friday night, April 15. Dopartmont of Public Service LaboraW. Hagan, M. K. Eblon, M. K. Rovlll, Tho cast, property men and University tories," by Edwin J. Gott and John B. served. Loland Snoddy, J. D. Dinning, C. L. Orchestra motored to Winchester by Nelson. jOonnoll, J. T. Lovott, N. D. Wood, R. J way of Paris, leaving Lexington at 4 WOMAN'S LEAGUE HOLDS MEETThis program should bo of Interest Witt, R. P. Lavln, W. G. Kofauvor, J. ING IN LITTLE THEATER o'clock. to tho University community and tho K . Wilhelm, E. E. Slier, Paul Atkins, m genoral public. All are cordially InR. C. Little, V. C. Rogers, Gorald Grlf-1lTHETA SIGMA PHI MEETS. vited to attend. The Woman's Loaguo of tho UniverO. K. J. R. Popper, II. G. Malono, sity hold a meeting In tho Llttlo Kolloy, T. II. Hagan, G. M. Patterson, There will bo a meeting on Tuesday Theatre, Thursday at tho fifth hour. DOROTHY POTTER TO HEAD J. R., Albright, B. F. Crnddock, S. C. Kttthorlno Christian, President of the afternoon at 3:30 at tho Kappa Delta KITTENS Hart,' J. E. Byors, J. H. Layman, E. P. League presided at tho mooting. houses of Thota Sigma Phi, Journalistic Miss Dorothy Potter was elected Martin, J. B. Preston, II. S. Jackson. Elcholborger spojeo on "How to sorority. Tho initiates will entertain basket ball captain of tho Kittens for Pledges JMossrs. A. T. Rico, F. C. Miss v " Select a Diet" or a Meal at tho tho old members with an origlnul story tho coming yenr and Miss Margaret Clardy, T. E. Hall, J. T. Dundon. Many of tho students or poem, which Is to bo read before Jameson, Maunger, at the meeting of Cafeteria." tho sorority. wore present at the meeting. tho team Thursduy morning, April 14. Continued on Page 3. defeat VOLUNTEERS Porter ' - o at I - Phili-sophia- n two-mil- two-mil- e 1 has-bee- -- 5 Zem-bro- 1 f. v ' ''I No. 32 Tuesday-Frida- y n FROM CONVENTION OF Kentucky Dean of Men Secures 1922 National Con-- ference for Lexington BRINGS GOOD REPORT Student Government Endorsed by 15 Colleges Professor R. Melcher, Denn of from Iowa City, Iowa, Sunday, where he has been to the National Convention of College and Uni versity Deans of Men. Professor Mel cher succeeded In having Lexington named for the next meeting .which will begin on May 2, 1922. ' A resolution endorsing student cooperative government Jn all student activities was unanimously passed. A number of Colleges and Universities sent representatives to sit with the Deans with the aim of creating similar offices at their institutions. The Uni versity of Missouri is one of the most prominent schools that will appoint a Dean of Men. Dean Stanley Coulter, of Purdue University, one of the leading biologists of the country, who represented that school at the convention, will speak in the University chapel on May 10. Doctor Coulter has been at Purdue thirty-fou- r years and is the only man In the United States carrying on work In a building erected in his honor. He Is a brother to the noted Doctor John Coulter, head of the Department of Botany at the University of Chicago. The following schools were represented: University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin, University of Michigan, Ohio Wesleyan, Toledo University, University of Nebraska, University of Iowa, University of Minnesota, University of Kentucky, University of Missouri, Iowa State College, Grinnell College of Iowa, Carnegie Institute of Technology,' Iowa State Teachers College and the University of Colorado. C. Men, returned ALPHA XI GIVES FOUNDERS' BANQUET Engagements of Two of Local ter Are Announced Chap- The engagements of Mary Harkel-roato Harry Thompson, both of London, Kentucky, and Anna Jean Smith to Everett E. Elsey, both of Lexington, were announced at the annual Founder's Day banquet of the XI Chapter of Alpha XI Delta fraternity, which was held at tho Phoenix Hotel, Saturday, April 1G, 1921. Tho brides-elec- t are members of tlio college chapter and it is intended that they will have a double weeding in tho fraternity house In Lyndhurst Praco during the com; Ing commencement week. Tho tables wero In tho form of a T and decorated with a largo wicker basket of pink rose buds and tied with streamers of tho fraternity colors, double blue and old gold. Pink candles In silver candlesticks tied with tulle, and illuminated with tho emblem of tho fraternity, lighted tho room. Tho place cards wero cupids which hold a surprise for tho guests, in tho form of a card having spaces for tho names of tho Jonguged couples. In tho center of tho T was a tUff double wedding party. Tho favors wore tiny brides and- grooms. Miss Suo Boardman presided ns toastmlstress and Introduced Miss Dorothy Harris who announced tho engagements .of Misses Harkolroud and Smith, hi rhyme. Tho following , toasts wero given: Milk Toast Margaret Brooks d Continued on Page 2. '14