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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 19, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copv THE KENTUCKY KERNEL THE KENTUCKY KERNEL parents have rushed them through sixage high school nt tho of fifteen or teen and scut them on to college to The ofllrlnl publication ofthc ntndont anil put their noso in a book mid mnko a thfl Alumtil AnKoelntlon of the University degree In two or three years, students of Kentucky, who are not only out of touch with the la responsible for th world but who never have boon in Tho editorial policy of the paper; the Managing touch with it. They arc students who editor for tho new policy. liavo had no experience by which Rntereil nn neconil class matter at the they may test what they are taught, Lexington, Kentucky. poKtnfflee, thpy have no measure by which to determine values, they have no perft cents a Copy KllftO n Vcnr spective from which to look at things in their proper relations, nnd, furtherUUIf.DINt) JOURNALISM OI'IICK more, they have nothing to. which to KIHTOIUirt-rillKapply tho knowledge they acquire nfter J. DONALD DINNING, '21 they ncqulre It. To such students a nntl A0H7 I'honcM 2117-college education Is useless until four or five years after graduation, when MANAHINO i:i)ITOK they have learned to npply it. And GERALD GRIFFIN, '23 nniJ JOBS I'honcH 2117-these are your parlor bolshevlsts. This condition, and others which SI'dltTINO KD1TOR arise from the same causes, nre duo Joe T. Lovett, 'Si merely to tho fact that anybody may ASSOCIATE KD1TOKS go to college. Mental equipment has Clarlhcl Kay, '21 Mary Elizabeth James. '22 nothing to do with It. Anybody who Frances Marsh, '22 Isabella Dickey, '21 has an entranco fee is admitted. Kern .loluiHon, '21 Scholarship standards are not so high but that a good memory will keep one KKI'OKTKItS in school. When this hothouse plant Knthei Ine Conroy, '23 W. K. Dorman, '23 Kllznbeth Hume. '22 Dortlien Murphy, '12 begins to sprout can the college proMcNamara, '23 Margaret Lavln, '24 Irene fessor be held responsible for what it Ruth Hutflison, '23 produces?' Anna - Connor, '23 The possibilities of the Elizabeth Yelser. '24 psychiatric test for admission to college are being developed, notably by BUSINESS MANAGER H. B. LLOYD, '21 Columbia University. In this day of overcrowded universities this means MANAGER ADVERTISING of weeding out the unfit is worthy of .1. Ilurlon I'rewltt, '28 honest investigation. Certainly this is II. F. Walts, ':;2 the mfcans by which the colleges of the MANAGER CIRCULATION country may be purged of their Glenn Tlnsley, '22 "radicalism." TUESDAY, APRIL 19, 1921 BUCHHERT'S WILDCATS IN COLLEGES.' "RADICALISM DEFEAT VOLUNTEERS Continued From Page 1. Our honored preceptor in journal- seemed confident of winning the two has in its ism, the Courier-Journamile heat. 'Hadley led for the. greater issue of April 13 an editorial headed part of the race but was passed by "Radicalism in 'Colleges" which is Porter for about a half lap. Then Hadrecommended to the serious consider- ley sprinted with ease and passed ation of students everywhere. There Porter again. With a last great effort is matter for thought in it, though the on the stretch Porter passed Hadley situation is, we believe, somewhat at the finish by the narrowest of marexaggerated. gins and both fell exhausted in the Courier-Journa"The fact is," says the arms of their teammates. "too many of our colleges Boyd tied with Key of Tennessee are hotbeds of socialism, parlor in the shot put at 24 feet, 2 inches. pink-te- a Hayden wrenched his knee as he hurlstateutopianism. This rather broad ed the Javelin 141 feet but Tennessee ment is hardly in accordance with the could never come near it. Hallowell, facts. There are fewer radicals, in of Kentucky, threw the stick 139 feet proportion to numbers, in the schools for second place. of the country than there are on the Dorman, liigh Jumper, was declared outside. There Is a wide, very wide, ineligible Just a few moments before distinction between radicalism and the meet began, but Wilholm beat progressivJsm which must be ob- Janes of Tennessee In that event. served. Most of the long haired masThe 120 high hurdles were shortenfeminine and culine ed to 110 yards and the 220 low "scoffers of convention" who have hurdles were shortened to 200 yards. through college went through in been Following is a list of the events and the capacity of sightseer or messenger results: scoffs boy. The university man "who . dash Clare. Kentucky, at such 'conventions' as the Army and first; Nantz, Kentucky, second. Time, Navy"" is usually a man who has 10 seconds flat. served his time in one of the two and One mile Hadley, Tennessee, first; Amerl- ,is only indulging his inborn Porter, Kentucky, Time, second. ,can tendency to grumble, a character- 4:46 35. , istic or tne uougnuoy auruiK uie wui. Kentucky, dash 'Clare, He would be the first to resent actively first; Nantz, Kentucky, second. Time, similar remarks from an outsider. 23 seconds. ' In an analysis of tho cause of the hurdles (distance reduced) supposed condition the CourierJournal lare , Kentucky, first; Wilhelm, arrives, with great force, at the col-- , Kentucky, second. Time, 15 a type, is lege professor, who, "as seconds. isolated from the world," a man out run Porter, Kentucky, of touch with the hard facts of the first; Snyder, Kentucky; second. Time, world, a dreamer and a theorist. This 55 seconds. is a great injustice to the body of the run Porter, Kentucky, profession. No class of men gives first; Hadley, Tennessee, second. Time, greater time and attention to its mora 10 minutes, 38 seconds. ing paper and the discussion of cur hurdles Clare, .Kentucky, professors. Many of rent events than first; Wilhelm, Kentucky, second. them, and this is especially true of Time, 28 seconds. economists and sociologists whose teachings are more concerned with bolvhovism, socialism and allied sub jects, are engaged in outside activities CASSELL'S PHARMACY which keep them quite in touch with reality. The Interstate Commerce PHONE 115 Reserve Commission, the Federal Board, tho Federal Trade Commission, "SWAN" Fountain Pens having to do with tho realities of lifo, wont to tho college faculty for their BORATED exports. Instances could ' bo multiplied. For Chapped Hands and Rough Skin It might bo . well to seek a little deeper for tho cause of any radicalism thore may bo in colleges, to investigate the other side of the equation tho student. The "hot beds of will bo found to bo tended For Any Kind of Dental Work Call on byyoung students of immature mind who have been educated by the "hot Drs. J. T. & E. D. SLATON Dentists 127 Cheapside bed" method, studonts whoso fondi Phone 864-- 880-yar- Rtlltor-ln-chl- I' l, l, short-haire- run Thornton, Kentucky, first; Royd, Kentucky, Recond. Time, 2 minuted, 0 seconds. . ha f 2 hz Javelin Hayden, Kentucky, first, 141 feet; Hollowell, Kentucky, second, 1.18 feet. Shot put Doyd, Kentucky, and Key, Tennessee, tied for first place, 34 feet, 2M inches. Discus 'Key, Tennessee, first, 110 feet 'Hayden, Kentucky, second. Kentucky, Broad Jump Snyder, first, 20 feet 2& inches; Clare, Ken- tucky, second, 19 feet 17 Inches. j j I ' tii ir'....ft LUIGART'S 5 CLOTHING AND HABERDASHERY $1500 Sweaters $10.00 ALPHA XI DELTA GIVES FOUNDERS' DAY BANQUET Continued From Page 1. Light Bread .Elizabeth Lovett Hot Toast .Lorraine West "Dry Toast .Lula Blakey Virginia Shanklln Buttered Toast . JMary K. Venable Scorched Toast Between courses "piano isolos were played by Elizabeth Ellis and Laura Hubbard. Roxane Trimble delighted those present by singing Cadman's At Dawning, and Alpha Xi Delta "Memories." Those present were Dorothy Blatz, Sue Boardman, Isabelle Dickey, Virginia Shanklln, Dorothy Harris Isa- - Phoenix Block -- Lexington, Kentucky McGurk & O'Brien Lunches Ice Creams A.&G.CAPS $3.00 to $6.00 The same distinction, the same style and the same nice attention to details that characterizes the other merchandise of Anderson & Gregory Men's Shop Priced at figures that modestly repre sent their value Catering Phone 718 Hot Chocolate Candy Home Made Cakes Lexington, Ky. , V- - Shirts and "We Specialize in Men's Headwear" ANDERSON & GREGORY 109 Limestone, North Hosiery FOR TH,E WELL DRESSED MAN LOOK FOR THE A. & G. SIGN 440-yar- d On Sale Here at Tremendous?" ' Reductions. HEADGEAR e HABERDASHERY Or ALL SILK SHIRTS . - : - Up to $15.00, now$4.95 220-yar- d TEETH - 133-13- 5 G 5 WITCH-HAZE- It- rn .1 .11 110-yar- d Two-mil- 115-11- 3 first, 10 feet G inches; Cameron, Kentucky, second, 10 feet 5 Inches. Running high Jump Wilholm, Kentucky, first, 5 feet Inches; Janes, Tennessee, second. Kentucky won the relay In 3 minutes 4G seconds. Composing the winning team were Snyder, Boyd, Wilholm and . Thornton. Officials were: R. W. Owens, referee and starter; Albert Hukle, announcer; Ireland, Gill, Goble, timers; Tlgert, Funkhouser, Juneau, Judges of the finish; Barnett and Peak, field Judges. d 220-yar- d rr hollo Darnell, Lula Maftcy, Margaret Fresh Home Made Candy Brooks, Anna" Jean Smith, Mary Made Where You See It Made Hnrkolrond, Lorraine est, Laura Hubbard, Blanche Collins, Willotte Schange's Candy Kitchen Frltschner, Helen Brower, Elizabeth Guthrie, Eleanor Cnmmack, Elizabeth J. 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