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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 19, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available r.' THE KENTUCKY KERNEL FOK THK I1KST MOVINO riCTUllKS. FICTCMCS WITH THE SCRKKN'S STRAND THEATRE OrEN DAILY AND SUNDAY TO 1 II P. M. ADULTS 27c PI.VS 3c WAR TAX, TOTAT, Me Alumni "Notes UII.DREN 18n ri.VB KERNEL JOKE CONTEST 3 Dues to tho Alumni Association, $2 a year, lnclmlo subscription to Tho Kernel and the Alumni Directory. Address Herbert Graham, University of' Kentucky, Loxlnpton A first prlzo of $1 and three additional prizes of fifty cents each will bo given each week to students submitting the best original Jokes or short humorous poems. Contest for each week ends on Friday, at noon. Contestants must sign name to contribution, but namo will bo withhold from publication on request. Doposit in Joke Box, Kernel office, basement of Science building. Sec'y-Troas- ., Tom L. Gorman Is a mining engineer The Alumni Secretary lias requested Information of all former students and for tho Larjan Coal Co. at Blackoy, alumni who are candidates for tho Ky. Kentucky legislature. J. C. Morris Is concrete Inspector for the "Louisiana State Highway DeMiss Mary L. Aitkins, 95, now at partment with headquarters at Port Oneida (Ky.) Baptist Institute, Is ar- Allen, La. ranging for the organization of a Clay Nick T. Puckett is with ,M. A. Hofft County Alumni Club at Manchester tho Co., Indianapolis, Ind. last week In April. Edward A. Puryear Is an attorney at Paducah, Ky., with offices in the City Wm. P. Johnson '01 Is -- principal of National Bank Building. the High School at Barlow, Ky. Dean Slagle is a graduate student J Howard D, McElroy '12, who was a at Columbia University. Leo E.'iSteinhauscr is a salesman for captain of infantry In the World War, tho EcCnomy Cultivator and Imple da with McNcny & McNeny, Investment estate dealers, In ment Company, Los Angeles, Cal. bankers and real A. L. Stephens Is county road en Dallas, Texas. gineer at Burlington, Ky . . Walter B. Mobley '16, Bruin, Ky., la .candidate for county attorney In El ty and is expeoted to have no opposition for the Democratic nomination. liott-Coun- C I FIRST PRIZE. ! AND TIIK BEST ORCHESTRA Can You Answer? Where can a man buy a cap for his knee?. Or a. key for the lock of his hair? Can his eyes bo called an academy, Because there are pupils there? In the crown of his head, what gems are found? 2r WAR TAX, Who travels tho bridge of his nose? the roof of his house, The nails on the end of his toes? Can tho crook of his elbow be sent to Jail? If so, what did ho do? How does he sharpen his shoulder blades? I'll bo hanged If I lmow do you? Can ho sit In the shade of the palm of his hand? Or beat on the drum of his ear? Does the calf of his leg eat the corn on his toes? If so, why not grown corn on the enr? Geneva Rice. field, Ky. f Ed iE. Hardin is Junior member of the firm of Hardin & Hardirt, Evans-ville- , Ind. iHenry T. "Boc" Hardin 14 Is the senior member of tho firm. Another member of ithe Evansville club is W. Lee Smith '16, of Smith & Waller. Miss Elizabeth L. Bertram is head .of the English department, Paducah (Ky.) high school. Clyde Bland is agricultural agent for the Illinois Central Railroad with offices Jn the Grand Central Station, Memphis Tenn. . IMiss Lucille Blatz is a teacher .in the Ballard school, Jefferson (County, Ky. Miss Lucy J. Cracraft Ms teaching in the public schools at Cynthlana. -- LOST ALUMNI The alumni secretary has requested information, of the following "lost" alumni: Hiram Shaw, '92; Dr. Edward .C. Aullck, '94; James H. Graham, '00; Flemen C. Taylor, '02; Hal Walker Smith, '10; George M. Hendrlckson, '11; .Robert G. Strong, 11; Harry G. Korfhage, '12; Ruby Leon Marcum, '12; Herman F. Vogllotto, '12; Alvln H. Colbert, '13; Louis David CovRz, '13; Fred Farls, '13; Wm. Survant Penny, '13; Luolla Martbn Schaffer, '13; Geo. Atwoll Scott, '13; Edward C T. Blakor, 14; Herman Leo Donovan, 14; William H. Jones, '14; Graham Allen Smith, '14 ; Caroline T. Watklns, '14; Zachariah P. Hamilton, '15; Mel-viHays Judd, '15; Elizabeth G. Mooro (Mrs. Bon II. Lowry), '15; Jas. McGlnnos Nioding, 15; Mrs. Bessie Foglo VJudd, '16; David McChord 'Phelps, '16; George D. Aaron, '17; Helen D. Burkholdor, '17; Rutherford Y. Flshback, '17 ; Benjamin F. Foster, '17? Everett S. Ponn, '17; Eugono A. Taylor, '17; Burton F. Williams, '17; George C. Bradley, '18; Lucy E. Robinson, '18 Arnold H. Webb, '18; David C. Dudley, '19; Moso Smith, '19; Porry Elmo Thomas, '19; Morris Vilcofsky, Bum Hoy, gltnmp some tobacco. I Avant a paper so bad I ain't oven got a match. ' HOST OF DANCE Continued From Page 1. Lexington Alumni Messrs. W. J. Harris, A. J. poster, Warricld Gratz, A. D. Hall, J. M. Server, George Matthews, R. M. Guthrie, W. L. Coons, Thorpe', Dean Bakewell, Warren Homer Baker, M. S. Garslde, Robert Johnson, H. B. Bennett. Assisting "we're the chaperonea: President and Mrs. McVoy, Dean and Mrs. Melcher, Mr. and Mrs. Grehan, Professor and Mrs. Good, Professor and Mrs. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Thomson R. Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Webb, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Revill, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Johnson, Jr. A WAY TO SAVE MONEY! Five Dollars on Each Club Enrollment. Becker's Pressing Club CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE Regular Dances For University Students Monday and Friday Nights , POPULAR SAXOPHONE TRIO PHONE OPPOSITE PHOENIX HOTEL Drug v Company Co-operati- 4503-- We oMiller School sf Business Phone 469Y 222 W. MAIN STREET ve (Incorporated) Main and Limestone Streets The Modern School of Offiec Training Drugs, Patent Medicines and Toilet Articles. Articles at Lowest Cut Prices LEXINGTON, KY. BLOCK'S, PAGE'S AND Prncipal MAUD M. MILLER, SHAW'S AND MULLANE'S CANDIES Phoenix Hotel Barber Shop . Eleven First Class -- H.P BARTRAM, Prop. The Lafayette A Modern Fire Proof Hotel With Every Convenience. w 'ng -- Barbers ; : Three Hundred Rooms With Private Baths Beautiful Dining Rooms 1 Faultless Cuisine. Phone 19881X Manicuring Lafayette Hotel Company (Incorporated) KELLER-Flor- ist L. B. FINEST BALL ROOM IN THE SOUTH Lexington, Ky. SHOUSE, President CHA3. G. McQRATH, Mar.-Dlrect- Quality Cut Flower and Corsages, Bouquets a Specialty We Extend a Cordial Welcome to College Women To Shop at This Great Quality Phone 554 How can a woman with a drug store complexion endeavor to make people boliove that sho is blushing? CENTERS BURTON PREWITT, n 20. AMUSEMENT S. A. E. FRAT. Can ho use, when shingling 20. Harry R. iCotrell is assistant county agent of Washington County, Spring- I.KXINOTON'S 20c "Dancing School Ky., is ' TOTAL Miss Spurr's W. W. "Pete" Owsley '17, Lebanon, secretary otthe '17 Ags, an association formed at a recent meeting in Lexington. Mrs. Owsley was formerly Miss Lois Brown '19. Louis tfteusch '17 Is managing and near orchard property developing He expects to be Yakima, Wash. there another year or two. MUSIC, "VISIT" BEN ALl THEATRE and i STARS OHKATKST OTIS JONES- - Ada Meade Theatre Building PAUL P. COOPER Representatives -- V .m&t.Jk Department Store. Mitchell, Baker & Smith (Incorporated) J