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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 19, 1921

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Best Copy Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL I, It $ Lieut. Dexter Whittlnghlll Engineers. OF KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY Track Records Tlmo sec. sec. ;v21 21 sec. 52 sec. Event 100 ynrd dnsh 220 ynrd dnsh 220 ynrd dnah Qunrtor-mll- 9 4B 2-- 5 ... o Hnlf mllo Mile run ... Two milo run 120 ynrd High Hurdle-220 Low- Hurdles High Jump Hroad .Tflinn Polo Vnult Shot put Discus throw Javelin throw Relay, ono mile 2:02 4:43 j10:G5 5 15 25 yt . 5 sec. sec. ft. CM ft. 2V .10 ft. 84 .35 ft.' 0 ft. 8V4 1G3 ft. 3 3:31 .5 .21 - 120 in. in. In. Year Record Holder A. L. arabfcldcr A. L. Grnbfclder . . Wnrron Clnro B. It, Sndor Dave Thornton Neal Kitlght Hogrefo ..... Warren iClnro Warren Clnro W. K. Donnnn A. L. Grabfelder 3hanklln . ; . in. 13akcr In. Webb In. Basil ilnyden Snider, Boyd 1919 1919 1920 1920 1920 1920 1916 1920 1920 1920 1919 1912 1910 1911 1920 1920 Wllhelm, Thornton JUNEAU GIVES SQUAD SPRING ERECTED TABLET TRAINING 192 FOR Passing, Punting and Sig- Bronze Plate With 21 Names' Placed in Hall of Adnals Football Candidates Daily Menu tablet has been placed "in the main hall of the Administration Building of the University bearing the following names of those for whom a golden star has been placed on the University Service Flag for the World War: Mr 1 londay evening the Henry Wattor-sochapter of tho Alpha Delt Sigma, national journalistic fraternity held n THE Attention Cafeteria Class Ring, Information that will interest you. ARE STUDENTS , POPULAR PRICES BEEN HITHERTO .Service 6:00 a. m. to 8:00 p. m. Aus- DRUG WONT TO CONGREGATE HAS IMPROVED ITS FACILITIES IN HOPES THAT IT CAN BE OF SUCH SERVICE AS HAS Walnut Street, Opp. Postoffice HOME COOKING LEXINGTON A PLACE WHERE t IMPOSSIBLE. ' 10. '14. KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, Lieut. Charles Elmo Blevins, THE 3i Phoenix Hotel COLLEGE TRAINED WOMEN OPPORTUNITY TO V KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, Enjoy Delightful Summer of Travel campus if the spirit that now prevails among the members continues to grow. Several excellent programmes have been rendered this semester under the direction of the President, Lucille Moore. On Wednesday, April 13, a most interesting and entertaining programme was given. It was a very humorous skit entitled, "A Night in Dixie." They cracked some of the funniest jokes that ever were. Negro songs and dances were cleverly woven in the skit. The cast was composed of the in high type educational work. Positions Paying A $200 to $400 A MONTH We finance you. Excellent business 'training. Opportunity for permanent business connection. Positions open for summer will bo filled in the order applications are received, with preference to women best qualified. Give age, education, experience in writ. ing for particulars. MR. HOOVER, Metropolitan Hotel, Completely Equipped, Respectfully Solicits the Patronage of University of Kentucky , Faculty and Student Body. CHARLES' H. BERRYMAN President x 58 East Washington St., Chicago. JOHN-G- . CRAMER " Manager - Jr. 'A TRIANGLE DANCING CLUB following:- - Jessie yryo Moore, Belle Trafton, Esther Harris, Lucille Moore, Nellie Stone, Billy Dalton, Dorthy Watson, Katherine Reed, Blanche Collings, Mary Bruce Richardson, Helen Brewer. Also, Jeannetto Lampert played the violin. An unusually large crowd was present. A short business meeting was held for the purpose of appointing the committees to take charge .of the property, publicity, and costumes for the forth"The Play, Philosophian coming Amazons," which will be presented in chapel, on Tuesday, April 21, at 8:15. This play promsises to be the best ever given on the campus. a Valparaisa University Man, Will Have Class Lessons Thursday 8:00 P M., February 17; Saturday 3:00 P. M.,., February 19. - - For a college education, there are five things to be taken into consideration: l. - . The men at the head of the Institu tion. '' 2. 3. ' The location and advantages of 'vironment. 4. Equipment, buildings, and libraries. 5. Mr. Henry D. Phillips, president of S. I. lAr'A., will address students the Mr. fifth hour, Monday, April 25. Phillips is chaplain at Sowanee University, and is making a tour of " The scholastic standing and abilijty of the Teaching Staff. ' PICTURE OF DARWIN A splendid picture of Charles Darwin, ono of the worlds grandest scientists has been framed and hung in the Botany recitation room by the Rafln esquo Botany Club. . en-- v , laboratories Cdst. J. DONALD Address PRESIDENT FRANK L. McVEY University of Kentucky II L J. FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS - In all these respects the University of Kentucky commends itself to those seeking a higher institution in which to carry on their education. All Departments, including Liberal Arts, Sciences, Agriculture, Law, Education, Mining, Civil, Electrical nd , Mechanical Engineering. . The Government needs trained men and women; college training will bring the result. Southern colleges as a representative of the S. I. A. A. in the interest of clonnor athletics. All Btudents are urged to hear this address, r Mr. S. C. FISHER, Dancing Instructor, In Selecting a University S. I. A. A. PRESIDENT TO ADDRESS STUDENTS . Tho Initiation was' conducted in tho rooms of tho Journalism department. ' Sergt. Leonard Cabell Bridges, 301 Mechanical Repair Shop. Literary Society PAY JUNIOR DUES NOW ternity. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA INITIATES NEW MEN 0G. Lieut. Frank Matthew Coffee, tralian Imperial Forces. will be the liveliest organization on the I it snnnual initiation nt which pledges Dr. J. J, Tlgert, Keen Johnson and Joo Lovett were taken Into tho fra- American A bronze PHILOSOPHIAN TO PUT ON CLEVER COMEDY The Philosophian ox-'1- Seniors ministrate Building Not many aspirants for next fall's football squad have been out for spring practice, under the tutelage of Coach Juneau who arrived last Tuesday, but those who have been there have have been enthusiastically at work, as If the first game were , only a short while away. To promote accuracy in throwing and passing the ball Coach Juneau has had the men throwing at a hole in a plank. This method, with a yet smaller, hole, is used to practice passing the ball from the line to the backs. No scrimmage will be held, It is thought, but passing, punting and working out plays will be the daily , order. m. Ramsey, Hon Train. Lieut. Henry Clay 'Thompson ' "15. Aviation. Cnpt. George Clark Rogers, Field 18. Artillery. Marlon Merrltt Powell, Canadian InLiott. .Raymond Anthony Schoberth, fantry. Infantry Lieut. Hownrd Irving Klnne, Avia'1C. tion. Sergt. Robert Emmctt Cullent, Coast Ensign Harold Arthur PulUam, Artillery. Naval Aviation. 19. Ernest Raymond Pursleyj Marines. Joseph Lowls Washington Carr Reynolds, Salvage Hcrndon, In Corps. fantry. '17. Stanley Hartwell Smith, Navy." Sergt. Clarence Russell daugh. In Aubra H. Townscnd, Signal Corps. fantry. Chester Bryan Helm, Coast Artillery, Walter Cleveland Neaglc, Ammunl '20. Sergt. Bortie Wilson David, Ambulance Corps. Faculty. Capt. Reuben Brent Hutchcraft, l r"" , " mi $' "" ' it A PHONE 4085 DINNING. Representative - Lexington, Ky. , T Ikf- -