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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 4, No. 5, Fall 1951

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

3 Hospital orcharcll at Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Unfortunately a 8 heavy rainfall occurred at the tirne when the last application was due in September, making operations irnpossible for two or more weeks, and thus preventing; the third application. All plots, there- `- {Ore, received onlytwo applications. EXPERIIWENT, The orchardwns an ll-year old planting, situated N loarn, and was observed to be heavilyinfestedwith d both the peach tree and the lesser peach tree bore rs. 0 Wettable powders of the following materials were used at the designated amount per lOO gallons of water; 4 pounds of 50- ,{ percent DDT. Z pounds of Z5-percent parathion, and Z pounds of it 25-percent EPN-300. These were applied to plots of 3x4 trees, _ which were replicated four times, on July 13 and August 7,1950. vt The following Spring on April Z0, two trees chosen at random Lt from each plot, were "wormed" in order to determine the con - ,1 trol obtained. RESULTS: The following; table summarizes the results obtained ach tree borer control test: 8 Total g Borers Found Total S TREATAIENT per Replicate Borers g (Z-tree sample) (8 Trees) 5 DDT, 4 lb, 50% l O l O 2 d Parathion, 2 lb, ZBZZ O O 1* O l - EPN300, 2 lb, 25% O O 3 6 9 g Check, no treatrnent lb as 4 1% 67 ~f 3 * Borer found dead ii; burrow. CONCLUSIONS: Under the conditions oi these tests, DDT and Parathion were superior to EPN3UO. Moreover, twospraysggave virtually coiiiplete control of the peach tree borer. lt should oe _ notezi that while there was a relatively heavy infestation of lesser n peach tree borer durini; early sunimer of l*)50, examination of 3; the trees "wormed" failed to disclose obvious burrows of the lesser peach tree borer in the treated trees. The larvae were found beneath the soil surface, or at the soil line, in the treated plots but large numbers of both the lesser peach tree borer and ; P