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The Kentucky Kernel, October 22, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available The Kentucky Kernel UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY 1 LEXINGTON. KY., OCT. 22, 1920 VOL. XL KENTUCKY DOCTOR M'VEY ATTENDS LEST YE FORGET Best Wishes of University Men Follow Centre to New England. Educational Meeting is Held During Inauguration of President Burton. Y President McVey has returned from a trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he attended an educational conference at the University of Michigan, during the Inauguration of President Burton. At this conference speakers who were representatives of the best educational thought, discussed some of the present day problems and difficulties In modern education. Emphasis was brought to bear on the necessity of bringing Into the pursuit of the courses of study the same energy and purpose that students show in campus activities, the idea being to secure earnestness of purpose and to secure a higher type of and better educated graduates. The representatives were entertained at the 'Michigan Union, a building erected by the alumni of Michigan at a coat of $1,300,000. It is used as a club by the students and faculty. It lounging rooms, conitalns cafeterias, billiard rooms, dancing halls, and everything that goes to make a perfect community house. In speaking of thds building Doctor McVey said: "We need a building Of this kind here. It would, be of great benefit to the students and faculty." Final Registeration Served. Officers were elected and plans made regularly at least once a month at the meeting of the Louisville club last Monday afternoon in the Little Theatre. The meetings will be social In nature and will probably be held In the now Stroller room or the Y. M. C. A. rooms. The next meeting will bo at 3:45 p. m November 3. Refreshments will be served. The purpose of the club is to bring together the students from Louisville and to foster a cooperation between the University and the students in the high schools of Louisville. The following officers were elected: president,, Robt. J. Raible, Arts, '21; vice president, Mary Elizabeth James, Arts, '22; secretary, Katherine Weak- ley, Arts '21; treasurer, Horace Clay Miller, Eng. '23. An assessment of twenty-fiv- e cents was declared to pay for the refreshments at the meetings. to hold meetings ! LEGAL FRATERNITY PLEDGES NEW MEN Phi Alpha Delta, the honorary law fraternity, which was reorganized on Junior Women the campus last year after an absenco of several yours, has pledged a numAll Junior women should soo Fanber of men and will continue to take nie Holler at once for Information an important part in the activities in cards to be filled out for the 1921 the College of Law. The pledges are: Noal Sullivan, Jack Hewitt. It. P. Hagan, It. S. Hayes, H. I. Stewart, A. L. Ashby and Sam Centre-Harvar- j d j t; Cole. WATSON ANNOUNCES SUBSCRIPTION necosfiry that the fraternity Could you use $2.00? Of course, then get to work and win tho Kentucklan contest, subscription which starts Monday. Twenty Dollars in Gold will bo given to tho one who gets tho most subscriptions for Tho Kentucklan. A second prize of $10.00 will bo awarded tho one who comes next In the race, and a Kentucklan will be given tD every ono who sells more than fltty . Subscription blanks may bo obtained from Fred Houston-Shaor C. V. Wat3on, In tho Kentucklan room, in tho basement of tho Library building. The chapter of Phi Alpha Delta was established at the University of Kentucky In 1911, but duo to the fact that itho entire chapter enlisted in the service in the spring of 1917, It was bo re- established last year. The members of the actlYO chapter are: R. H. Tomllnson, Clyde Burton. M, K. Eblen. Dlllard Tumor, Milton Itevill, Berl Boyd and Carl Lipo. I at e CONTEST FOR 1921 ANNUAL AMATEUR T PRIZES FOR BEST ACTS j The chapel i3 already jumping up and down and clapping its hands in expectancy, for it realizes that its happiest holiday, Amateur Night, is close at hand. She knows that at 8 o'clock, Saturday, October 30, she will open her arms and welcome many to her annual celebration. Milton Revlll, president of the Strollers, and Herndon Evans, stage manager, have already received several applications from prospective actors, who would like to contribute to the festivity of the evening. Application slips may be procured at the post office and must be filled aut and handed in before noon, Monday, October 25. The bulletin board in front of the Administration building will announce Tuesday. The the dates of s six best acts presented at will be chosen for public performance, Saturday, October 30, when a prize of $5 will be awarded for the best single act and another for the best doublo try-out- s I Reaches a Total REGISTERED Would Be Strollers Must Send in Applications by Monday. in- Kentucky, held its first meeting Monday, October 18. A temporary chairman was selected to ask forsuggestlons In regard to the further development of the Order. A REPRESENTATIVE GO-Ebox party at the Ada Meade has been planned for Thursday, October 21. WILL BE CHOSEH FRIDAY Other forms of entertainment were arranged, such as smokers and dinners, the dates of which are to be anKentuckians" to Be nounced later. The "Fish" present were: Earl WalSpecial Selected lace, Raymond Ctonnell, Bruce Fuller, Chapel Next Week John McKenzIe, Larry Thompson, Baron Faulconer, James Server, W. D. NEW PLANS THIS YEAR Thompson, Authur Shanklin, Irvin Scrlbner, Curtis Benjamin, Ed. Gregg The contest to select the "Fair Ken- Richard Hagan, Charles Bourland tuckians" for this year's annual will and Homer Baker. be held In the chapel Friday, October 29. It has aliways been either a beauty or a popularity contest, buc CORRECTION IN LIST OF this year will be neither and yet both. FRATERNITY PLEDGES In other words .the most beautiful girl, the most popular girl, the cutest, Due to a typographical error the best, most stylish and most talented list of the pledges of the Sigma Alpha girl in school will be voted on, and Epsilon and Delta Chi fraternities In this way the most representative were confused in the last issue of The group of University girls will be reKernel. A correct list is given below: presented in the Kentucklan. Delta Chi O. R. Lancaster, Georgetown; John Wireless To Receive W. Cook, 'Smith Grove; Sam Martin, Cambridge Results Millersburg; C. A. Carter, Wm. Worth-ingtoLexington; A. C. Bottoms, When Centre and Harvard clash to- Lawrenceburg; J. A. Dobbs, Morgan-town- ; morrow the results will be heralded Galvin Lisman, Dixon; H. C. far and wide. First in everything as Hoffman. Carrolton; D. A. Wolfe, usual the University will use the new- Georgetown; P. B. Rouse, Paducah; L. est way of receiving the results and R. Ringo, Owensboro; L. T. Smith, wJU announce them on Stoll Field durBowling Green. game. ing the Kentucky-SewaneSigma Alpha Epsilon The University wireless station in Cresap Hays, Ellzabethtown; Flem the Civil and Physics Building will Clardy, Hopkinsville; Henry S. Jackreceive the news df it ds possible to son, Franklin; John Albright, Mt. Verget In touch with the messages sent non; Earl Martin, Greenville; Edward out from Cambridge and those attend- Byars, Ledtchfleld; E. E. Slier, Wiling the game here will have first hand liamsburg; Tom Hall, Henderson; Information of two great contests. The John Dundon, Paris; A. T. Rice, Paris. game between Kentucky and Sewanee will hold the Interest of the South, MEN TO SUE while the eyes of the entire country SERVICE will bo focused on the At a meeting of the Executive Comargument. mittee of tho Board of Trustees ot the University with a committee SOPHOMORE CLASS representing the former service men ELECTS OFFICERS it was decided that in order to obtain a judicial interpretation of the The Sophomore class meeting, call- Scholarship law the service men ed for the election of officers was should file suit in the Court of Appeals. Suit will bo brought at once accordheld at 3:30 o'clock, October 14, In chapel. The names of the nominees ing to Raymond Rodgers, chairman of had been posted on the bulletin board the service men's committee. In the Main building the previous The points at Issue are: should the week. The following officers were University pay room rent of the men elected, secret ballot being used: L. u. to whom scholarships wero granted, nnd should those applications be grantRingo, president; Louise Connell, Katharine Conroy, secre- ed, which were filed after August 20, 1920. tary; A. B. Cammack, treasurer. "Fair Social Meetings Will Be Held Regularly; Refreshments to Be With a total of 1,233 students, registration at the University of Kentucky is twenty per cent larger this year than ilt has ever been. Of the 1,233 students who have registered, 12 have left school for various reasons, leaving at present a student body which numbers 1221. Of those enrolled, 798 are men and 398 are women. There are 19 students in the graduate school. The enrollment is divided among the colleges of the University as follows: .College of Arts and Science 519. College of Agriculture 2G2. College of Engineering 323. Ccfllege of Law 73. "The Royal Order of Fish," an DS ELECTS OFFICERS of 1,233. FOR terfraternlty society which was organized last year for the purpose of promoting better comradeship among the fraternities at the University of re-re- ad LOUISVILLE CLUB STUDENTENROLLMENT EXCEEDS ALL RECORDS SKITS ARE Society Makes Plans Interfraternlty For the Ensuing Year. The campus philosopher pauses to remark: It is a good time for the the Freshmen to Senior Rules. Remember Frosh, that ignorance of the law excuses no one. Tomorrow afternoon at Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Centre College eleven will meet .the Harvard aggregation in what promises to be one of the greatest games that has ever been played. What the result will be no one can tell, but one thing is certain and that is the Colonels will fight to the last mfoute to bring victory to the Bluegrass State. Although outweighed Centre has a faster team than Harvard and boasts and the service of two one of the greatest full backs of all times. McMillan, Weaver and Roberts will cause the wearers of the crimson to use every bGt of energy and strategy they can muster to stop them and even then It is doubtful if they will succeed. Centre has a wonderful team and although she has engaged in no real tames this year it is plain to be seen that the Danville team has the ability to cope with any team in the count ry. The students of the University of Kentucky are behind the Centre team and wish the Colonels success in their eastern venture. It will mean a great deal to Kentucky to have a team from this state trounce the New Englanders and show the world that the East la not the only section" of the country where real football teams are found. GUEST AT UNION ROYAL ORDER OF FISH REORGANIZE STUDENTS BEHIND THE COLONELS No. 4 i j try-out- 'act. Freshmen, if the glamor of the footlights and the thrill of applause does not spur you on to ambition, perhaps the love of cbntest or even the need of an extra meal ticket may goad you to an effort. If you are afraid to try the rocky road to fame alone and are a disbeliever In the adage, "he travels fastest," persuade a friend to let you act as butler, maid, coachman or whatnot, in his skit. You will then be classed as one in a double act. Of course If you win the prize, you will then have but the price of a meal instead of the whole ticket, but you may be a member of the Strollers, "Which, after all, Is the point." "K" BANNER IS STILL MISSING Students are Urged to Aid in Finding of Kentucky's Standard. What has become of the "K" banner? Many and varied have been the theories. The banner disappeared from view some time after the football season last year and as yet has not put In Its appearance this year. Perhaps some thoughtful person took It home to care for it during the summon Perhaps some ono took It to decorate his room or fraternity house. At any rate It Is missed at tho football games and rallies. Every ono Is urged to assist In locating the banner. It has been missed on every occasion. If you know the thoughtful person who took it homo to care for It, but who was not thoughtful enough to return It, pleaso remind him that It Is needed. If someone took it merely for a selfish purpose, reason with him g'ehtly butt firmly. Imagine our team on foreign fields without tho encouraging sight of the old "K" banner. What can take Us place on our own field? Get behind every ono and help locate our sacred emblem. Tho success of every rally, every parade nnd every game depends upon its return. I