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13 > Image 13 of KYIAN 1975

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

f. Gail Gatewood, an Education senior representing Holmes Hall, was crowned UK's 1974 Homecoming Queen. Finals for different contests were held during the rally. Kappa Delta representative, Paula Austin, won the Women's Division of the football throwing contest. Winning the mascot contest as a walking outhouse was Wayne Ulrey of Alpha Epsilon Pi. To take the spectators' minds off the cold, a fireworks show, with spectacular arrays of bright reds and oranges, ended the pep rally. The Student Center Board picked a winner by having "America" perform for the Homecoming concert. The crowd of over 12,000 piled into Memorial Coliseum welcomed the four-man group with warm applauds. An added touch to the game on Saturday was the fact that it was being regionally televised by ABC Sports. This excitement, plus a halftime lead over nationally-ranked Vanderbilt, made for a great halftime celebration. The band entertained with Dixieland music while the Queen and her court rode around the field in horse and buggies depicting transportation in Kentucky 200 years ago. (continued on pg. 10) ABOVE: One of the many floats in the parade. TOP LEFT: The Banana Splits from Kings Island joined parade festivities. TOP CENTER: Diane Evans cheers during a timeout. TOP RIGHT: Parade Grand Marshall Colonel Sanders and June Wallace. OPP. PG.: Coach Curci and Homecming Queen Gail Gatewood. TOP: Muhammad All signs autographs during halftime.