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458 > Image 458 of KYIAN 1975

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

by PAMELA LITTLE r he number of pets found on the university campus was a considerable contribution to the average 20,000 population of the university community. Dogs, cats, snakes, fish, skunks, turtles and hamsters took up residence with a friend in his or her dorm for the semester, or just visited for a few days until discovered by authorities. All animals, except those having official business, such as seeing-eye dogs, were prohibited from entering most buildings. But the "bouncers" and those silly "no admittance" signs didn't keep the "troops" from filtering into dorm rooms, classrooms or the library every now and then. One animal (a skunk) became quite a celebrity as a result of it's master's many attempts to keep it in the dorm with her. An article was written in the Kernel, UK's independent student newspaper, uncovering the adventures of the stowaway. 7f BACKGROUND: A kitten enjoys the leftovers of a student's lunch near the fountain. TOP LEFT: A girl brings her unusual pet, a snake, to a concert in the amphitheater. TOP RIGHT: While waiting outside the classroom building, this dog poses for a picture. OPP. PG., TOP LEFT: This dog seems unconcerned with campus activities as he rests in front of the Ml King library. TOP RIGHT: Paul Connor prepares his burro, "El Toro", for the "Plug Horse Derby". TUG TROOPS flLTGR 454