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463 > Image 463 of KYIAN 1975

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

IT To the blue and white be true; Badge triumphant age on age; Blue, the sky that o're us bends; White, Kentucky's stainless page. Hail thee ever, old Kentucky! Glorious is thy heritage; Proud thy name and thy traditions; Proud thy place on history's page! May we ne'er forget thy fame Mother of the great and free; May we'er uphold thy name, Old Kentucky, hail to thee! If TOP LEFT: As he listens to the speaker, his mind wanders to the future. TOP RIGHT: Two graduates talk ol the future. CENTER LEFT: Bette Jane Dollase is given the Sullivan Medallion by President Otis Singletary. ABOVE: Watching the ceremonies is tiring business. LEFT: Waiting lor his graduate is a long wait. OPP. PG., TOP: Ms. Genevieve Murray receives the Lexington citizen Sullivan Medallion. CENTER LEFT: Unable to find a job, this graduate advertises during the ceremonies. CENTER RIGHT: Married, but she's finally graduating. 459