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466 > Image 466 of KYIAN 1975

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

STOP... UNEMPLOYMENT.... STOP (Continued from pg. 461) economy hit bottom and Premier Kakuei Tanaka was revealed as having secret bank accounts and elaborate tax-evading ways. He resigned and Takeo Miki took over. According to LIFE, an aide of Miki's said, "Mr. Miki is undoubtedly Mr. Clean like Mr. Ford." With $25 billion in oil revenues, King Faisel of Saudi Arabia found himself one of the most powerful men in the world until he met an assassin's bullet on Tuesday, March 25,1975. Shot by one of his nephews who was described by the Arabian government as being "mentally lot to offer." Finally, on April 29,1975, Saigon surrendered to the Viet Cong. The new President of South Vietnam, "Big" Minh announced, an unconditional surrender "in order to avoid bloodshed". He ordered, in a speech over Radio Saigon, the Saigon army to cease firing and remain in place. The United States had been involved in Vietnam for 30 years; 56,737 lives were lost; and $160 billion spent on the war. The beginning of 1974 was marked by the much publicized kidnapping of Patty Hearst, known as Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the man Martha Mitchell said had a "phoney Accent." The June 10th issue of TIME devoted its cover to the "miracle worker" for his exploits in the Middle East. The miracle that the newly-married Kissinger made was a disengagement between Israel and Syria. In his stay in the Middle East, he logged over 24,000 miles of travel. Kissinger, according to TIME, called the negotiations between Israel and Syria 'the most difficult and most complicated in my experience.' Before an agreement was reached, the talks waddled close to falling through the floor PERSONAL APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT (Not to be considered as an Agreement for employment) Date: Ma me First Middle Maiden Soc. Sec. No. Last Present address__ Number Street How many years have you lived at this address? City 4 State Phone No. ( Srel If hired, what type of transportation will you use to get to work?_ Date of Birth_______Age_Height__Weight CHECK: Male___Female_Single_Engaged_Married__Sep._Div._Widowed Number of Children_Age and relationship___ Selective Service Classification. Jf a Vet, Type of discharge deranged," King Faisel's half-brother, former Crown Prince Khaled, descended to the throne of the oil-producing shiekdom. A palace spokesman ruled out a conspiracy. In September, the end came for the "Lion of Judah." Hail Selassie, who was emperor of Ethiopea, was overthrown. He was disposed from power for having abused power for his own purpose. Protesters wanted to see him hanged. Instead of protest, the ousters were thanked and Haile Selassie's 44 year reign had ended. In February, Britain's Prime Minister Edward Heath found himself ignoring hints from fellow Tories to hang up his spikes. In a secret ballot by Parliament's Conservatives, Heath lost 130 votes to 119 to Mararet Thatcher, a 49-year-old right-winger from a London suburb. She became the first woman in British history to topple the leader of a major political party. Said Mrs. Thatcher, "I've got a "the poor little rich daughter" of newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst. While mysteriously vowing allegiance to her kidnappers, the SLA, Patty's cohorts met death with Los Angeles policemen on nation-wide television. What at one moment seemed to be a respectable dwelling, at almost the twinking of an eye was a burning inferno that signaled the end for six of the SLA members. After almost a full day of agony for the Hearst family, officals finally said that Patty was not one of the charred bodies that was found in the house. The five known SLA dead were Donald DeFreeze, known to his partners as General Field Marshall Cinque, Nancy Ling Perry, considered the spiritual leader of the group, Patrica "Mizmoon" Soctysik, William Wolf," and Angela Atwood . They call him "Super K." TIME magazine called him 'the cowboy on the lonely diplomatic trail,' but he was more commonly In February, Kissinger brought about loud squeeks from oil critics. His proposal evoked controversy because the US shifted its oil policy from seeking lower oil prices to supporting them at higher levels. According to NEWSWEEK, Kissinger warned that it was vital for the West to end its dependence for oil on the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). The device he suggested was to place a floor under the price of oil. This floor price would encourage other alternative sources of energy production. With Gerald Ford the new President, his first major act came when he said he would extend leniency to army deserters and draft dodgers. He also nominated former New York governor Nelson Rockefeller as Vice-President and let it be known he would run for President in 1976 . Gerald Ford's various junkets took him to Russia and the Orient where he was warmly received.