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467 > Image 467 of KYIAN 1975

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

illill BATES.... STOP .... A LEVELING OPP Although Ford had nominated Rockefeller, Rocky was a mile and a quarter from being passed by Congress. Certain unanswerable questions cropped up, mostly about Rocky's wealth. A closely guarded family secret. Rockefeller's worth was announced at $250 million . A ton of bricks fell on President Ford when he pardoned Richard Nixon of all crimes committed having to do with Watergate. TIME magazine called it the 'pardon that brought no peace.' President Ford said he acted out of compassion which many critics said cost Ford his credibility and broke open the wounds of the executive branch inflicted by Watergate. According to TIME, 'the Sabbath pardon eased the plight of a man who received it, but gravely complicated the future of the man who granted it, Gerald R. Ford.' "A month ago this island was a paradise. Now we have lost it. The island of Aphrodite is now the island of the devil." The words of Peter Stylianakis, a retired civil servant, could be the words of Greeks on the island of Cyprus. Nicosia was plagued by everyday occurrences of bloody revolution and violence. One Cypriot saw the island in "absolute shambles." The US embassy in Nicosia was stormed by Greek Cypriots and a US ambassador was mortally wounded. Both Turkey and Greece denounced negotiations from all sides. In mid-February, Congress turned a deaf ear to Henry Kissinger and voted for an automatic suspension of military aid to Turkey. Further arm shipments to Turkey would depend on their concessions in a Cyprus settlement. After the US troop disengagement in Southeast Asia, a calm, if one wants to call it that, passed over the war-torn rice patties. In the last of March, the calm diminished with stunning ferocity. Threatened with defeat, South Vietnam President Thieu abandoned half his country to save the rest and 15 years of US fighting seemed to go down the drain. The world, especially the Ford Administration, faced the awesome fact that Southeast Asia was going Communist. The fall of many cities in Cambodia and South Vietnam signaled the beginning of a mass exodus of refugees to the Free World, particularly the US. Almost all of Cambodia and a good portion of South Vietnam fell and Thieu was urged to resign which he stubbornly refused. A palace bombing in April was thought to be a coup but was denied by high government officials. According to sources, the resignation of Thieu was demanded because the Viet Cong "wouldn't deal with any government under Thieu." He finally resigned in mid-April. "Zonked in Zaire" could describe the faithful night for George Foreman. Muhammad Ali, from Louisville, Ky., was once again the undisputed heavyweight champion of the boxing circles. Ali prevailed, although an underdog, even by Howard Cosell, by taking haymakers on his arms and elbows. Ali flattened the Goliath-like Foreman in the eighth and vowed revenge on Joe Frazier. Art Rooney's Pittsburgh Steelers finally did it. They won all the marbles: the Super Bowl. Beating the Minnesota Viking, the long awaited World Championship of pro football had finally come after a long abscence to the Steel City,. Many football fans who visited UK's Commonwealth Stadium found their hearts in their mouths quite a few times. Fran Curci's UK Wildcats scrapped and fought to a 6-5 season. Their first winning season since the mid-60's. Again this year, Curci had 'em talkin' bowl again. This time the Liberty Bowl. After blowing Peach Bowl-bound Vandy and Sugar Bowl team Florida off the field on regional TV, all the hopes and frustrations hinged on the UK-Tennessee game. The winner received a Liberty Bowl bid. Without Sonny Collins, who broke a leg against Vandy, UK was embarrased 24-7. No bowl, but a very good season for Curci's Cats which left a good deal of optimism for the future. As with the football fans, UK's die-hard basketball fans felt their hearts pound as UK won the SEC, finishing in a tie with Alabama. Along about the end of the season, UK looked like second place was all theirs. Beating Alabama the second time plunged the Cats into the number one slot, but a major loss to Florida put UK down to second again. Many thought it was all over. But like a divine act of God, Auburn propelled UK into the number one spot by beating Alabama. So UK journeyed into the NCAA tourney as the SEC Champion . The surprise came when UK beat Indiana to win the regionals and thereby earn a place in the semi-finals in San Diego. Thoughts sprung up of a UK-University of Louisville game, for U of L was in the thick of it too. After bombing Syracuse 96-79, Hall's heroes found themselves going for the bag against John Wooden's Big bad Bruins from UCLA. Kevin Grevey's 34 points weren't enough however, as UCLA won its 10th national championship. It looked as though UK would pull it out, but nothing jelled. The Cats went home number two. But the season will remain in the memory of every Kentucky fan as well as graduating seniors Kevin Grevey, Jimmy Dan Conner, Bob Guyette, Mike Flynn, Jerry Hale, and G.J. Smith. The emotional impact of many local Lexington residents came when 88-year-old Fred Featherston was shot to death by Metro policeman while barracading himself in his apartment. After an uproar among citizens, the Metro police was accused of "unjustifiable homicide" by a Fayette County Grand Jury. Those famous personalities who passed away, included Picasso, Charles Linbergh, Ed Sullivan, Chet Huntley, Duke Ellington and columnist Stewert Alsop . ff OPP. PG., SEQUENCE: Many employment applications were tilled out, but there were too few jobs; sugar prices rose above $3.00 at their peak: Allman's Restaurant, a popular spot at the river, burned down in the fall of 1974.