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469 > Image 469 of KYIAN 1975

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

It took 17 hours and 38 people to publish a Kernel that will take you 45 minutes to read. A lot more time and energy goes into your daily Kernel than you may realize. it takes writers, editors, circulation staff, production people, layout and graphic artists, salesmen and a host of others to assure the Kernel will be on the stands for you to pick-up in the morning. The Kentucky Kernel is one of the largest independent collegiate dailies in the nation We think our job is important enough to work at it, no matter how long it takes. Because you, our reader, expect the quickest and most accurate accounting of what's happening at UK and around the Lexington community, and only the daily Kernel can give you that. So the next time you pick-up your Kernel before your nine o'clock class, remember us. We're the people who worked until two last night so you could read it. W/V KENTUCKY Kerpel Because it's our job.