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56 > Image 56 of KYIAN 1975

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

Glimpses of by PAM LITTLE We,, known to all who know anything about Kentucky are her famous and very numerous horse farms. Some of the better known bluegrass farms are Greentree, Elmendorf, Spendthrift, Darby Dan, Calumet and Claiborne where both Secretariat and Riva Ridge have joined the ranks of famous studs. m These farms Me home to horses who have the Kentucky Tra, "The Legend of Da d memorials t ntucky frontier ntucky noWOnly offers an so beautiful scenery In are found to be, quite often, very much a p^rjiM ^HfVMher. An example of this can be tfjJBff^ ^Pwmost any one of Kentucky's national or tstate parks. Most of the parks are memorials of Kentucky's rich historical background Daniel Boone National Forest extents nearly across the entire vertical width of Kentucky ifafld. contains a numbjOTJ%ate parks. One example is NatjjLB^Htate Resort Park, a well knovmfjJmeoTWers. back packers, naturaliiprcyeiists and sight seers The Red River Gorge, subiect of the "dam" controversy, is also found in this area. The Daniel Boone Forest offers many recreational facilities besides it's lakes, falls, mountains, forests, trails and lodges Another place to escape is the Jenny Wiley State Resort Park of Eastern Kentucky It was