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9 > Image 9 of KYIAN 1975

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

1 he Bicentennial. A year for celebration. A Kentucky celebration. Looking back. Enjoying the present. And anticipating the future. Although it was Kentucky's celebration from 1974-76, students too tasted the flavor of the old mixed with the new. Some was good, and unfortunately, some was bad. For the UK student, the past crept into the corners of campus life from the opening festival in the Coliseum to the closing trip to the NCAA finals in San Diego. And, the blue and white took everything in stride. At the beginning of the year* a September International Bicentennial Festival expanded knowledge about foreign -/ countries. From belly dancing to Kentucky apple growing, students could sample and participate in exhibits. Later in the fall, football fans were elated when the team played on regional television for the first time since the 60's with a bowl bid in the offering. Fans went wild as UK downed LSU and Florida for the first time in years, and IU for the first time since 1919. Spring semester the theatre department students presented a play called "Transparent Morning" in a bicentennial salute. The students planned everything for the first run play, even the set design. (Continued on pg. 7) ABOVE: Headley Musum. OPP. PG.: Paula Cratton visiting a horse farm.