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[7] > Image [7] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1970-04-apr7.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

RESOLUTION WHEREAS, a new Vice President for Student Affairs has been named and xvill assume office on July 15, 1970, and WHEREAS, Dr. Stuart Forth willingly and graciously consented to serve as Acting Vice President for Student Affairs during the academic year 1968-69, and WHEREAS, Dr. Forth agreed to continue to serve in this capacity for an additional year to allow President Singletary time to seek a perma- nent replacement for him, and WHEREAS, the Office of Student Affairs has made steady progress under his able leadership, and WHEREAS, the University of Kentucky has been relatively free from major campus disturbances during his tenure, and it is deemed that this is in large measure due to the understanding and sympathetic manner in which Dr. Forth and his staff have handled student problems, and WHEREAS, Dr. Forth has been a staunch supporter and defender of the students and has encouraged the involvement of students in the decision-making processes to the extent that the University of Kentucky is now one of the leading institutions in the country in student participation in university affairs: Therefore, be it RESOLVED, That the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky in regular session on Tuesday, April 7, 1970. commend Dr. Stuart Forth for his leadership as Acting Vice President for Student Affairs during the period beginning August 1968 and ending July 1970; acknowledge its debt to him for his willingness to assume this role at the expense of his own personal interests; and wish him well as he re- turns to his former position as Director of Libraries for the University of Kentucky; and be it RESOLVED further, That this resolution be adopted, ordered spread upon the Minutes of the April 7, 1970 meeting of the Board of Trustees, and a copy sent to Dr. Forth.